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‘Headless’ Apples on Horseback

No one likes to think about developing dementia. It’s not a pleasant or predicable condition to anticipate, but for millions of American seniors, it is a fact of life and needs to be accounted for in any serious estate plan. The health care costs of life with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders can be an enormous drain on you and your family’s personal and financial well-being. It’s best to know the facts about

A take on the classic “devils on horseback” hors d’oeuvres, this recipe

dementia and plan ahead. Dementia Costs

requires only three ingredients. These little bundles of flavor are the perfect finger food for your next get-together.

The kind of sustained, intensive care it takes to keep someone with dementia living a happy and healthy life can be astronomically expensive. Here in Maricopa County, it’s not uncommon for long-term care associated with dementia to reach upward of $7,100 a month. With such high costs, families can feel trapped between sinking into debt and getting their aging relative the care they need. Medicare Won’t Help Making matters worse, long-term care for dementia is not covered under standard Medicare plans. This means that the average retiree has little or no insurance support should dementia set in. There is an avenue to get coverage, but it requires being proactive to ensure your future. Medicaid Can Medicaid does offer long-term care coverage and can be a huge pillar of support for you and your family in a time of need. Medicaid is often seen as being solely for the destitute, but this is a harmful myth. Anyone whose asset allocations meet the requirements for Medicaid can qualify. You do not have to lose everything to ensure you have quality care well into old age. Planning for dementia and the long-term care associated with it takes careful planning and a deep understanding of state and federal laws. If you have a history of Alzheimer’s in your family or simply want to do all you can to protect your legacy, please consider giving our estate planning experts a call.


16 very thin slices of pancetta (or cured, unsmoked bacon)

3 ounces manchego cheese, 1/4 inch thick

Toothpicks for skewering

2 pink lady apples


1. Core apples and cut each into 8 wedges. Remove rind of manchego cheese and cut into 2-inch sticks. 2. Heat a grill pan or skillet to medium-high. 3. On a cutting board, lay pancetta or bacon slices flat and place an apple wedge and piece of cheese in the center of each. 4. Roll pancetta tightly and skewer with toothpick. 5. Grill until cheese is melted and pancetta or bacon is golden and crispy, about 5 minutes. 6. Drain excess grease on a paper towel and serve hot.

Inspired by Food & Wine magazine.


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