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“Move Like You Did In Your 20s!” STAND UP TO SCIATICA Do you experience pain in the buttock, leg, or even your foot? If so, you may be experiencing sciatica. Sciatica is a common form of back and leg pain that is often misunderstood by sufferers. People frequently have questions about what sciatica is, why it occurs and how to find relief from the intense pain it can cause from the low back down to the feet.

IFYOUARE SUFFERING FROMSCIATICA, IT IS IMPORTANT TO FIND ITS ROOT CAUSE. Many people often think an x-ray or expensive MRI is first needed to figure out what is causing pain. Having a lot of tests doesn’t mean you will find its root cause. Recent studies show that nearly 1 million of MRIs done for sciatica fail to find a treatable cause. With a new imaging technique called magnetic resonance neurography, 69% of the patients were found to have a trapped sciatic nerve deep in the buttock by a muscle called the piriformis. It is known that in about 25% of the general population, the sciatic nerve pierces through the piriformis muscle and can be susceptible to abnormal pressure and irritation. WHY DOES SCIATICA OCCUR? If there are changes in posture, muscle strength or pelvic alignment, the nerve can be compressed which leads to the quite common low back and sciatic nerve pains. The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in your body. It even reaches down to the foot and therefore, can be irritated anywhere along its path. With sciatica, the consequent ache can be felt anywhere from the base of the spine, the buttocks or the back of the thigh and legs. Even tingling sensations in the toes can be attributed at times to the impingement of the sciatic nerve.

PHYSICAL THERAPY HELPS: • Decrease Swelling • Improve Range of Motion • Increase Strength • Improve Balance, Coordination, Safety and Gait • Restore your Physical Function and Fitness Level • Make Daily Tasks and Activities Easier • Provide Wellness and Disease Prevention • and Much More!


Bad Habits Can Increase Your Pain Some seemingly harmless habits can also contribute to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. A frequent bad habit is crossing of the legs for extended periods, which puts pressure on the nerve. In addition, sitting for long periods is bad for your spine. It is possible for you to prevent or relieve sciatica simply by improving your posture. Physical Therapy Relieves Sciatica The specialists at Total Body Therapy & Wellness play a crucial role in evaluating and treating sciatica, as well as other common back problems. Our physical therapists are medical experts with years of training to evaluate your back problem, finding the root cause of your sciatica. An individualized treatment plan is created to guide you through the recovery process and maximize your success. When coming to Total Body Therapy & Wellness, our friendly and knowledgeable therapists spend time with you. We train you on specific and easy exercises that will relieve the pain in your back and legs. In addition, our specialized hands-on therapy helps to gently loosen tight muscles and joints in your spine and legs. Your pain is quickly relieved and your flexibility restored, so you can feel like yourself again. Our cutting-edge treatments are doctor recommended and are specifically designed for you to reach your healthcare goals.

Knowing all this should give you a headstart in warding off painful sciatica. After all, it may be as simple as learning to stand tall. Journalofneurosurgery:SpineFeb,2005Volume2,Number2.AaronG.Filler,M.D.,Ph.D.,JodeanHaynes,B.A.,Sheldon E.Jordan,M.D.,JoshuaPrager,M.D.,J.PabloVillablanca,M.D.,KeyvanFarahani,Ph.D.,DuncanQ.Mcbride,M.D.,Jay S.Tsuruda,M.D.,BrannonMorisoli,B.A.,UlrichBatzdorf,M.D.,andJ.PatrickJohnson,M.D.

AVOID ACHES & PAINS IN THE GARDEN THIS SPRING Common gardening activities, such as digging, planting, weeding, mulching, and raking can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints. This is especially true for senior citizens and people who are normally sedentary. Different body areas such as theshoulders,neck,back,andkneescanbevulnerable to injury during gardening. These tips can help prevent injuries: your back straight while using a wheelbarrow. • If kneeling on both knees causes discomfort in your back, try kneeling on one and keep the other foot on the ground. Use knee pads or a gardening pad when kneeling. • If kneeling or leaning down to the ground causes significantpain inyourbackorknees,considerusing elevated planters to do your gardening.

• Avoid bending your wrist upwards when pulling things or using gardening tools. Instead, keep your wrist straight and use your shoulder muscles to pull and lift. • End your gardening session with some gentle backward bending of your low back, a short walk and lightstretching,similar tostretchesdonebefore starting.

•Warmupbeforeyougarden.A10minute briskwalk and stretches for the spine and limbs are good ways to warm up.

• Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness or cramping.

• Make use of a garden cart or wheelbarrow to move heavy planting materials or tools. Be sure to keep

Author: Andrea Avruskin PT, DPT

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Patient Success Spotlights “Physical therapy at TBTW has improved my life by helping me bend my knee after surgery.” “I came to TBTW because it was close by. I was having difficulty bending, kneeling, walking, and climbing steps. Now that I’m done with physical therapy I can walk better, bend, and go up steps. Physical therapy atTBTW has improved my life by helping me bend my knee after surgery. TBTW is a good therapy place. They are very professional and knowledgeable!” -Patricia B. “All the staff have been so good to me! “I came to TBTW because of my back pain and vertigo. I had so much pain on my right side. Physical therapy has helped and I will continue my home exercises so I can keep improving! All the staff have been so good to me!” - Dorothy P.

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