King's Business - 1967-03

we devoutly pray that some way might be devised whereby the will o f the vast majority o f the people can be heard as over against the will o f the pathetically small, but loud-mouthed and determined minority, which is avowedly dedicated to the over­ throw o f our American government. The President o f the United States must assume his full share o f responsibility for this utterly deplorable condition. In his most recent appointment o f a justice o f the Supreme Court, he had the opportunity o f appointing either a liberal or a conservative. The President evidently chose the former. It is completely ironical, then, that in his state o f the Union message, he very piously should have proclaimed that as far as Viet Nam is concerned, we are in the war to stay; that Communism must be stopped; and that we will send our young men in whatever numbers are necessary to see that it is stopped, and that its godless, ruthless, inhuman principles and tactics will not be allowed to over-run the innocent peoples o f Asia or any other part o f the world. At the same time, he makes his appoint­ ment o f one who is opening wide the doors o f Communism into our very own public school system throughout the entire coun­ try. Where is the consistency o f sending young men to die to stop Communism abroad while at the same time we are inviting Communists in untold numbers to poison the minds o f our chil­ dren and young people during the most formative years o f their lives right here at home? It would seem that in the immediate years that lie ahead, the over-riding issue will be that o f electing a President, regardless o f his party affiliation, who will promise to put appointees on the Supreme Court bench, as the present members retire, who will get America back on our proper course; who will begin to interpret the laws o f the land, insofar as our ideology is concerned, to conform to the will o f the people and the historic position o f our beloved country. The Democratic party must assume the greater share o f responsibility for Supreme Court decisions during the past few decades by virtue o f the fact that we have had only Democratic presidents, with but one exception, since 1932. Presently there are four members o f the Supreme Court who were Republican appointees, and in this latest issue, two o f these, namely Chief Justice Warren and Jus­ tice Brennen, helped formulate the majority decision. In view o f the rugged Americanism which repeatedly has been displayed by General Eisenhower, one concludes that surely he must rue the day that he ever suggested the names o f these two justices to serve in the Supreme Court. This is an issue that ultimately will involve the whole religious life o f our country. Our religious lib­ erty is at stake in the final analysis. Unless present trends are completely reversed soon, we shall find that we are past the point o f no return, and religious freedom, as we have known it through­ out the history o f our country, will be a thing o f the past. This thought should at once drive us to our knees, and then drive us to take whatever appropriate action the Lord would have us take. B E


THY YOUTH —Ecclesiastes 12.1


There is no book of guidance, no textbook for the young, that can equal the Great Textbook of the Ages —- the Book that gives us rules for living that will never be superseded, that will never pass away. There are no Bibles made with more care and skill than the Bibles made in Cambridge, where theprintingofBibles has been a responsibility of fine craftsmen since the sixteenth century.



MARCH, 1967

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