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May 2019

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, plenty of husbands are trying to find the perfect gift. This is a struggle I know well. How can you find the right way to say thank you to someone who does so much for your family every day? While I’m always grateful for my wife, Jen, this time of year highlights how lucky my kids and I are. In the past, I’ve talked about how proud I am of my sons, Jude and Luke. For such young boys, they’re incredibly well-rounded, articulate, and mature. But what I don’t mention enough is the superhuman effort Jen makes in raising them. There’s a reason I call her the CEO of our family. Jen’s parenting style is as thoughtful as it is compassionate. She sets aside individual time with Jude and Luke because, to her, it’s important that each of them feel uniquely loved and cared for. For example, she’ll step up to the plate and play baseball with us in the backyard, even though she’s not a sports fan. She doesn’t mind getting chased from base to base as long as we’re laughing together as a family. “Managing properties and coaching classes on top of raising a family has to be challenging, but Jen has never failed to make it look easy.” On top of being a super mom for the boys, Jen manages vacation rentals and coaches spin classes. Her coaching career started after attending a class and thinking to herself, “I can do this.”Now she has one of the most popular workout sessions in her gym! And yes, I’m a member of her class, so I even have her to thank for my fitness. Managing properties and coaching classes on top of raising a family has to be challenging, but Jen has never failed to make it look easy.

Luke’s screen time, teaching them to be more present in a world where even adults struggle to stay on task. Instead of filling the evenings with TV and video games, we play board games and eat dinner together every night. This brings me to her cooking. Oh, her cooking! Jen is a master chef, and she cooks hearty, healthy meals. Drawing on her fitness career, she ensures our boys get the fuel they need to grow and even goes to the farmers

market for fresh ingredients almost every weekend. The boys will pass up Oreos for some of Jen’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies! When she feels like cooking up a storm, she spends hours making a delicious, flourless gumbo from scratch. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Over the years, I’ve seen how Jen’s daily acts of care have made an incredible difference in our sons’ lives. Jude is first in his class in math, and both boys carry themselves with confidence; they are the spitting image of their mother. When I first got to know Jen, I wondered how it was possible for anyone to have been born with such a big heart. Seeing the way my boys are growing up, I’ve realized it’s not something you’re born with. This bold kindness is nurtured, and that is what Jen does for our family. Jen, there are more things to thank you for than I can fit on a page. This Mother’s Day, I want to say thank you for being such a shining example as a parent. You remind me every day how precious our time with our boys really is. Listening to you read “Geronimo Stilton” as the boys fall asleep, and laughing alongside you as we play “Sorry!” are going to be memories I treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you for being all that you are.

She always puts our sons first and is a master of time management, not only for herself but also for the whole family. She minimizes Jude and

With love,

–Seth Smiley

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