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When you work as a personal injury lawyer, you see an endless variety of cases. Over the years, it seems that almost every possible injury shows up on your desk, from horrific car accidents to relatively minor slips on the ice. But there are some cases that, though they may not involve broken bones or tragic disabilities, are just as important as more dramatic and tragic accidents.

As a result, he suffered serious injuries and was out of work for months.

Though the A1 driver received the insurance money he needed to receive treatment and get back to his job, every month he was out of work cost A1 a substantial loss of revenue. These drivers are very specially trained, making them difficult to replace in the event of such a catastrophe. So there were fewer classes being run, which meant far less revenue, putting A1 in a sticky situation. In response, the owner of A1 hired us to attempt to secure compensation from the insurance company that reflected their huge economic losses. It can be difficult arguing these cases, as most people find it difficult to connect emotionally with a business entity as opposed to an individual. But when you consider that every business has an owner, probably with a family — as in this case — and a whole team beneath them, who all depend on that vital income to navigate their daily lives, you can see that such a tremendous economic impact becomes a serious concern for everyone involved. The driver was hurt, and the company did everything they could to help him recover with the best treatment, but the fact remained that the company suffered an enormous loss every day he had to stay away from work. If someone is hurt due to no error of their own, their insurance company should be required to make them whole again. This applies not only to people, but to the companies that people

“It can be difficult arguing these cases, as most people find it difficult to connect

depend on for their livelihood. Many law firms avoid cases like these, wary of attempting something out of the box and potentially challenging, but at Angell Law, we believe in representing anyone with a valid claim. At the time of writing, we’re still waiting on the results of our recently filed lawsuit. But we anticipate a fair settlement. We’re grateful that

emotionally with a business entity as opposed to an individual.”

we’re able to take action on the behalf of all the people who depend on A1’s success to provide their paycheck.

Sometimes, we’re not representing individuals so that they can achieve compensation for their own injuries, we’re representing companies. In one case we’ve been working on recently, representing A1 Driver School, we’ve been attempting to make a claim for economic losses as a result of an employee’s injury. One day, when one of their key driving teachers was out on assignment, a careless driver ran a red light and slammed headlong into his vehicle.

—Bryce Angell

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