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EQUIFAX FALLOUT STRATEGIES How to Defend Your Information

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ve no doubt heard about the massive security breach suffered by credit reporting agency Equifax. Nearly half of

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• View your credit reports: If you’ve notice suspicious activity on your credit report, you could be a victim of identity theft. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports can be accessed for free via • Consider a credit freeze: While it won’t stop existing accounts from being compromised, putting a freeze on your credit will make it a lot harder for hackers to open new accounts in your name.

the American population, 143 million people to be precise, had some of their most important personal data compromised in this breach. Hackers were able to access everything from names and birth dates to Social Security numbers and addresses. While government agencies have rightfully focused on negligence on the part of Equifax, regular citizens should be most worried about how to keep their credit information from being used toward nefarious ends.

• File your taxes ASAP: As soon as you have your tax information, file. The sooner you do it, the less time a hacker has to.

Anyone with a credit report is at high risk and should take the following steps to prevent their data from being used by hackers.

• Check if you were exposed: Go to and click on the “Potential Impact” tab. From there, you can input your Social Security number to find out if you’ve been affected. Be sure to do this from a secure connection so you don’t expose yourself to further risk.

• Keep an eye on your bank accounts: If you notice cause for concern, alert your bank immediately.

The Equifax breach is extremely frustrating, but the worst thing you can do is put up your hands in despair. Instead, be alert and take steps to keep your information safe. It will provide you security and peace of mind.

• Sign up for free credit monitoring: Equifax is offering free credit monitoring to all Americans, whether or not they were affected.



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