Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Building Design Standards 5.6 Commercial Buildings


b. Distinct changes in texture, material and color of wall surfaces; c. Pedestrian building pass-throughs; or d. Step downs or step backs adjacent to streets, pedestrian ways, or adjacent smaller residential development; options include front or middle stepbacks and side or rear stepdowns. Rooftop Equipment : All rooftop equipment shall be screened from view to the extent practical. The preferred screening would be achieved with a parapet wall. If not feasible with a parapet, another screening device of similar color and material that is compatible with the principal building may be used. If, due to the topography of the site, a physical screen would not suffice, alternative methods to minimize the negative aesthetics of the otherwise utilitarian equipment (e.g., painting the equipment to match the building) may be approved by the Administrator. Rooftop solar systems are not subject to screening requirements B. Wall Mounted Equipment : Wall mounted equipment and downspouts shall be painted to match the building, unless integral to the façade design. No wall-mounted building utility service equipment (e.g., electrical house panel boxes) shall be placed on the public street right-of-way side of the building.


Utilities and Screening a.

5.6. Commercial Buildings

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS The commercial building is a structure with a high percentage of its ground level façade in transparent fenestration (windows and doors) to encourage pedestrian activity along its frontage. The Commercial Building typically has one yard (rear) though variations include a small front plaza or courtyard to provide public space for outdoor seating as well as a building with complete lot coverage where parking is handled in a manner other than on-site surface parking. Typological Variants Commercial Building – Neighborhood Mixed-Use Building (multi-story) Downtown Buildings Storage, Self-Service Flex/Mixed Commercial Industrial Studio-Art, Dance, martial arts, music Hospital Hotel/Inn Office/Service Uses Commercial/Entertainment Uses Automotive Uses Kennel Nursery & Garden Center

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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