Modified Atmosphere Packaging Brochure

Our ColMAP™ range of packaging and machinery has been designed and developed over several years by our team of experts. We have installed MAP sealing machinery lines with food manufacturers and processors around the world. • M.A.P. reduces the need for artificial preservatives, which is great for retailers to eliminate as many additives as possible on their labels and show that food is fresh and natural. • M.A.P. can increase the expected shelf-life by up to 10 days depending on ingredients and supply chain conditions. • A longer shelf-life means that the product can be shipped over longer distances, which can increase the range of distribution and reduces the number of deliveries. Additionally this gives the opportunity to sell product over a longer period of time • The extended shelf-life achievable means there will be less frequent product replacement requirements which will lead to supply chain efficiencies and increased on-shelf availability. • ColMAP™ packaging typically contains only 15% of the plastic (by weight) of the equivalent full plastic packs. KEY ATTRIBUTES OF M.A.P. PACKAGING

OUR PACKAGING Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) is a shelf-life extension technique for fresh food, which is achieved by replacing the oxygen within a sealed pack with a protective gas mix through controlled vacuum. The removal of oxygen inhibits the growth of microbes and slows down the process of food decay. Together with lowering the storage temperature and maximising the levels of hygiene during production and packing, the product will stay fresh for significantly longer. The ColMAP™ range of packaging in paperboard consists of sandwich packs and lidded trays. These are manufactured from recyclable paperboard laminated with a high barrier, multi-layer film, suitable for food grade gases.

01SP3MAF M.A.P. Salad Pack

175/155 x 135/115 x 65mm 1340ml/ 47 UK fl.oz 250



01ST17K (printed Kraft effect) suitable for 2 deep-filled sandwiches 77/65 M.A.P. Sandwich Pack 119.5 x 77/65 x 119.5mm 250

01ST29KE (printed Kraft effect) suitable for 2 deep-filled sandwiches 77/65 M.A.P. Sandwich Pack 119.5 x 77/65 x 119.5mm 500

CUSTOM MADE The product can be customised to your design/artwork.

RECYCLABLE BOARD The board for these products is recyclable.

EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE Products with an extended shelf-life.


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