King's Business - 1967-03

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S UMME R I N S T I T U T E S of M I S S I O N A R Y M E D I C I N E MISSIONARY DENTISTOY. Orientation in our sch o o l lab o ra to ry by means o f le ctu re s, dem onstrations follow ed by further lectu res and actual c lin ica l p ra ctice in the

like the Laodiceans, “ have need of nothing.” Of course, the trouble with the church lies in the individual: CHRISTIANS ARE TOO GOOD TO REPENT. We are satisfied with our goodness and are like the man in the parable who “will­ ing to justify himself, said . . .” We do not abhor ourselves like Job nor cry “Woe is me!” like Isaiah nor lament “ 0 wretched man that I am!” like Paul. We are too busy puttering around with circles and choir practice and little gatherings of the Sons and Daughters of I Will Arise, munching cookies and sipping hot chocolate in church basements. We are putting on extensive cam­ paigns to add more church mem­ bers when we need an intensive movement of the Holy Spirit among deacons and Sunday School teachers and choir. We make out with the good when we could have the best. The Pharisees believed the Bi­ ble as they knew it. They were orthodox fundamentalists, went to church, prayed, studied proph­ ecy, tithed and lived separated lives. They would not even eat an egg that had been laid on the Sabbath. There is a cold funda­ mentalism today not unlike these Pharisees. We boast that we are not like the publicans. We have form without force, ritual with­ out righteousness. We are too good to repent, confess sin and make restitution. We say we are rich but the Lord says we are poor. May we accept His gold for our brass, His riches for our rags, and let Him anoint our eyes with eyesalve that we may see. He stands outside the fast-closed door of our churches and will come in if one man will open the door. Laodicea had everything but Jesus! We need another kind of right­ eousness in the world, in the churches, in our hearts. He is our righteousness. For He alone is GOOD ENOUGH.

International Dental Institute o f M ex ico. MISSIONARY TR0_PICAL MEDIC jne .

C o m p r e h e n s i v e study of trop ica l d isea se s by use of film s, slid es and ca s e study re sea rch . P r a c tica l la b o r ­ atory analysis and clin ica l p ra ctice provided. MISSIONARY NURSING, MIDWIFERY, O r i e n t a t i o n by means of a study o f film s on d ifficu lt d e liv e rie s follow ed by c lin ica l instruction and opportunity to a ssist in home d e l i v e r i e s . in M ex ico • C la sse s Start June 19, 1967| WRITE FOR CATALOG

(J^ io iu S c l t o o i o f W i t s i o n a r y I t y j e d i c i n e 13800 BIOLA AVENUE, LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA 90368 and 558 SOUTH HOPE STREET , LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90017

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