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“I SET A NEW PERSONAL RECORD IN MY 50-YARD FREESTYLE!” “When I came to Loudoun Sports Therapy Center, my ankles and feet were locked up in pain. Physical therapy helped loosen everything up and strengthened my ankles, legs and hips. Now my swimming kick is so much stronger and I’m setting new personal records when I race! YEAH!” Kathleen came to Loudoun Sports Therapy Center for foot and ankle pain and stiffness. It prevented her from swimming at a competitive level. Kathleen worked hard, completed her plan of care here and she is back in the pool and setting new records!

Pat ient Resul ts

MY MUSCLES ARE SO STRONG NOW! “I was very uncomfortable being unsteady when I walked. My balance was way off and I couldn’t walk alone, even with a walker. Now, I have so much confidence. My muscles are so strong now. I received a wonderful workout every visit. The therapists are wonderful. Thank you Loudoun Sports Therapy.” ~Beulah D.

I CAN GO BACK TO WORKING OUT! “I came to therapy because I was having more pain in my knee than normal. Squatting down and going up stairs was becoming hard and painful. After therapy, my knee is stronger and I no longer have pain going up stairs or squatting down. I can now go back to working out more without having to worry about knee pain.” ~Gabrielle D.

MY WELL-BEING IS IMPROVED! “Dealing with an injury and its associated pain and inconveniences is never a pleasant experience. My elbow and shoulder injury made me unable or made it very difficult to do any task that involved physical effort; even lifting a glass of water induced pain. I had difficulty sleeping with the pain. Coming to my therapy sessions after a day at work was never easy but I came and went through the process with a happy heart, knowing that I was being cared for by a group of cordial professionals that treated me well. Now, the pain and its related inconveniences are gone and I am experiencing a greater sense of well- being. So in gratitude, I am a glass to the staff and the team of therapists that were involved with my care. Thanks again and cheers!” ~Ariel A.

I LOOK FORWARD TO PLAYING MY FAVORITE SPORTS AGAIN! “I came to LSTC after sustaining a concussion in soccer practice. When I started treatment, I had a constant headache, I was fatigued, slowed down and miserable. Tricia was great at understanding my symptoms, providing guidance about how to cope with them and supporting me through my recovery. Now that I am fully recovered, I look forward to getting back to my favorite sports. I appreciate the care and attention to get me to this point. Thank you!” ~Nathan B.

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