Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Purpose & Applicability 1.5 Consistency With All Adopted Plans and Policies


▪ Ensure that commercial development is balanced and compatible with surrounding neighborhoods and provides enduring value to the community. ▪ Promote quality, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with a wide variety of housing types, including affordable housing. ▪ Support the continued development of the community as a destination for arts and culture, beginning with value placed upon the unique historic character of the town.

▪ Support the development of the community’s business sector and strengthen the local tax base.

Protect public safety.

▪ Encourage civic pride and community involvement and provide a means of meaningful cooperation between the community and town government.

1.5. Consistency With All Adopted Plans and Policies All development plans, master plans and rezonings shall be in conformance with all adopted plans and policies (including comprehensive plans, transportation plans, small area plans, open space and greenway plans, or any other plan adopted by the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners).

1.5.1. Implementation of Plan This ordinance is intended to implement the comprehensive plan.

1.5.2. Amendments to UDO and Community Plan A.

The Unified Development Ordinance of Wake Forest, North Carolina also uses powers granted in other sections of the North Carolina General Statutes relating to particular types of development or particular development issues. Any amendments to or actions pursuant to this ordinance shall be consistent with the Community Plan. B. The Community Plan for the Town of Wake Forest may be amended, and this Unified Development Ordinance and the incorporated Zoning Map shall reflect those changes through appropriate amendments in accordance with processes outlined in Chapter 15. 1.5.3. Adopted Small Area Plans All development plans shall be consistent with any adopted small area plans. Small area plans may contain any of the following elements:

▪ Multi-Modal Circulation Network (pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, and public transit networks)

▪ Green Infrastructure Network (floodplains, wetlands, lakes, streams, parks, squares, and other public open spaces)

▪ Location of sites reserved for Civic & Institutional buildings and uses

General Massing and Development Intensity Pattern

▪ Specific Design Guidelines (in addition to those contained in this ordinance)

1.5.4. Variations to Adopted Plans Specific alignments, locations, or areas of public facilities noted in any adopted plan may be varied on a site by site basis as requested by the developer or the Administrator, provided the integrity of the proposed network and connections, location, or area shown in the plan are maintained. 1.5.5. Conflicts with Adopted Plans In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between this ordinance and any adopted plans the requirements of this ordinance shall take precedence.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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