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8. DO YOU PRAY FOR MIS­ SIONARIES FREQUENTLY, SEL­ DOM, NEVER ? 158—frequently, 162—seldom, 16—never, 3—undecid­ ed; 9. HOW OFTEN DO YOU PRAY THAT GOD WILL SEND OUT MORE MISSIONARIES? 16 —frequently, 211—seldom, 58—nev­ er, 54—undecided; Id. HAVE YOU EVER PRAYED THAT GOD WILL SEND YOU OUT AS A MISSION­ ARY WITH A HOME OR FOR­ EIGN SOCIETY? 175—no, 1 5 3 - yes, 11—undecided. Many young people don’t think that Matthew 9:38 applies to themselves in a 'per­ sonal way; 11. HAVE YOU EVER CONS IDERED BECOMING A HOME OR FOREIGN MISSION­ ARY? 110—no, 217—yes, 12—unde­ cided. We can’t say that teenagers haven’t thought about becoming mis­ sionaries. But how seriously have they thought? 12. ARE YOU WILL­ ING TO BE A MISIONARY IF THE LORD WANTS YOU? 19—no, 278—yes, 42—undecided. Praise the Lord that they are willing! That’s the first step. But what a lot of will­ ing ones there are who never get to the field! 13. HAVE YOU EVER RAISED YOUR HAND OR COME FORWARD DURING A MISSION­ ARY SERV I CE TO INDICATE YOUR WILLINGNESS TO BE A MISSIONARY? 172—no, 161—yes, 6—undecided. In our church serv­ ices, we like to give people a chance to give some visible evidence of their decision for Christ, but we do not often give a call to come forward for missionary service. I believe pastors ought periodically to ask for definite commitments for missionary service, or else ask a missionary to do so. 14. IF YOU DID, HOW LONG AGO WAS IT? Very few could remember, but those that did indicated it was in the last five years. 15. IF YOU REMEMBER, WHO WAS THE SPEAKER? Here again, few re­ membered unless it was very recent­ ly. The speakers they named were often the same ones, perhaps indicat­ ing that only a few missionary speakers press for a decision. 16. DID YOU FEEL A DEFINITE CALL TO MISSIONARY SERVICE AT THAT TIME? 108—no, 1 0 2 - yes, 129—unanswered. A lmo s t a third of those questioned have felt a call to the mission field. If this holds true in our churches generally, what a vast number of recruits we would have if we could get them to follow through! 17. WHAT FIELD DID YOU FEEL CALLED TO, IF ANY? Most indicated no special field. Of the few who indicated one, it was generally a foreign, rather than a home field. 18. DO YOU STILL

THE CONVERSION CENTEk A soul-winning mission to Roman Catholic priests, nuns and people. 500 million Roman Catholics lost without love, trapped by traditions, paralyzed by popery, deceived by the Devil. 47,000 priests, 138,000 nuns dedicated to “ MAKE AMER­ ICA CATHOLIC.” W ill you help keep America free to evangelize the world? Pray, ive, write for .soul-winning material. > W. Eagle Rd., Havertown, Pennsylvania To bring God’s Word to a little known and neglected people. To p la n t indigenous churches on Pauline principles and train National workers.' A complete program of diversified e v a n g e lis m r a d io , colportage, children, prison work, open air, etc. Write for free literature P.O. Box 1353-K Fort Pierce, Florida 33451 EVANGELICAL M ISSIONARY ACTION Worldwide witnessing with tracts and music. Reaching students at home and abroad. Please pray and help today. For Free sample tracts, write: REV. WILLIAM SWAAN RUSKIK, British Columbia, Canada EVANGELICAL MISSION TO URUGUAY, INC. Rev. Frederick V. Dabold, D.D., Director Serving fields o f great need in Bolivia, Bra­ zil, Colombia, and Patagonia. A faith work for 55 years. Send for free magazine and information. 78 W. Hudson Ave. 132 High Park Ave. Englewood, NJ. 07631. Toronto 9, Ont., Can. Member I.F.M.A. GOSPEL M ISSIONARY UNION Founded in 1892 325 missionaries working in Morocco, Mali Republic, Europe, Colombia, Ecuador, Pana­ ma, British Honduras, Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska and Canada. Send for sample copy o f The Gospel Message and other literature t o : Smithville, Missouri 64089 INDO -BURMA PIONEER M ISSION Rochunga Pudaite, Executive Director P.O. Box 805 Wheaton, Illinois 60137 Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through National Missionaries in India and Burma. P.O. Box 1256 Atlanta, Georgia 30301 Combining evangelism and relief to Hebrew Christians and refugees in Europe, Israel, Asia, A frica, and South America, with a strong witness in America. 37 missionaries on all continents. W rite for free copy of magazine, The Everlasting Nation. Jacob Gartenhaus, D.D., Pres., Robert G. Lee, D.D., Chairman Advisory Board. Since 1943, supporting leprosy work in four fields: Philippines, Africa, Bolivia and India. Treats leprosy patients, cares for chil­ dren of leprosy parents, rehabilitates former leprosy patients, preaches the Gospel and provides White cross supplies. Write for FREE copies of GLOBAL MISSIONS and News- Prayer Letter. P.O. Box 8164_____ Portland, Oregon 97207 When you pray, do not forget this work. Thank you! Write us! LITERATURE FOR THE M ILLIONS, INC. INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN LEPROSY MISSION INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF JEWISH MISSIONS, INC. EVANGELICAL UNION OF SOUTH AM ER ICA

MEXICAN INDIAN MISSION, INC. Dr. John T. Dale, Director Establishing Hie Church among the Indians of rural Mexico by evangelism, Bible corres­ pondence courses, laymen’s institutes, child evangelism, medical evangelism. Now work­ ing in six tribes. Needed — more mission­ aries; prayer partners to form prayer hands. W rite for information and magazine 6018 Drexol Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 19131


Providing highways in the sky and bush radio­ telephone service for your Missionaries in the rural and forward areas of the Mission field. Write For: Infornative literature Challenging sound-color filns Gift annuity inforaation Box 32, Fullerton. C alifornia 92832______ THE MISSIONARY DENTIST, INC. Box 7002; Seattle, Washington 98133 A unique worldwide evangelistic ministry It meets the physical and spiritual needs of the nationals, and missionaries too, by providing modern dental care and a sound Bible teaching ministry from the heart of the jungles to populated cities through Dental Evangelism Team programs. Films and literature available . The Missionary Literature Foundation pro­ vides evangelical missionaries with devo­ tional literature fo r ^ their personal and family use. It also provides contacts useful in meeting the emergency needs o f mission­ aries rCTurnid®from the "fields! ' MISSIONARY LITERATURE FOUNDATION Box 374 Burbank, Calif. 91503 NEW TRIBES M ISSION Woodworth, Wisconsin 1942-1957 — 25 years of tribal work • Reducing unwritten languages • Evangelism and Literacy • Scripture translation • Many indigenous churches functioning Please write for literature NEW YORK BIBLE SOCIETY 5 East 48th Street, New York, N.Y. 10017 « (157th year) Rev. Youngve R. Kindberg, General Sec'v. An evangelical missionary organization, dis­ tributing the Scriptures in over 70 languages about the harbor and within the City of New York; Marine, Immigration, Foreign, Jewish, Negro, Hotels, Hospitals, Blind, Scrip­ ture texts in subways. A UNIQUE M ISSIONARY MINISTRY PRACTICAL ASSISTANCE TO EVANGELICAL MISSIONARIES


Planting indigenous churches through medi­ cal evangelism, handcraft classes, Bible cor­ respondence courses, bookstores, literature, radio. Send for our magazine, THE CROSS AND THE CRESCENT. North Africa Mission 241 Fairfield Ave. Upper Darby, Pa. 19082


An open door to preach to our Canadian Indians . . . but the laborers are few. Information sent on request. 58 - 18th Street, East Prince Albert, Saskatchewan O M S Interdenominational faith mission specializ­ ing in the establishment o f indigenous churches on eleven fields through evangelism, medicine, radio, and teaching ministries. THE ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY Box A Greenwood, Indiana 46142

Post Office Box 677 Wichita, Kansas 67201



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