King's Business - 1967-03

"Europe Our Campus"



Great Britain, Germany

J a n u a r y 24 o f this year, the newspapers headlined a news item to the effect that the Supreme Court had just ren­ dered another startling decision. This one now makes it illegal to require any school teacher to sign a loyalty oath, stating that he does not presently belong to any Communist or Communist- front organization, nor has he belonged to any such organization in the past. In other words, a teacher need not declare his ideologi­ cal convictions in order to obtain a teaching position in the public schools o f this land. This furnishes a wide-open door for Com­ munists and Communistic sympathizers to enter the teaching field. If the members o f the Supreme Court, who presented this majority judgment, had come directly from Moscow, and were paid representatives o f Communism, they could have done no more to destroy the Christian American way o f life than did the Supreme Court in this far-reaching decision. This leaves the vast majority o f the American public utterly confused, bewil­ dered, stunned, and completely frustrated in trying to figure out how this sickening trend on the part o f the majority o f the Su­ preme Court can be stopped. There is no doubt that the vast percentage o f the American people are heartily opposed to these late decisions o f the Supreme Court. The vote on the recent deci­ sions which have so vitally affected our American way o f fife has been extremely close. The liberal wing o f the Supreme Court, composed o f five members, consistently has gunned down the historic position o f America on many o f these important ideologi­ cal issues. The conservative element in the Supreme Court, con­ sisting o f four members, just as consistently has endeavored to uphold the historic American way o f life. Thus the vote o f but one man is changing the whole ideological pattern o f America in ways that can only lead to continuing deterioration and ulti­ mate extinction o f the beloved land which our fore-fathers knew and as we know it. Alas, subsequent generations will be able to know it as it was only through the reading o f history books. We have been heartily opposed to the idea o f the recall process, but

Switzerland, Italy

France Your desire to visit the historic sites of Europe can become a reality through "Europe Our Cam­ pus." College age young people, school teachers, and anyone inter­ ested in travel through Europe with a Christian group will enjoy this tour which can provide up to six units of college credit if de­ sired. Cost is less than any four with comparable features, from New York $1324.00; from the West Coast $1570.00. JUNE 26-AUG. 8 Write fo r free brochure UNUSUAL TOURS 13800 Biola Are. La Mirada, Calif.



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