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January 2019

SLOW DOWN TO MOVE FORWARD Happy New Year’s! If there’s one thing I learned in 2018, it’s that if you can’t do well professionally, you can’t do well personally. Remembering

didn’t always connect about it until much later. Now we find out where each team member’s focus and energy is heading, and we can adapt. If I’m working on a proceeding and the treatment is getting more complicated, my team either supports me or makes sure the client is able to set up a time to meet when I can give them my full attention. In short, this process helps us better serve our clients. In 2018, we also stated that we want to make sure we’re available for our clients in a way that is more convenient for them. Some clients have difficulty coming to see us in person because of transportation challenges or physical barriers, so we considered how we could offer them another option for in-person meetings. While phone calls are great, some nonverbal communication gets lost when you can’t see each other. If I can see a client’s face, it helps me get a better sense of our connection. I don’t have to wonder, “Is my Puerto Rican Spanish and their Guatemalan Spanish meshing?” In the fall, we started to conduct video conferences in Spanish and English. Now a client can download Skype or a similar application and meet with Andy or me without having to leave the comfort of their home. We also started offering e-signature services for certain documents for our clients’ convenience. We also use text messaging to better meet the needs of our clients. (Did you know you can text our office numbers?) While these products can make it simpler for clients who can’t travel for an office visit, it’s important to me to make sure technology doesn’t replace the quality face-to-face time we offer. During initial meetings, we still meet with clients in person so we can establish the trust that is so important in a client-attorney relationship. Any services we add or changes we make to our processes are done with our clients in mind. During the year ahead, I’m as excited as ever to provide people with the same level of service we’ve offered for the last seven. I’m ecstatic you are a part of it.

this lesson has allowed me to slow down more often. With that in mind, before I jump right into the New Year, I want to take time to celebrate some of the blessings and successes that 2018 brought us.

In October, we celebrated our seventh anniversary as a firm! I’m proud to see how many people we’ve helped over this time. We’ve grown together as a practice and as a team. We continue to serve more clients with each passing year and feel blessed to have their trust. This trust is particularly evident when clients put their families’ and friends’ cases in our hands during a trying time. In the coming year, we plan to provide the same high level of service you’ve come to expect from us. In order to do that, we hope to expand our team and systematize some of our processes in addition to adding some new options for services. In May, we hired the third member of our team, Evelyn. She’s been a great addition and fits in so well with Andy and me! Evelyn contributes to the internal chemistry of our team. She is detail oriented, has so much compassion for clients, and allows Andy and me to focus on what we do best. We’ve implemented a team huddle at the office to connect more with each other and, by extension, our clients. Three times a week, the three of us get together to go through the hot topics for the week. We bring up struggles we are having, any clients who could use some special attention, and anything else we want to discuss. Most importantly, we connect on a more personal level. In each huddle, we share a highlight of the week — for example, seeing the leaves change. These gatherings get us on the same wavelength for our priorities and give us a moment to check in before jumping on the next task. In the past, when something on my list was important to me but maybe wasn’t as high on my team members’ lists, we

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