#BestForPets Magazine Edition #3 (Spring 2022)

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Percy the Poodle’s Puzzle Time

I knew Stretch was going to go, I knew he was going to leave me. I remember thinking so many racing thoughts… what will happen to him? Will I leave him here? Is he scared? Is he in pain? I’m scared. Do I have his ashes back or will I bury him? Not long after Stretch passed, I went back in to practice as an RVN. In addition to all of the tasks that are included in my wonderful career, I had pretty much decided that his legacy would be to help clients to make informed decisions about the end of their pet’s life, after all euthanasia means ‘good death’ and by making their passing as smooth, pain and fear free as possible we offer them the last kindness we can.

Through educating clients and discussing the ‘elephant in the room’, we can make a difficult decision a little more bearable. This conversation does not need to be gloomy, it is just better that it happens. It’s not necessary to plan everything to the nth degree but it may help with the grieving process to know that you had a part in the choices that were made for your pet. It’s important to mention that no single decision is ‘one size fits all’. Every family is different and to that extent every euthanasia, as I mentioned previously, when an animal passes it is usually the love, special bond and compassion between human and animal that is so apparent. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in discussing end of life plans with your veterinary nurse. It’s a service of kindness we’re able to offer to you. I wish this service would’ve been available to me when Stretch was alive. Things would’ve been different for him. I simply just had not thought about how I would like our final goodbye to be. Sadly, in the event of a traumatic situation, such as an accident or sudden onset of illness, it may not be possible to follow through with plans exactly as we’d hoped. However, an understanding of choices that are available and tucked away in the wings can help at a difficult time.

Can you find all the rabbit words? C P Y S D E F R M O P S Y O A W H B E A K B T I O D I G R O U B E B E B R E F T B N M G T A J H E F A R C O R M S A C H A A L Q O O N A F B B A Y S T O U G T G E L U S R H E R A S E T G E U N E R K R I P C R O B R D N R O D R X G V Y N I A S Y R T H U L H O P T S F L O P S Y L O P K K A A T H U M P E R L H R O I C H A S N D A V E V B P L H J N N Y I O P F D E S CARROTS

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Can you spot the 5 differences?

Jo McKeown Jo has spent the last seven and a half years studying and completing a Pet Bereavement Counselling Diploma to help those who are coming to terms with the loss of their beloved pet.

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