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Femoral metaphyseal osteopathy in young, male, neutered cats may present as a unilateral or bilateral rear limb lameness. No history of trauma is reported with this condition and cats are painful on palpation of their hips. Crepitus is noted on flexion and extension of the hips in these patients and radiographs will confirm the diagnosis. Treatment by FHO is often indicated. In conclusion, an organized systematic approach to the orthopedic exam performed the same way every time will help clinicians localize the source to the correct limb and location. A list of differential diagnoses may then be developed. From there, further diagnostics such as imaging, arthrocentesis, and other diagnostics will help further elucidate the cause of the lameness. References 1. Hardie, Elizabeth M., Simon C. Roe, and Fonda R. Martin. “Radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease in geriatric cats: 100 cases (1994–1997).” Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 220.5 (2002): 628-632. 2. Godfrey, D. R. “Osteoarthritis in cats: a retrospective radiological study.” Journal of small animal practice 46.9 (2005): 425-429. 3. Langley Hobbs, S. J. “Survey of 52 fractures of the patella in 34 cats.” Veterinary Record 164.3 (2009): 80-86.

Patellar luxations are very uncommon in cats even though cats demonstrate some “normal” laxity of their patellae. Traumatic patellar luxations may also occur with other injuries. Congenital patellar luxations have been reported in Devon Rex and Abyssinian breeds. Hip dysplasia in cats is rare compared to dogs. When it occurs, it is often a congenital disorder and is described to be more prevalent in Maine Coon cats. Clinical signs of lameness, pain on palpation of the hips, and licking/ chewing at the pelvic area are described. Diagnosis is confirmed by radiography as in dogs. Feline knees and teeth syndrome is a condition associated with non-traumatic patellar fractures along with the presence of deciduous teeth and non-erupted permanent teeth. Other fractures around the stifle are also reported. This condition is seen as a manifestation of osteogenesis imperfecta with generalized skeletal osteopetrosis (bones that are abnormally dense and brittle). Male cats are more frequently observed, and cats are typically young (mean age 28 months, range 4m – 8y). 3 On physical exam, cats are noted to have deciduous teeth, pain around the stifle region, and a rear limb lameness. Treatment by conservative management offers the best prognosis for these cases. 3

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