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Memo In March March is a good time of the year to take a good look at what we are read­ ing. We know it’s all too true that “ we are what we read.” It’s Paul who tells us to think on the true, honest and pure things; what we read often de­ termines these thoughts. So, let’s look at what’s new in the book department and review some books we should re-read. I can’t speak for all o f you but I’d like to share some books with you that have been particularly inspiring to me. First o f all, to become a well-round­ ed Christian woman, I feel we must keep current with the world around us. (You’ve heard of the woman who was so heavenly-minded she was no earthly good!) Two of the best secular maga­ zines in this field are Better Homes and Gardens, with articles and pictures on house-planning to cooking, and Good House Keeping, with articles on cur­ rent events, patterns and needlework. Sadly enough, I find very few secu­ lar novels to recommend but I have ben pleased with the quality of books presented by Readers Digest Condensed Books with four editions each year. They consistently pick books that are current and interesting while they still maintain a high standard of material. Having them condensed is a great time factor too. Also recommended is Readers Digest For Young Readers, a series of twelve volumes, available in­ dividually, with four great classics in each. This is for the high school age and lower. Now to the exciting part: here are some Christian books that have come my way this year. I pray they will en­ rich your line of vision as they have mine. In your morning devotions, two books by Amy Carmichael are really thought- starters! One is called IF (Published by Zondervan). Here is one whole page from this tiny, yet dynamic, book, “ If I say, ‘Yes, I forgive but I cannot for­ get,’ as though the God, who twice a day washes all the sands on all the shores of all the world could not wash such memories from my mind, then I know nothing of Calvary love.” The other book by Amy Carmichael has the intriguing title of His Thoughts Said . . . His Father Said . . . (Pub­ lished by Christian Literature Cru­ sade) and it reads like this, “ His thoughts said, The way is rough. “ His Father said, But every step bringeth thee nearer home.” Then, for the man in your life, here is a real he-man book o f victorious liv­ ing called, Living Miracles, the con­ version stories o f famous Christians by James C. Hefley (Published by Zon­ dervan). My husband is half way through his reading of this treasury of miracles. If you’ve never read Dave Wilker- son’s The Cross And The Switchblade, (Published by Bernard Geis Associ­ ates), likely you never have had your heart broken fo r the cause of Christ in such a unique way. To read this book

Ethel May Baldwin and David Benson called, Henrietta Mears And How She Did It (Published by Regal Books . . . a division o f Gospel Light Publica­ tions). I talked with Miss Mears four times in my life and for the life of me I can’t remember what she said, Yet, each of those four times stands out in my memory like blazing posts. I always left her presence with the clearest, sharpest picture o f what Christ wanted me to do. Her book does the same thing again. I f you read only the guideposts she set down for her life (pages 98-100) you’ll understand why God used this mighty woman. Oh, there are so many books I’d love to introduce to you but space does not permit. I pray these that we have written about will really enrich your life and kindle your desire to serve Him completely. o d e 'tLSx/ tJ D ... "Even God Doesn’ t Care . - It was a long letter — page after page of tear-stained script. Page after page of heartache . . . frustration . . . unresolved problems. Broken promises. Broken dreams. A broken marriage. A broken heart. “ Even God doesn’t care. . . .” You haven’t put it in a letter, per­ haps, but are you secretly sharing the same tormenting thought? Has some overwhelming failure or fear obscured the sense of God’s presence and power? Well, that was exactly the catastro­ phe of the frightened disciples as the high waves lashed against their small boat. Remember the story? The wind was boisterous. The storm was tempes­ tuous, and the disciples had lost con­ trol — not only of the boat, but of themselves as well. And Jesus went right on sleeping! We quickly identify with their frantic shouting: “ Don’t You even care that we’re about to drown?” (Undoubtedly I’ve shouted it, too, in attitude at least, so have you!) We know that Jesus rebuked the waves and quieted the sea that particular night, but His piercing question still hits the target of our hearts: “ Don’t you even yet have confidence in Me?” (A fter all He has done . . . given . . . promised . . . guaranteed . . . EVEN YET have we no confidence?) Well, the waves subsided, and the awe-filled disciples said among themselves, “ even the winds and the seas obey Him!” We read the story and say, “ How won­ derful!” Then suddenly, perhaps with­ out warning, (and sometimes with warning), the biting March winds of adversity beat against our lives. “ Oh, God, don’t You EVEN CARE . . . ? » » “ Don’t you even yet have confidence in Me? Even this! The habit that chains you. The fear that paralyzes you. The person who harasses you. The loss which numbs you . . . even this— all of this —you may fling upon Me!” But it means more than half heart- edly singing, “ He will break every fet­ ter.” It means surrendering to Him completely. EVEN THIS! —Ruth Calkin

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by Joyce Landorf and watch as God takes a young minis­ ter away from night after night of watching television’s late shows, and sends him into the streets of New York, giving him the souls o f Harlem gangs, prostitutes and narcotic addicts . . . is very special indeed! The second min­ istry of Rev. Dave Wilkerson has begun now for the babies born to these same gangs, and derelict people. The book is aptly called, The Little People (Pub­ lisher, Revell Company). He says, “ My parish is the gutter, and you won’t find any children living in it. There are only people, big ones and little ones. The little people are bom to the big people, conceived in hate and shame and sin. They are born old.” Aside from the Bible, the one book that the Holy Spirit has used the most to touch my life this year is one by 4 eggs 1 package 2-layer-size yellow cake mix 33A or 3 % -ounce package IN S T A N T lemon pudding mix (dry) 3A cup water Vs cup salad oil Lemon glaze Beat eggs till thick and lemon colored. Add cake mix, pudding mix, water, and oil; beat ten minutes at medium speed on electric mixer. Pour into ungreased ten- inch tube pan with removable bottom. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes. Leav­ ing cake on pan bottom, remove sides of pan from hot cake. Using two-tined fork, prick holes in top of cake. Drizzle lemon glaze over top and spread on sides of cake. Cool completely; remove pan bot­ tom. Garnish with thin slices of lemon. Lemon Glaze: Heat two cups sifted con­ fectioners' sugar and Vs cup lemon juice to boiling. From: BETTER HOM ES A N D GARDENS PIES A N D C AK E BOOK. * * * Lemon Pound Cake



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