Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

General Provisions For All Districts 4.7 Temporary Uses


B. Area: The property on which a temporary use is proposed must contain sufficient space to support the temporary use. C. Parking: Parking must be adequate to support the proposed temporary use. D. Restrooms: Restroom facilities, if needed, must be provided. E. Additional Permits May Be Required: All inspections and permits required by the building code, fire marshal, or applicable government agency must be received. F. Duration: A temporary use shall last only as long as that time period stated in the development permit but shall not exceed 180 days within a calendar year on any individual lot. Duration of a development permit for temporary use is intended to include days operated or attended by persons not employed by or volunteering to work at the event and does not include the setup, takedown, clean-up, or rehearsal days of the event. G. Temporary Use/Event Cleanup: The applicant is responsible for fully removing from the site any structures allowed as temporary uses and also any garbage or rubbish resulting from the temporary use within 3 days after the expiration of the Development Permit. Each day after the expiration of the permit in which applicant fails to fully remove a structure or garbage or rubbish shall be deemed a violation of this ordinance in accordance with Section 16.3. 4.7.2. Temporary Events / Uses Exempt From Permit Requirements Development permits for temporary uses are not required for the following events (this exemption does not exclude any other required permits, such as building permit, ABC license, health department approval, etc.): A. Events with total anticipated assembly of less than 1,500 people and only held one day per calendar year on an individual parcel or site. B. Private events such as weddings, private parties, funerals, etc.; not open to the general public; and lasting less than 12 hours. C. Government-sponsored events and those governed by the Wake Forest Code of Ordinances. D. Regularly established permanent places of worship, sports facilities, schools, auditoriums, or other similar permanently established place of assembly for events that do not exceed the maximum capacity of the structure or site where the assembly is held. E. Events which occur on property possessing site plan approval for such activities. F. Indoor promotional events where the size and location of such events shall be reasonably related to the existing building and in no case shall interfere with the day- to-day business operations of on-site or adjacent businesses. G. Natural disaster and emergency offices. 4.7.3. Temporary Uses With Specific Requirements A. Produce Sales, Seasonal Outdoor Sales & Other Similar Uses: Such temporary uses shall not exceed 90 consecutive days and no more than 2 events per calendar year. Hours of operation shall be limited to 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM. B. Contractor’s Office and Equipment/Storage Sheds 1. Construction Plan Approval Required: Contractor's office and/or equipment/storage sheds may be placed in any District temporarily on the site of construction of a development for which final site/subdivision construction plans have been approved. 2. Time Limit: All such equipment shall be removed upon completion of development. C. Real Estate Office in a Construction Trailer or Temporary Modular Unit

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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