#BestForPets Magazine Edition #3 (Spring 2022)

Give your puppy or kitten the best start in life

Our Puppy and Kitten Club helps you, as a new pet owner, have all the tools to hand to give your pet the best possible care in their first year. As a member, you can make great savings on treatments, pet food and vet bills, as well as many more exclusive benefits to help your pet stay happy and healthy. Join The Healthy Pet Club today and have peace of mind that your new pet’s healthcare is covered, so you don’t have to worry.

The following benefits are included:

Enrichment and sleeping arrangements It’s all about space and territory when it comes to multi-cat households, and toys, scratching posts and sleeping arrangements are no exception! Some tips for ensuring your feline housemates have enough options for entertainment and self-grooming are: • provide multiple sturdy scratching posts in low-traffic areas, where there is enough space for the cat to fully stretch out • for cats whom show aggression towards one another, you can separate them into different rooms at night time so that they can get some rest and down time away from one another • provide each cat with their own sleeping area and bed away from each other (cats whom get along well can they choose to sleep together if they wish) • provide safe high resting places (such as a perch with multiple exit routes)

Toileting As a general rule, there should be at least one litter tray/box per cat, in a low-traffic area, away from food and water, within the household, plus at least one extra. Some cats may prefer to urinate in one box and pass faeces in another, so the more litter trays you can comfortably provide, the better!

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Plus much more...

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Bronte Stephenson

Bronte is a Registered Veterinary Nurse at Evolution Animal Care, looking after pets in Thorne.

* Savings are based on the cost of purchasing these benefits separately (taking average prices charged across a sample of CVS practices) which would result in an average annual saving of up to £200 (more for larger breeds). Benefits, costs and savings vary depending on the type and size of your pet.


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