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We know our customers are looking to the future for success. The foundations of Colpac are in our team, our facilities and our culture. Accreditations to provide extra reassurance: INNOVATING WITHOUT THE RISK

We recognise that you have so much more than your food wrapped up in your packaging. Our determination to provide creative, sustainable, and impactful packaging (made to the most exacting standards) has enabled us to develop into a leading UK packaging designer and manufacturer, supplying food and foodservice brands globally. Our aim is to create opportunities for our customers with innovative food packaging solutions. A pioneering business model has challenged our team to create a highly agile and flexible production facility to accommodate a variety of processes and technologies. This enables us to make exciting packaging for diverse foods all over the world, catering for different regulations, consumer tastes, waste and sustainability practices in each region.

Packaging Materials Standard Colpac have achieved an AA rating for this standard for the last 5 audits. The standard provides a framework for managing product quality, and safety to meet customers’ requirements, whilst maintaining legal compliance. Sedex Membership organisation that provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.

Quality Management Standard that sets out the criteria for quality

management with a particular focus on customers and continual improvement. Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent good quality products and services.

Occupational Health & Safety Specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, and gives guidance for its use, to enable organisations to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work- related injury and ill health.

We have a long history of collaborating with like-minded customers and organisations, who are also dedicated to developing added value packaging solutions. As a leader in innovative packaging, we are pleased to be regarded by many as a hub for new developments, pioneering the use of new technologies and materials. A HUB FOR INNOVATION

Environmental Management ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an

organisation can use to enhance its environmental performance. It is used to manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

M.A.P. AND REDUCING FOOD WASTE Wasting food has a huge environmental impact. it wases energy and water that it took to create it and generates 11 percent of the world’s emissions. America plays a large part in this with nearly 40 million tons of food going to waste every year, more than any other country.* There are many reasons for this but extending food shelf life is proven to have a positive impact in reducing food waste and that is where modified atmosphere packaging M.A.P. comes in. Packaging is an indispensable element for the food industry. The most important role for any packaging solution is to protect the product and preserve the food for longer. Packaging solutions like heat-sealable and M.A.P. can extend the freshness for days (depending on contents). This extension of shelf life works through reducing the content exposure to oxygen thus preserving without the need for artificial preservatives.



Each day refrigerated lorries transport freshly prepared food-to-go dishes to hundreds of convenience stores, major supermarket chains, and transport companies across Belgium and into France. Guaranteeing a fresh product and maintaining the quality of the high-end ingredients is paramount. Consequently, packaging and the way the packs are sealed, plays a vital role. By working with Colpac and selecting the right packaging solutions, Nonna has consistently met its shelf life objectives, which in turn has enabled its customers to sell more products over a longer period, while dramatically reducing avoidable food waste. To achieve this, a recyclable, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) sandwich pack was developed, printed with an eye-catching design with a clear window for product visibility. To seal the packs a ColMAP ™ Slalom automatic sealing machine was installed. This machine has a sealing system that replaces the oxygen within the sealed pack with a mixture of protective gases to preserve the freshness of the product, extending shelf life by up to 10 days.

Belgium based Nonna produces almost four million packs of fresh sandwiches, tortillas and salads each year.

When Nonna looked to expand their offering to include salads and tortillas, the solution was a custom printed, recyclable Heat Seal Tortilla Pack, with a ColSeal ® SE1000 Sealing Machine, which can extend the product shelf life by up to 5 days.

M.A.P. Sandwich Pack

Heat Seal Wrap Pack

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OUR PACKAGING Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) is a shelf-life extension technique for fresh food, which is achieved by replacing the oxygen within a sealed pack with a protective gas mix through controlled vacuum. The removal of oxygen inhibits the growth of microbes and slows down the process of food decay. Together with lowering the storage temperature and maximising the levels of hygiene during production and packing, the product will stay fresh for significantly longer. The ColMAP™ range of packaging in paperboard consists of sandwich packs and lidded trays. These are manufactured from recyclable paperboard laminated with a high barrier, multi-layer film, suitable for food grade gases.

01SP3MAF M.A.P. Salad Pack

6.9/6.1 x 5.4/4.5 x 2.6in 45 fl.oz 250



01ST17K (printed Kraft effect) suitable for 2 deep-filled sandwiches 3/2.5in M.A.P. Sandwich Pack 4.7 x 3/2.5 x 4.7in 250

01ST29KE (printed Kraft effect) suitable for 2 deep-filled sandwiches 3/2.5in M.A.P. Sandwich Pack 4.7 x 3/2.5 x 4.7in 500

RECYCLABLE BOARD The board for these products is recyclable.

CUSTOM MADE The product can be customised to your design/artwork.

EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE Products with an extended shelf-life.


Dimensions (L x W x H)


Case Size




Understand shelf life requirements for product

Recommend machine and tooling

Recommend packaging

Our ColMAP™ range of packaging and machinery has been designed and developed over several years by our team of experts. We have installed MAP sealing machinery lines with food manufacturers and processors around the world. • M.A.P. reduces the need for artificial preservatives, which is great for retailers to eliminate as many additives as possible on their labels and show that food is fresh and natural. • M.A.P. can increase the expected shelf-life by up to 10 days depending on ingredients and supply chain conditions. • A longer shelf-life means that the product can be shipped over longer distances, which can increase the range of distribution and reduces the number of deliveries. Additionally this gives the opportunity to sell product over a longer period of time • The extended shelf-life achievable means there will be less frequent product replacement requirements which will lead to supply chain efficiencies and increased on-shelf availability. • ColMAP™ packaging typically contains only 15% of the plastic (by weight) of the equivalent full plastic packs. KEY ATTRIBUTES OF M.A.P. PACKAGING

Trial/testing at your site (where possible)

Customer laboratory testing for shelf life performance

Full production

Agree machine specification


ColSeal ® SAVVIE

Technical data

The ColSeal TM Savvie is available to seal 4 x packs per seal cycle (subject to pack size). This semi-automatic pneumatic operated sealing machine is initiated by closing the tool plate drawer containing our packs and pressing the start button. 5 x programmable controls to adjust varied heat seal cycles. We offer this machine for board heat seal closure of sandwich packs, board, pulp and plastic trays as film seal packs. This simple machine is able to be in production in a few minutes. Made from predominately food grade S304 stainless steel, it is mobile and fits into any production area near to a 3 phase plug fitting.

Order code


up to 2 cycles per minute for M.A.P. and up to 6 cycles per minute for on non-M.A.P.

Production speed Sealing area capacity

10.2 x 15.7in wide


22.8 x 35.4 x 52.2in



Heat seal plate

Teflon coated


380/415 volt x 3 phase

Optional silent running compressor available at extra cost

Air Supply

Integral vacuum pump for M.A.P.

Vacuum Pump

Scan to watch video

Features and benefits

• Semi-automatic sealer with vacuum pump or compressor • Seals up to 4 packs per seal cycle. Optional extra tool sets available

• Suitable for heat seal closure of sandwich packs to trays and from ‘lid attached’ to film seal onto paperboard and pulp trays or pre-formed PP/PET trays • Operates by closing the tool plate drawer containing the packs to initiate automatic seal cycle / manual cycle • Operation control adjustable from the panel for varied heat and seal cycles (5x programme to select) • Easy to use machine which can be in production within minutes • Easy to clean food grade S304 stainless steel • Base tool drawer allows easy change over for other sized packs • Multi pocket base tool available • Seals packs with PE and PLA (bio) windows as well as film-lidding trays • Integral vacuum pump for M.A.P. • Optional silent running compressor available at extra cost • Can be used to seal plastic trays

With interchangeable tooling, the Savvie Sealer can seal:


C-vis ® /Trays


The ColMAPTM Slalom 7 is a linear automatic sealing machine working with a tool plate indexing system. It is manufactured and designed to accommodate a range of paperboard Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) products, including sandwich packs, salad boxes, and film lidded trays.

Features and benefits

• Full M.A.P. and non M.A.P. sealing of a range of packs and trays • Teflon coated heated seal plate • Removal and complete change over of tool sets is approximately 15 minutes • Touch screen and push button controls, from a control panel surface mounted at infeed • Selection of up to 10 programmes to vary amounts of vacuum and gas fill to achieve the desired residual oxygen content • Electronic systems are positioned in stainless steel panel for easy inspection and maintenance • Optional extras: coders, load stations, interlocks and right and left hand exit

Technical data

Order code


up to 5 cycles per minute for M.A.P. packs and up to 10 cycles per minute for non-M.A.P. packs

Production speed

Sealing area capacity

15 x 10.4in


149.6 x 53.5 x 55.1in (machine footprint)


700kg approx.

32 Amp x 3 phase x 50/60Hz + N + E (5 pin 16 Amp industrial)


Air supply

Customer supply compressed air

Vacuum Pump

Included outside of machine

With interchangeable tooling, the Slalom 7 can seal:


C-vis ® /Trays


By buying FSC ® certified products, you help take care of the world’s forests FSC ® CO41147 •


COMPOSTABLE The paperboard material in these products is commercially compostable withing 90 days (EN132432 standard), where facilities are available. COMPOSTABLE WINDOW The film material used for these products is commercially compostable within 90 days (EN132432 standard).

SUITABLE FOR MICROWAVE The product is suitable for microwave use.

SUITABLE FOR OVEN The product is suitable for oven use.

Although Colpac makes every reasonable attempt to test its products for a range of typical applications, Colpac cannot control the specific applications for which its products are used. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of a Colpac product for the customer’s specific application.

≤ 85° SUITABLE FOR HOT CABINET The product is suitable for use in hot cabinets

RECYCLABLE The plastic lids/window films used for these products are recyclable. RECYCLED LID The lids for these products are made from recycled plastic material (rPET).

SUITABLE FOR FREEZER The product is suitable for freezer use.

SHORT SHELF-LIFE Products with a shorter shelf-life.

Glossary In our material descriptions we use abbreviations, this glossary explains the materials. PE - Polyethylene PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate PP - Polypropylene

LONGER SHELF-LIFE Product with a longer shelf-life.

RECYCLABLE BOARD The board for these products is recyclable.

RECYCLED BOARD The board for these products is made from recycled material.

EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE Products with an extended shelf-life.

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Colpac is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of innovative food packaging solutions which are exported to over 60 countries worldwide. With a focus on sustainability both as a business and as a supplier to the food service and retail industries, our extensive range of recyclable and compostable products are specifically designed to consider all points within the supply chain.

Colpac Ltd. Enterprise Way, Maulden Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 5BW, England, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1525 712 261 Email:

* Certifications relate to Colpac as a company and are not specific to individual products except where stated

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