Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

General Provisions For All Districts 4.7 Temporary Uses


4.6.2. Location, Setback, and Height

Single-Family/Two-Family Lots – 2 Acres or Less

Single-Family/Two-Family Lots – Over 2 Acres Permitted in all yards – may not be closer than 30 ft to right-of-way


All Other Uses

Side/rear yard only

Permitted Location

Side/rear yard only

Side/Rear Setback

Subject to district setbacks (See Section 2.2)


Subject to district height provisions (See Section 2.2)

4.6.3. Maximum Number and Area

Single-Family/Two- Family Lots – Less than 1 Acre

Single-Family/Two- Family Lots – 1-3 Acres

All Other Uses and Lots Larger than 3 Acres


Maximum Accessory Structures Permitted 2


No Maximum

Maximum Area (Accessory Dwelling Unit Area is Exempt)

600 sf Per Structure 1000 sf in Aggregate

1000 sf Per Structure 1400 sf in Aggregate

No Maximum

4.6.4. Other Requirements A.

Buffering : Accessory structures with a footprint greater than 600 square feet shall be buffered from any adjacent residential developments with a Type C Buffer as outlined in Section 8.5.3. B. Lighting : Exterior lighting for accessory uses and/or structures shall meet the requirements by which principal structures are governed as set forth in Chapter 10. The following facilities shall be allowed as accessory structures provided they are “related to” and “customarily incidental” to the pri ncipal use and or structure: 1. Television satellite dishes, 2. Antennas and their support structures (including combinations of the two) 60 feet in height or less. 4.6.5. Wireless Telecommunication Facilities As Accessory Structures A. 4.7. Temporary Uses Proposed land uses defined as temporary uses shall obtain a Development Permit that outlines the conditions of operations and shall be consistent with the applications of this section. Upon conformance to all requirements of this section, the Administrator has the authority to issue a development permit for temporary uses such as bazaars, festivals, carnivals, produce stands, seasonal outdoor sales, construction offices, and similar uses. Such permit shall be issued for a fixed period of time, to be stated in the permit and shall be subject to such limitations as the Administrator may impose to protect the character of the district affected. The Administrator may consider any prior violation of this ordinance by applicant for which the applicant has received citation or notice from the Administrator as grounds for denial of an application.

4.7.1. General Standards / Permit Requirements A.

Development Permit: All permitted temporary uses listed in this section require a Development Permit for temporary use that shall be reviewed and issued by the Administrator.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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