Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance - July 2022

Subdivision & Infrastructure Standards 6.3 Required Improvements For All Development


existing street names. Existing street names, however, shall be extended where appropriate.

6.3.5. Waste Management The developer shall provide for adequate waste collection and disposal as outlined in the Town of Wake Forest Code of Ordinances. 6.3.6. Subdivision Surveys Prior to the approval of a Final Plat, the following survey reference markers shall be installed. A. Permanent Concrete Monuments: Permanent concrete monuments 4 inches in diameter or square, 3 feet long, shall be placed at not less than 2 corners of the subdivision and at all corners of all intersections, provided that additional monuments shall be placed where necessary so that no point within the subdivision lies more than 500 feet from a monument. Two or more of the required monuments shall be designated as control corners. The top of each monument shall have an indented cross, metal pin, or metal plate to identify properly the location of the point. All monuments shall be shown on the Final Plat. B. Markers: All lot corners, all points where the street lines intersect the exterior boundaries of the subdivision, and all angle points and points of curve in each street shall be marked with iron pipe either 3/4 inches or one inch in diameter and 18-24 inches long, driven so as to be within one inch of finished grade. C. Property Corner Tie: One or more corners of the subdivision shall, by a system of azimuths or courses and distances, be accurately tried to a monument of some United States or State Agency Survey System, such as the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Systems, where such monument is within 2,000 feet of said corner. Where the North Carolina Grid System coordinates of said monument have been published by the North Carolina Department of Natural and Economic Resources, the coordinates of the referenced corner shall be computed and shown X and Y ordinates on the map. Where such a monument is not available, the tie shall be made to some pertinent and permanent recognizable landmark or identifiable point. D. Accuracy: The angular error of closure shall not exceed 25 seconds times the square root of the number of angles turned. The linear error of closure shall not exceed one foot per 10,000 feet of perimeter of the lot or tract of land. The accuracy of the survey shall be designated on the Final Plat. 6.3.7. Oversized Improvements and Reimbursements Where deemed necessary, in the interest of the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of Wake Forest, the developer shall make certain water and sewer improvements at sizes in excess of those which would normally be required to serve only the subdivision. Where such oversized improvements are required, the developer shall be reimbursed for costs incurred over and above those required to serve the subdivision, according to the adopted water and sewer extension policy of the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department. Time Limit: Improvements must be completed by the developer for each phase of a development before any of the following occur: 1. 80% of the building construction work is complete in the recorded phase. 2. 2 years have passed since the subdivision or master plan plat, or phase thereof, has been recorded. 3. 1 year has passed since the approval of the performance guarantee as outlined in Section 6.12. 6.3.8. Time Limit For Completion of Improvements A.

Town of Wake Forest Unified Development Ordinance – July 19, 2022


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