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On the Road Again

Megan Gets a Bike and Hits the TrailsWith Kim!

You never realize how much you take something for granted until you can no longer do it. This summer, I was given an opportunity to do something I hadn’t been able to do for months — years, even! It might not seem like a big feat to most people, but for my daughter and me, it was huge.

In early August, Megan and I hit the trail in Loveland, Ohio, just to see how far she could go. I’m proud to say that she was able to bike 10 miles — nearly 11, actually — and she kept her speed at about 10 mph! She was cruising right along with me, and I could not have been more proud.

Megan and I took a bike ride together this summer.

Ever since Megan’s diagnosis with POTS in 2016, we have all remained optimistic. We knew that she could get back to cardiovascular exercise and remain active, despite her fainting and the need for a wheelchair, but it was always a matter of when she would be able to get to that point. The other key factor was if we would be able to afford any equipment we may need. Since the addition of Megan’s service dog, Nora, and as Megan reached a stable point, we began researching bikes. After about six months of research, we had an idea of what we wanted, and we worked with Fairfield Cyclery to make it happen. In early July, we purchased a recumbent bike with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back. We worked with Fairfield Cyclery to fit the bike to Megan’s length, and we had a harness installed onto the bike. The harness will keep her strapped into the bike if she happens to faint, while the two wheels in the front keep her stabilized. We even had a motor installed onto the bike, so if she gets too tired to continue pedaling, she can flip on the motor and coast through the trail. “This bike has given Megan an opportunity to gain back a piece of her that POTS took away …”

As a mom, it’s difficult to watch your child struggle with an illness, especially one that has been as debilitating as POTS. We were fortunate enough to get Nora nearly two years ago, and her presence has been a godsend for Megan. But the bike is a new opportunity for some added independence for Megan. She can hop onto her bike and pedal without having to bring Nora, and she is able to feel the wind in her hair and see the scenery just like everyone else on the trail. Megan can go for “walks”with her husband and their dogs without having to stay inside, giving her more freedom to enjoy the outdoors. This bike has given Megan an opportunity to gain back a piece of her that POTS took away, and I am so incredibly grateful for Fairfield Cyclery’s assistance, the support of our community, and the fact that we could afford this opportunity for Megan. By next year, we hope to participate in a 25-mile bike ride together. I used to take these rides all the time, once even going so far as riding 78 miles each day for two days. But when I opened Stretch Physical Therapy and Total Wellness, I had to step back to focus on my business. It felt great to get back on that seat and feel the wind on my face again. Not to say I’m quite ready for the 25-mile bike rides again, but if Megan has taught me anything over the past few years, it’s that anything is possible with a little perseverance and a positive attitude.

—Kim Nartker



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