Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

General Provisions For All Districts 4.4 Irregular Lot Setbacks


4.4. Irregular Lot Setbacks The location of required front, side and rear or setbacks on irregularly shaped lots shall be determined by the Administrator. The determination will be based on the intent and purpose of this ordinance to achieve an appropriate spacing and location of buildings and buildings on individual lots. Where questions arise as to appropriateness, the subdivider may be requested to provide additional design information.

4.4.1. Setbacks Along Thoroughfares Setbacks along thoroughfares shall be measured from the future right-of-way only if there is a specifically adopted corridor plan that shows, at a minimum, the horizontal alignment of the future roadway, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, streetscape, and necessary right-of-way.

4.5. Measurement Of Height

Building heights shall be as specified in Section 2.2 and shall be determined according to the provisions below.

4.5.1. Story A story is a habitable level within a building of no more than 14 feet in height from finished floor to finished ceiling. Unoccupied attics less than 7 feet in height and raised basements less than 6 feet in height (as measured from the average grade of the fronting sidewalk) are not considered stories for the purposes of determining building height. A mezzanine shall be considered a story if it is contiguous with at least 60% of the building’s front façade, is designed to be occupiable, and maintains an average depth of at least 16 feet. A penthouse shall be considered a story if it exceeds one-third of the area of the roof. The under-roof area with dormers does not count as a story.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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