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PROVIDENCE LEADERSHIP 2023-2024 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Paul Buikema Vice Chair Ed Damstra III Ted Feenstra Jacob Groenewold Chair Sheryl Hammer Ken Hoving Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Karen Huizenga Secretary/Treasurer Patti Jabaay Arnold Koldenhoven Gary Leo Emily McMaster Darren VanEssen

Answering the call to enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ.

David Voss Dr. Eric Woo Kyle Yonker

BOARD OF GOVERNORS Tim Breems Don DeGraff Justin Kats Paul Kats Chair Bastian Knoppers Dave Larsen Bruce Leep Dick Molenhouse


Cal Tameling Don Van Dyk Rich Van Hattem Dr. Eric Woo Robert Workman William Zandstra

L i f e S 2023 • ANNUAL REPORT

What a year 2023 was! We look back at a year full of change and progress, blessings and milestones. This was truly a year where we watched our Providence Life Services family embrace and celebrate community. We invite you to celebrate with us as we reflect on 2023 in this report. You’ll see a story of the bonds of family, as two sis- ters discuss life beginning in World War II Netherlands to their time now living at Park Place of St. John—all adventures that are better together. You’ll meet Joe, who was an accountant by day and an enter- tainer in the evenings, helping people trade their troubles for laughter. He now lives at Park Place of Elmhurst (he and his wife were actually the first to move in!) and has moved through their continuum of care with gratitude. You’ll be able to review what a year in the life of Providence looked like from resident, employee, and supporter

perspectives. Finally, we have included data on the financial position of our organiza- tion and the faithful donors who support our mission. With generosity, you have answered the call of God to serve our parents and seniors in the name of Jesus Christ, as partners with our staff and donors in a ministry of ser- vice. None of what you read within these pages could have happened without your support. As we reflect with gratitude on 2023, we also look forward to all that 2024 has to offer as we serve alongside you.

JACOB GROENEWOLD Board Chair Providence Life Services


Chief Executive Officer Providence Life Services

2023 • Annual Report 3

Providence Locations & Services


AGING NAVIGATION Providence Solutions (708) 342-8100 REHABILITATION & SKILLED CARE Park Place Health & Wellness Center | ELMHURST 1150 S. Euclid Avenue (AL, SN, R, M) Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 (630) 936-4100 Park Place Health & Wellness Center | ST. JOHN 10820 Park Place (AL, SN) St. John, Indiana 46373 (219) 351-5205 Victorian Village Health & Wellness Center 12525 Renaissance Circle (SN, R, M) Homer Glen, Illinois 60491 (708) 590-5050 HOME & COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES Providence at Home (Private Duty, Home Health) SERVING ILLINOIS (800) 509-2800 Providence Hospice SERVING ILLINOIS AND INDIANA (800) 509-2800 AFFORDABLE SENIOR HOUSING Offered in partnership with Providence Life Services Arbor Place of Lisle (AH) 4795 Karns Roads Lisle, IL 60532 (630) 637-0540 Thomas Place Senior Living (AH) 15415 South Harlem Avenue Orland Park, IL 60462 (708) 535-0474

1050 S. Euclid Avenue Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 (630) 936-4500 Park Place Health & Wellness Center | ELMHURST (AL, SN, R, M) 1150 S. Euclid Avenue Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 (630) 936-4100 Park Place of St. John (IL) 10700 Park Place St. John, Indiana 46373 (219) 351-5200 Park Place Health & Wellness Center | ST. JOHN 10820 Park Place (AL, SN) St. John, Indiana 46373 (219) 351-5205 Royal Atrium Inn (AL) 400 Parkside Drive Zeeland, Michigan 49464 (616) 772-1248 Royal Park Place (IL) 500 Parkside Drive Zeeland, Michigan 49464 (616) 772-2224 Victorian Village (IL, AL, M)

12600 Renaissance Circle Homer Glen, Illinois 60491 (708) 301-0800 TOWNHOME LIVING Fairways at Village Woods 2681 Route 394 Crete, Illinois 60417

(708) 719-9704 Victorian Courts

12600 Renaissance Circle Homer Glen, Illinois 60491 (708) 301-0800

IL | Independent Living AL | Assisted Living R | Rehab

SN | Skilled Nursing M | Memory Care AH | Affordable Housing

PROVIDENCE LIFE SERVICES Operations & Service: A Year in Review

Our team members have the pleasure of serv- ing residents, patients, and clients each day who they get to know on a personal level. That deeper understanding informs the plans that we make for operations and services. It gives those we serve, and those we hope to serve in the future, the con- fidence that they have made the right choice to live in a Providence community. Over the year, we were recognized by national or- ganizations for the quality of care we offer and for the level of satisfaction our residents, clients, and patients experience. All our living facilities received recognition from US News and World Report, who deemed them as “Best,” their highest award. We strive for quality in all our operations, and through that desire we voluntarily pursue further accreditation through the Joint Commission of Health Care Organizations. This year, we received accreditation in our Assisted Living and Memory Care program at Victorian Village. The staff’s efforts are evident in this program; they are first in the state of Illinois to earn Joint Commission Memory Care Certification for Assisted Living Communities. We expanded the therapy programs offered on all campuses with outpatient therapy services. Now residents who are noticing subtle changes or need more time in recovery can receive therapy services from a therapy team that have become familiar faces and trusted partners. Our community in St. John, Indiana, recognized the growing need for Assisted Living and has expanded the services they offer on the campus

to encompass this level of care. With this offering, we have a full continuum on the St. John campus from Retirement Living to Long Term Care. Our home and community-based services also ex- panded the kinds of services they provide to those they serve. Providence Hospice and Palliative Care received a grant through the Elea Institute to ex- pand their approach to care and integrate innova- tive and new approaches for their clients. Most importantly, we have continued to build into the lives of others and walked alongside them as they navigate life’s challenges and changes. Some of these individuals and their families have partnered with us over their life- time; for others their experience with Providence has been relatively new. In either case, they attest to the quality of life they experience, the new friendships they have formed, and the se- curity they feel with Providence’s living options and care services. Enhancing life: that is what we are called to do, and our mission “to enhance the lives of those we serve in the name of Jesus Christ “reflects this calling. Looking back at 2023, our communities achieved great things and started new programs, all with the goal of not only meeting the needs of others, but also bringing more to their lives.

WILLIAM DEYOUNG Chief Operations Officer Providence Life Services

2023 • Annual Report 1

2 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

THE BOND OF SISTERHOOD A Journey from Amsterdam to Park Place

Few bonds are stronger than sisterhood, and few sisters are closer than Gerrie Natelborg and Tini De- Boer, two residents at Park Place of St. John. Gerrie, 91, and Tini, 90, grew up as close as two sisters a year apart in age could be, with matching clothes, matching haircuts, matching bows in their hair. Their childhood was typically idyllic in the small village of Abcoude in the Netherlands where they lived, the two oldest children in a family of four girls. Their father Johannes (John) Fortuin was a well-re- spected horticulturist and landscape architect, and their mother assisted him in the greenhouse as much as she could. Along with their younger sister Bet- te, the sisters sang in churches at the insistence of their grandfather, forming a musical group called the Fortuin Sisters. They were a close family, but their father was certainly outnumbered at mealtime when everyone was excitedly talking together. “Sometimes he would throw up his hands and say, ‘Please be quiet,’” Gerrie says, “but we loved to talk and laugh. Eating together, with all of us, was special.” “But maybe sometimes a little too loud for Papa,” Tini adds, and the sisters laugh together.

However, World War II changed everything for their family. Their father, who stood against the Nazi regime, was drafted into the Dutch Army. John had no intention of assisting Hitler’s cause and joined the resistance movement. He had been imprisoned and sentenced to hard labor, but after developing an illness while in the prison camp, Kamp Altengrabau, was sent to a Dutch hospital. There, he was still con- sidered a prisoner and somehow, he escaped from the hospital and returned home. He went into hiding in various spots, including under the floorboards of their very own house or in a local farmhouse. “We have no idea how he escaped,” Tini says. “It was truly a miracle.” “Our Papa was no ‘sit-still,’” Gerrie adds. “He moved constantly. He could have crawled home from the hospital.” One morning, the girls were whispering in the early morning air in their shared bed on the top floor of their home when they heard heavy boots on the stairs leading up to their bedroom. Soldiers burst in, swastikas on the forearms of their uniforms, shout- ing, “Where’s your papa?”

2023 • Annual Report 3

Thankfully, on May 5, 1945, victory was declared against Hitler and the family felt deep relief. But they were also looking toward their future. Desiring more freedom for his business, a departure from communism and socialism, and concerned about the waning attendance in Dutch churches, the fam- ily moved to the United States when the girls were in their early teens, traveling to stay with family in Munster, Indiana. “We were all happy to move,” Tini says. “We never looked back.” The United States was a culture shock for the sisters. “We landed in Hoboken, New Jersey,” Tini says, “and we moved on to New York, where we waited for a train to take us to Hammond, Indiana. We walked around the city for a bit, and I noticed the potatoes. We never saw potatoes that big!” Gerrie laughs, adding, “I remember

Gerrie Natelborg Park Place Resident

Tini DeBoer Park Place Resident

The girls were too shocked to speak at first. Finally, little Gerrie managed to say, “We don’t know.” Even- tually they listened as the boots tramped back down their stairs, then heard the soldiers searching the rest of the house and the greenhouse futilely, yelling, as the girls clung to each other with fear. “Papa had said, ‘They got me once, but they’ll never get me again.’” Tini remembers. “Mama was so brave.

“I remember getting my first stick of gum, Juicy Fruit in the yellow wrapper. We never had gum—we used to chew on grain ker- nels until they became gum!”

getting my first stick of gum, Juicy Fruit in the yellow wrapper. We never had gum—we used to chew on grain kernels until they became gum!” The family became members of First Reformed Church in Lansing (now known

as First PCA), and the sisters enrolled at Illiana Chris- tian High School, where they assimilated quickly, thanks to being fluent in both Dutch and English (as well as German and French). They soon married just five months apart, Tini at 19 and Gerrie at 20, to boys they met at church. They raised their families in Northwest Indiana, and now both reside at Park

She kept everything together, all of us, and never gave in to fear of those men.” They truly didn’t know exactly where their father was, but they knew he was likely nearby. His location was always kept secret from the sisters, and from most of the family (their grandpa lived across the street, and he didn’t even know).

4 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

Place. Because they live at separate ends of the retirement living building, they meet in the middle of the build- ing daily for dinner, and they also enjoy bingo, bunco, knitting, hymn sing, and Bible study together at Park Place. Sometimes the two ladies get together to play a game of Uno or Skip-Bo and share what’s happened in their days. Tini subscribes to a Dutch newspaper, and when she’s done reading it she passes it along to Gerrie to enjoy. The two sisters have different pur- suits as well. Tini still attends United

new friends they’ve made at Park Place. But when they want to have a private conversation, they speak in their secret sister language—which just happens to be Dutch! These sisters have seen a great deal of change in their lifetime, but they both look at the course of their lives with faith and gratitude, and both feel especially happy with the lives they’ve built at Park Place. “When we were girls, Gerrie and I shared a bed, and our younger sister Bette slept in an alcove with a bed built into the wall,” Tini says. “Now look at us! We couldn’t ask for anything more.” They say they are both looking forward to the hope of being reunited with their family one day.

Reformed Church in St. John twice a day on Sundays. Gerrie is a still member at First PCA, and she enjoys visits at Park Place by her pastor and other mem- bers often. Gerrie enjoys Wii Bowling competitions, dominoes, and Scrabble, while Tini plays pinochle and uses her computer to keep up with her British pen pal of over 70 years. “I don’t do anything on computers,” Gerrie adds with a laugh. Family is still everything to these two sisters. Tini has 4 children, 12 grandkids, and 24 great-grand- kids, while Gerrie has 5 children, 18 grandkids, 42 great-grandkids, and 1 great-great-granddaugh- ter. Their children take turns helping when need- ed, but the sisters love the freedom and space they have with their private apartments. They’ve expanded their family more to include the many

2023 • Annual Report 5

The Entertainer PARK PLACE OF ELMHURST RESIDENT RECALLS A LIFE OF LAUGHTER “I always wanted to be a comedian,” Joe Vinci says, “but I was afraid people would laugh at me.”

“I liked both careers,” he says. “Both of those things are a part of my story.” He may have been skilled in the world of finance, but entertaining was his passion. From a young age, he was the life of family parties, breaking out his accor- dion and even inspiring admiration in a young man named Ed Vodicka, a family friend’s son who would one day become the Chicago Cubs’ organist. Today, Eddie honors his friend Joe by playing complimentary concerts for the Park Place residents. “It’s good practice for him, and brings great happi- ness to us here,” Joe says. Joe retired from accounting at age 60, but continued his musical career, playing part-time at churches, funeral homes, and anywhere else he could lift people’s spirits with his unique gifts. Music was a language that spoke louder than words could, espe- cially in times of grief. “I still love music, all music,” Joe says. “That’s one of the things I love about living here. They bring in entertainment, different kinds, all the time. Some I like better than others, but everyone is some- body’s favorite. The staff here just want to make sure they have something for everyone.”

Joe’s delivery is impeccable, the comic timing of a seasoned performer. As he sits in his Park Place of Elmhurst apartment and tells a story of his child- hood, he interrupts himself to ask, “Did you hear the one about the rope?” Then adding, “Just skip it.” Joe and his wife Barbara were the first people to move into Park Place of Elmhurst when it opened in 2012. “We spent four years researching where we wanted to move,” he remembers. “We knew we were getting the best value here overall, but people who work here were just tremendous from day one, and they kept it up after we moved in. Everyone here just wants to take care of you.” Joe knows what it’s like to find creative ways to make people feel at ease after spending most of his life as a successful entertainer. He laughs easily as he recalls his vaudeville days, where he and his wife brought their unique blend of comedy and music to crowds on the West Side and in downtown Chicago. During the day, he was a buttoned-up accountant, but at night, he and Barbara made people forget their worries and lose themselves in music and laughter.

6 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

Joe has appreciated that Park Place of Elmhurst fit his and Barbara’s plans for retirement, and he con- tinues to feel the advantages of a continuum of care as his health and needs for assistance change. Out of gratitude, Joe has donated his estate to Provi- dence so that this ministry can continue to serve others for generations to come. He knows others will find what they’re looking for within the walls of Park Place, just as he has. For Joe, entertaining others has always been a source of joy, for not only him, but all of us who are blessed to be in his audience. Beth McGowan Welch, Execu- tive Director at Park Place of Elmhurst, echoes that

sentiment and the value that humor has brought to Joe’s life and those around him. “Joe has been such an important part of the Park Place of Elmhurst community,” she says. “He can always be counted on for his wit and charm. It’s difficult to leave Joe’s presence without a chuckle, which regularly lightens my day.” We are so thankful he picked up the accordion at age 13 and “never really put it down,” as he says. “One hundred and twenty buttons,” Joe says, “and I know ‘em all.”

2023 • Annual Report 7

2023 | A Snapshot of Life

Illiana Christian High School Chamber Singers perform at Park Place of St. John for residents.

Timothy Christian School students hold RENEW program at Park Place of Elmhurst.

St. John Clerk and Treasurer’s Club brings community children and their parents to Park Place of St. John for a Valentine card- making project. Illiana Christian High School continues their annual Senior Service Program with high school students working daily with Park Place of St. John residents.

Royal Park Place partners with Doors of Hope to bless needy local families.

Outpatient therapy is offered on campus at Victorian Village.

Elea Institute awards $15,000 grant to Providence Hospice to begin new programs for patients and their families.

Providence at Home holds annual Competency Skills training

Crown Point Christian School students hold a talent show, volunteer, and pray for residents at Park Place of St. John.

Royal Atrium Inn hosts Zeeland Public Schools Art Show.

Park Place Health & Wellness Center of Elmhurst, Providence at Home, and Providence Hospice earn JCAHO accreditation. Park Place of St. John and Victorian Village both host Barnabas Foundation for educational seminars on their campuses.

Park Place of Elmhurst hosts an Easter Egg Hunt for Timothy Christian School 3rd graders.

Royal Park Place hosts Tulip Celebration in conjunction with Holland’s Tulip Time.

8 Providence Life Services • With You, For You


Lemont High School Leo Club comes to Victorian Village for Games & Gabbing with residents.

Providence at Home holds Mission Appreciation Breakfast for staff.

All campuses receive best senior living recognition from U.S. News & World Report.

Pastors Masters golf outing is held at Midlothian Country Club.

Providence Life Service honors staff at Hallmark of Caring celebration.

Victorian Village hosts Family Picnicv.

Park Place of St. John and our Michigan campuses Royal Park Place & Royal Atrium Inn offer on-site Outpatient Therapy.

Crown Point Christian School Vocal Group sing to residents at Park Place of St. John.

Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn hold annual Family Fishing Derby.

Victorian Village updates outdoor patio area.

Park Place of Elmhurst begins renovations to first floor.

Victorian Village begins offering Alzheimer’s Caregiver support group.

Royal Park Place and Royal Atrium Inn partner with Zeeland Student Work Experience Program to provide real-world work experience to high school students.

2023 • Annual Report 9

First in Illinois to earn Joint Commission Memory Care

Certification for Assisted Living Communities. 2023 SNAPSHOT | Providence Life Services

Victorian Village obtains JCAHO accreditation for Assisted Living and becomes first in Illinois to obtain JCAHO accreditation for their Memory Care program Crown Point Christian School SALT program students begin spending their lunch with residents visiting and playing games.

Park Place of St. John holds St. John Community Game Night on campus.

Illiana Christian High School continues their annual Senior Service Program with high school students working daily with Park Place of St. John residents.


Victorian Village participates in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease 2023 and raises over $3,000.

Royal Atrium Inn hosts 3rd Annual Grandparents Day Carnival.

Thank you for trusting us with 40 years of service to older adults in Crete, Illinois, at Village Woods Retirement and Assisted Living. Illiana Christian High School students choose Park Place of St. John for their Go Day, where they spent time fellowshipping with and serving residents.

Park Place St. John holds Family Ice Cream Social on campus.

Park Place of Elmhurst hosts Family Day with an Autumn Festival.

Expanded services at Park Place of St. John to include Assisted Living in a Small House setting.

Providence Open is held at Butterfield Country Club.

10 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

2023 SNAPSHOT | Providence Life Services

The 61st Annual Torchlight Celebration of Ministry is held at the Union League Club.

In honor of Veterans Day, Park Place of St. John holds Veterans Breakfast.

Newsweek recognizes Park Place of Elmhurst as one of America’s Best Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

Victorian Village veterans are honored at Veterans Day program.

Providence at Home, Providence Hospice, and Providence Life Services corporate staff partic- ipate in a Christmas Giving Tree with My Joyful Heart in Mokena.

Royal Park Place holds Annual Vendor Bazaar.

Providence Hospice celebrates their 35 volunteers at a Christmas party.

Victorian Village holds family Christmas party throughout campus.

Illiana Christian High School band performs concert for Park Place of St. John residents

2023 • Annual Report 11

Providence Life Services Corporate Facts | 2022 Providence Life Services is able to provide a variety of services to thousands of people because of the abundant generosity of a broad Christian family. A copy of our audited financial statements and the independent auditors’ reports thereon may be obtained by contacting: Barry VanderGenugten, Chief Financial Officer, at (708) 342-8100.


Retirement Housing Skilled/Sub-Acute

894 137 249 350

Assisted Living

Home Care






# of Employees at Year End


Total Payroll


Total Hours Paid



Total Acreage of Land (4 campuses) Total Square Footage of Buildings

114 acres


Land for Future Development

9 acres

12 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

Medicaid • 1% Insurance • 3%

Investment Return/

Constributions • 3% Medicare • 27% Private Pay • 66%


Assisted Living 347 • 9% Skilled Sub-Acute 915 • 23% Retirement Housing 1024 • 26% Home Care 1622 • 42% TOTAL CLIENTS SERVED IN 2022 3,908


SERVICES OFFERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Providence Life Services Thomas Place Senior Living Orland Park, Illinois Arbor Place Senior Living Lisle, Illinois




2023 • Annual Report 13



Providence Life Services • EMPLOYEES SURVEYED *






Providence Life Services • RESIDENTS SURVEYED *


100% WOULD



Providence Hospice • FAMILIES SURVEYED

* Data from Third Party Survey Company | “We Care Connect”

14 Providence Life Services • With You, For You


We are bombarded dai- ly by people looking for gifts and support, and as Christians, we are cer-

strong at a Providence community. Our gifts help us train and educate our compassionate staff to make sure they are putting their best foot forward each day at work. We can help those living in our Memo- ry Care communities have the special touches they need to feel peace and comfort. We can continue our chaplaincy program that has brought so much care to our residents and their families. We can continue to help Providence enhance lives, as they have faithfully for over 100 years. As you consider a gift to Providence, I can share from my own experience that I have been blessed by giving to this mission-based organization. My family has been blessed. And when you look at those liv- ing at Providence communities and those receiving Providence services, they and their families have been blessed because we have answered the call to give. Those families have entrusted their loved ones to Providence, and our gifts help Providence fulfill the mission that sets them apart. That’s why I give, and will continue to give, and that’s why I urge you to consider a gift as well.

tainly called to give. It’s an important part of who we are. So why give to Providence Life Services? What sets Providence apart from so many other non-for- profits who rely on the generosity of others? In my experience, it starts with the mission. Prov- idence’s mission is to enhance the lives they serve in the name of Jesus Christ. My mother was a res- ident at a Providence community for three years, so my family and I saw firsthand what that mission looks like in action. Her experience was exceptional, which in turn made our family’s experience excep- tional. We could rest assured that when we weren’t there by her side, she was never truly alone. Aside from the rich circle of friends she built there among other residents, we saw countless examples of staff who truly cared about her deeply. We can say with confidence that hers was a life enhanced by Providence, as was ours. I currently volunteer my time serving as Board Chair at Providence, and I gladly give financially as well. I’m fully invested in Providence because I have seen what these financial gifts can do. We can assist those whose resources have run out so that they can finish

To donate, use the QR Code with your phone or go to Providence Life Services is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization


2023 • Annual Report 15

Leadership Gifts January 1 • December 31, 2023

Gifts from Ministry Leaders who demonstrate through their support their passion, confidence & commitment to the mission of Providence Life Services, “To Enhance the Lives of Those We Serve in the Name of Jesus Christ.” CHAIRMAN The Estate of John & Joni Van der Aa Kharis Foundation

CORNERSTONE Assurance - Marsh McLennen Agency LLC Colonial Chapel Bill & Kathy DeYoung ELEA Institute Clara Harrell Ken & Gwen Hoving Heidi Huizenga Dave & Sally Larsen Friends of Providence Providence Bank & Trust Barry & Karen VanderGenugten Van & Lois Zeilstra

TRUSTEE Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Dale & Karen Huizenga Dunhill Formal Wear Brian & Patrice Kamstra Joyce Lagestee Dick & Pixie Molenhouse Schepel Auto Group Symbria Sam & Judy VanTil Robert & Beth Workman

DIRECTOR Dr. David & Jill Beezhold Kenneth & Lisa Cooper Darwill, Inc. Dr. Albert & Janyce Diepstra RYAN Companies, Inc. Bill & LuAnn Stefek The Estate of Clara Togtman Roy & Cheryl VanEck

The Ozinga Foundation Richard & Linda Schutt

PRESIDENT The Estate of Francis (Richard) Eizenga Homewood Disposal Friends of Providence Rich & Esther Van Hattem Kevin & Renita Van Solkema Witech Co. Inc.

16 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

Partner Gifts January 1 • December 31, 2023

Gifts from Ministry Patners who demonstrate through their support their passion, confidence & commitment to the mission of Providence Life Services.

Advacare Systems MaryLou Aukeman

Direct Supply Equipment Henry & Karen Doorn Edward Jones Investments - Jake Mudde The Estate of Andy Buikema

Arnold & Sandy Koldenhoven Joan R. Lamie Peter & Janelle Lindemulder Lockton Companies MBL Recycling Friends of Providence

Gary & Jayne Smit Smits Funeral Homes - Dyer, Indiana South Suburban Heating &

Thom & Lucette Bamford Bethel Christian Reformed

Air Conditioning, Inc. Jack & Amy Strong

Church of Lansing Al & Pat Bilthouse

Evenhouse & Co. PC Faith Church - Dyer Ted & Dawn Feenstra First Church (PCA) - Lansing Friends of Providence

Scott & Mary Studebaker Jack & Cassie Swierenga Megan Tengerstrom Bill & Judy Terpstra Nicole Thuringer Don & Gerry VanDyk The VanDyke Family Charitable Foundation Darren & Janna VanEssen Peter & Anna Vanderveld Beverly VanDyken Rick & Sue VanDyken David & Pam Voss Frank & Doreen Voss Don & Sandy Waterlander WDS Construction Ben & Julie Westra Robert & Emily Workman Kyle & Heather Yonker Tom & Judy Yonker Neil & Johanna Zandstra Marcus & Jessica Zeilstra Ziegler

BlueCross/BlueSheild of IL- Health Care Service Corp. Roger & Leona Boerema Timothy & Beth Bolt Carol Browne Buikema & Keune, LLC Robert & Danette Buikema Ruth Buikema Carden & Tracy Care Purchasing Services (CPS) Caring Communities Shared Services Sandra J. Cooper CORE Construction Services of IL, Inc. Beth Cunningham Bill & Debra Davids Jack & Jennifer DeBoer Paul & Pam DeBoer Robert & Cheryl Deckinga Edward A. & Evelyn M. Dik Foundation

Marcia L. Mels Vera Moorman

Dr. Mark & Betty Neerhof Michael & Allison Oleshko Orland Park Christian Reformed Church

Pete Folkerts Gallagher US

Carl & Debra Goodfriend Jacob & Linda Groenewold The John & Phyllis Groot Foundation Chad & Jennifer Harris Harvest Financial Planning, LLC Hoogendoorn & Talbot, LLP PJ & Abigail Huizenga Jim & Patti Jabaay JB Capital Management Grace Kamp Paul & Lois Kats Todd & Deb Kelderhouse Lee & Marian Kickert Knollcrest Funeral Homes

Larry & Johnna Otte PEL-VIP Respiratory Services PointClickCare

Mark & Linda Prestriedge Proven Business Systems

Retirement Research Foundation for Aging RSM US LLP Ruff Breems, LLP

Howard & Edna Rynberk SAS Architects & Planners Henry & Kathy Schroth Chaz & Jaclyn Schutt Jennifer Schutt

2023 • Annual Report 17

Gifts to Providence Life Services January 1 • December 31, 2023

We are grateful for all who faithfully support our ministry through their prayers & donations. Peter & Marcia Bolt Brian & Mariellen Boomsma Joseph & Renae

Peter & Kelly Aardema Friends of Providence Tim & Deborah Abbring Linda Adams Alyson Adkins Karen Admiraal Advacare Systems William Almada Brad & Karen Anderson Lynda Andrews Arbor Place Senior Living

Kay Cammarata George & Gretta Carrasquilla George & Shirley Castor William Cataldi Kirk & Jean Cavanaugh Young Chang Rick & Karen Christy Clarence Davids & Company Hyun Clark Russell & Lynda Clousing Luis Colon Colonial Chapel Don Cooper George & Margaret Cooper Sandra J. Cooper Tom & Helen Corley Cornerstone Protestant Reformed Church - Dyer James Cripe

Kathy Davis Victoria DeBoer Roger & Joyce DeGroot Deb DeMaar Kyle & Kelly DeVries John & Rachel DeYoung Richard & Donna Deckinga Joseph & Barbara Delavan Pamela DePinto Jason Diepstra Nate & Amy Diepstra Ryan & Laura Diepstra Aaron & Katie Dykstra Bill & Melissa Dykstra John & Deanne Dykstra John & Elayne Dykstra Jordan & Bethany Dykstra Mark & Virginia Dykstra Michelle Dykstra Nathan & Valerie Dykstra Steven & Kathryn Dykstra Economy Disposal

Nick Ellerbroek Don & Janis Engelsman Rev. Gerry & Carol Erffmeyer Eurofins Environment Testing Douglas & June Evenhouse Faith Christian Reformed Church - Elmhurst Faith Christian Reformed Church - Tinley Park Grace Fennema Tom & Kristin Fennema Diana Florio Kenneth & Carole Flutman Pete Folkerts Gabe’s Place William & Sharon Gerike Robert Gerritsen Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Getz Dr. Thomas & Mary Golubski

Borgerding Paul Boros Alvin A. Bosma Andy & Bev Bosma David Boss Kevin & Pat Botma Lila Bouwens James & JoAnn Boven Jim Brouwer Hal & Cheryl Brown Amy Buikema Bill Buikema & Jean Hoffman Buikema Brandon Buikema Janice Buikema Kevin & Dr. Michelle Buikema Paul & Angela Buikema Sara Buikema Tim & Irene Buikema Warren & Donna Buikema Theodore & Sharon Bulthuis

Linda Arning Phillip Arnold

MaryLou Aukeman Rick & Ruth Baas Kiersten Baker Evon Bartosz Pamela Bel Kurt & Julie Benda Marian Bengston Doris Bergsma Rev. Heino & Karen Blaauw Jean Blake BMO Harris Bank Norma Boersen Janna Boger Carol Bolin

Cullom Family Katy Cushing

Grace Community Christian Reformed Church

Tanya Dale Darwill, Inc.

John & Louise Green John & Tracy Green Ronald & Danene Greiwe

Wayne & Fran David Bill & Debra Davids Matt & Julie Davidson

Jeff & Sherrie Eenigenburg

18 Providence Life Services • With You, For You


Henrietta Groenboom Barbara Groenewold Sheryl Hammer Cathy Hamstra Schipma Haney & Company, Ltd. John Harkema Clara Harrell Chad & Jennifer Harris Dave & Brenda Harvey Health Care Service Corporation Chris & Jan Heaney Ken Heerema Bill Heikema Robert & Linda Henrickson Tom & Sally Herder Howard & Joan Hilbrich Becky Hodges George & Geraldine Hoeksema Byron & Pat Hoekstra George & Sharon Hoekstra Howard & Kim Hoff Homewood Disposal Hope Christian Reformed Church Matt & Ronda Huisman Dale & Karen Huizenga Heidi Huizenga

David & Laura Ipema Ray & Gwen Jendra Valerie Johnson Ernst & Mary Jo Jolas Gary & Julie Jones Rodney & Sharon Juday

Pauline Kovich Ray & Anita Kozlowski Bruce & Leslie Krawczyk Hilda Kuiken Jerry & Dawn Kuiper Wayne Kujawa Marcia Kunstler Ronald & Karen Kyrouac Joan R. Lamie Lucas Leake Adam & Charissa Leestma Dr. Micah & Deborah Leestma Scott & Stefanie Lemkuil Gary Leo Rick & Lora Leskovisek Anne Lichtenwalter David & Maribeth Lubarski Jack Ludes Family Timothy & Kelly Lynch Robert (Tom) & Joanne Mabrey Barbara Manes Curtis & Kara Marcus Deb Marshall Trude, James & Robert W. Matanky Bret & Amanda Matthuis Lyn McHie Anderson

Kathleen McNulty James McShane Kyle & Amanda Medema Craig & Pat Menninga Dave & Laura Meter Ben & Melinda Meyer Ralph & Jeanine Michalec Terri Mirenic Mike & Jackie Momenee Mark Monnett Patricia Mroczkowski Dr. Keith Mulki NALC Branch 466 Dominic & Carol Napoli Rosemary & Dan Niemiec Bruce Novak Jake & Hilary Nydam Mary O’Donnell Thomas Ogden William & Joan Ooms Dennis & Patricia Oostman Theodore & Elizabeth Ostrowski Mary Otte Carol Overzet Palos Heights Christian Reformed Church Tom Papagiannis Barb Park Jeff & Jodi Parks Allison Pellar Dennis & Sharon Peters

Emeline Pickands Cara Presley

Cindy Pritchard Jenny Pritchard Providence Bank & Trust Charles & Rosemary Rawleigh Lance & Karen Reinsma Mary Noelle Repetto Steve & Sharon Reusz James & Carolyn Ridder Bryan & Rachel Rieger Michael & Cherie Rippey Kristi Roelofs Joel & Karon Sandberg Henry & Ann Schenkel Jack & Cathy Schipma Ken Schoon Henry & Kathy Schroth Gary & Joan Schutt Calvin & Nancy Scott Sensirion Inc Alexandra Shloss Josh Siegers Lori Simon

George Kacmarek Kallemeyn Collision

Scott Kallemeyn Bert & Lori Kamp Grace Kamp Timothy & Sherryl Kamphuis Jacqueline Kamps Brian & Patrice Kamstra Eileen Kamstra Kappler Property, LLC Peter Kempfer John & Mary Beth Kerlin Kharis Foundation Denise Kielanowicz Paul Kline Donna L. Kloosterman Meghann Klotz Craig Knoche Leora Kolezar Rev. Michael & Trudy Kooy Larry & LeAnn Kooyenga Peter Kosmal Steve Koufos Gregory & Brenda Kovich

Edward Slack George Slater Jo Ann Slifko Douglas & Susan Slinkman Steven & Julie Smit Dean Snoek Catherine Solle

Fred & Flo Huizinga David Hutchinson

Dennis McLean Helene McLean

2023 • Annual Report 19


Nicholas Spoolstra Ruth Staal Naomi Stanhaus Stolte Enterprises, Inc. Donald Stoub Jack & Amy Strong Jean Strong Garrick & Courtney Stryker Jake & Gail Stuursma David Sullivan Jack & Cassie Swierenga Joan Templer & Lyle Templer Lindsey Tengerstrom Bill & Gloria Thomson Cynthia Thomson

Thunderbird Club Dave & Amy Tiemersma Edward N. Tiesenga

Howard & Nancy VanDyke Roy & Cheryl VanEck Ruth VanEck Carolyn VanHal Carla VanTil

Mervin & Sharon Visser Simon Visser Jeanne Vogelzang Bob & Mary Vos Peter & Jessica Vos Andrew & Jane Voss Trudy C. Voss Dan & Barb Vree Bonnie Waddick Walt’s Food Centers Al & Denise Wassenaar Thomas & Ruth Ann Watkins Taylor Watrobka Carolyn Watson Aukee

Western Springs Christian Reformed Church

Catherine Whitney Joseph Wieczorek Theresa Wiltjer Dr. Eric Woo & Dana Woo Steven & Donna Workman Thelma J. Workman John & Mary Yena Roger & Betty Yonkman Johanna Zandstra Kent & Kristin Zandstra

Timber Crest Landscaping

Clara Togtman Diane Togtman Patrick & Susan Troy Amy Unger Sam & Nina VanBruggen VanBruggen Signs Bastiaan & Sara van den Berg Donald & Noreen VanDeursen Don & Gerry VanDyk

Joel & Becky VandeKamp Tim & Jeni VandeWerken Dave & Barb VanderMeulen Ken & Cindy VanderWal Susan Vanderberg Peter & Anna Vanderveld Beverly VanDyken Downey Varey Bernie & Rosa Veenstra Village Of Shorewood

Gifts for the Park Place of Elmhurst Foundation & Park Place of Elmhurst January 1 • December 31, 2023

We are grateful for the vision and generosity of residents, as well as their friends and family, to Park Place of Elmhurst.

Steve Ahlgrim Amy Allen

Alan Bacher Rosette Backas Gail Balluff Robert & Irene Banky Catherine Beattie

Jeanne Black Joanne Blackford Ruth Blair Carl Blattner Mary Anne Boehm Mary Bortman James Burch

David Burgener Amy Bywater Patricia Cadagin Joseph Calandra Erin Calhoun

Nancy Charters Kenneth Cliff Sharon Cole Baugh Mary Corbett John Cordes Lorraine Cornelius Margaret Craig

Dorothy Anderson Dr. Sunny & Sara Andrews

A Friend of Providence Donald & Joyce Ardito David & Mary Baas

Lloyd Beese Stig Benson Doris Bergsma

Margaret Casey Peggy Cashman Krishna Chakrabarty

20 Providence Life Services • With You, For You


Roger Macnider Vernon & Elaine Magnesen Andrew & Lisa Mahler Rita Mancini Mary Mauerer Joanne McCurdy Jacqueline McNeese Alice Meyer Margaret Meyer E. June Miller R. Lawrence Mills Pat & Louise Monaco Charles Mondi Kathleen Moore Dolores Mough Catherine Munn Thomas Murphy Charlotte Mushow Shirley Myers Jeffrey Nelson Katherine Noll Catherine Norman Marilyn Novak Carol Olsen Glen Ostdiek Grace Ouellette Jeanne Panuncialman Lawrence Passow

Judith Smoot Elaine Stob Jack & Louise Sumnarski Thomas & Carol Swearingen Bill Tate Nancy Teng Virginia Tenzis Elaine Terp Mavis Thomas Alan Toepfler Rosemary Twomey Ron & Carolyn Vallort Lu VanAlten Jeanette VanDyke

Pat D’Alessandro Jeanne Davik Dorothy DeBoer Marjorie DeSombre Lillian DeBartolo Barbara Detwiler Linda Dibblee Mary Donahue Kenneth Dry Bernard L. Evenhouse Robert & Jimmie Falconer Anthony Albert Fasano Phyllis Field

Michael & Diane Hennessy Margaret A. Hilgendorf

Marilyn Piraino Barbara Pizzotti Lillian Pochowicz Thomas Postma Phyllis Price Ivan Quandt Kathleen Quinlan Patricia Radell

Marilyn Hirtle Inger Hughson

Janice Huskisson Mary Jane Jenkins Jeanne Johnson Salena Jones June Kanta Clay & Roberta Klein Joyce Knuepfer A Friend of Providence William & Nancy Kort Meredith Kosek Dr. Oommen Koshy Rosemary Kostiwa Sonja Kuhn Darlene LaChappelle Joseph LaMonica Virginia Larsen Ruth LeBeau Faith Lee Elaine Libovicz Dr. Al Licciardi Marilyn Lockerbie Bill Lucas Joan Lynch

Gail Rancic Linda Ries

Peter Roeters Caryl Rohlfing Henry Rohs Rush Appraisals

Maureen Fiore Marcia Fleming Jeff Flight Wilma Folkerts William Forsyth

Irene Ryan Joan Ryan Craig Satrum Joan Schroeder Paul & Cathy Schultz

Anne VanKast Dan & Deborah VanProoyen Elaine Warnke Steven Wente Jacqueline Werle Carol Wilkins Vivian Wolter Marilyn Wood Nancy Wyman Frances Yonco Carole Zimmer

David & Jane Foulser Elizabeth & Donald Giesel Patricia Gilmartin Marjorie Hall Grayson & Carol Haller Michael Harrington

Roberta Schultz Patricia Sczygiel

Joanne Sha Cathy Shea Stephanie Shea William & Lyn Shean

Thomas Shields Dorothy Shotola Mary T. Small

Leo & Jane Harty Roger & Kendra Heerema Carole Hendrick

2023 • Annual Report 21

Gifts given to Providence Life Services as tributes or Memorials January 1 • December 31, 2023 We are blessed to share with you those who were given special honor or recognition by friends & family in 2023.

In Honor & Recognition Dave Brummel Patti Jabaay Jef Koert Jeff Zylstra The Staff at Park Place of St. John - Hope House The Staff at Royal Park Place In appreciation for Excellent Care for Joe Wiczorek

Gifts Given in Loving Memory

Ben & Ange Dykstra Effie W. Dykstra Chester L. Evers, Jr. Joy L. Ferwerda Lorraine Gailus John C. Groenewold Judith Gusland Robert A. Harrell Bonnie Heirendt Leona Mae Jacobs Paula Jolas Mary Kay Kacmarek Henry Kamp John & Carol Kapteyn Dorothy A. Kats Jeanette Koops Barbara Jean Koufos Sonja Kuhn Patricia M. Kujawa John & Rika Langland

Martin Larsen Ray Leerar Sheila Rose Leskovisek Gregg A. Markiewicz Joseph H. Mazzone Edward & Sara McLean Warren Meter John T. Moorman Vicki Moorman Eugene Mroczkowski Mildred Ouwenga Dr. Kirk Henry Packo Bruce Gibbs Pritchard

Marilyn Urbaniak Bill Van Eck Gertrude “Trudi” Van Eck Willard Van Eck, Jr. Geurt Van Hal Ann “Johanna” VanderGenugten Richard Varey Peter “Pete” VenHousen William & Anne VenHousen Merry Venn Charlotte & Larry Viero Marjorie G. Visser Christine Wells Jessie Winterhoff Carol (Slager) Zandstra Clarence & Rose Zigterman

The following individuals have been memorialized by friends & relatives in loving memory of their love & the life they’ve lived. Kevin M. Andrews Betty F. Arnold Sandra Lee Azzarello Dave Bartlett Donald W. Bengston Henry & Ann Borgman Estelle A. Bosma Judith Bosma John Davis Breen Barbara C. Brouwer Andy Buikema William R. Buikema, Sr. Alphild Burnell

Robert Reinholz Andrew Schutt Alice Spoolstra Jerry Stefek Doris Jean Taaffe Henry Terpstra Davide W. Tomei

Pearl Cooper Daniel J. Davis

22 Providence Life Services • With You, For You

Providence Communities Receive Top Honors from U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report recently released their list of Best Independent Living and Best Assisted Living communities , and all Providence Life Services communities received honors. Receiving Best Independent Living awards: Park Place of Elmhurst in Illinois; Park Place of St. John in Indiana; Royal Park Place in Zeeland, Michigan; and Victorian Village in Homer Glen, Illinois. Park Place of St. John and Royal Atrium Inn in Zeeland also received Best Assisted Living, while Park Place Health & Wellness Center in St. John and Park Place Health & Wellness Center of Elmhurst received Best Nursing Home honors for their skilled nursing care. U.S. News awards the designation of Best Senior Living only to those communities that satisfy U.S. News’ statistical assessment of performance on consumer satisfaction surveys administered. In addition to the accolades from U.S. News & World Report, Park Place of Elmhurst has also been recognized by Newsweek as among America’s Best Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Providence Life Services is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization With You, for You!

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