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The AM P L IF IED NEW TESTAM ENT sparked startling new interest in Bible reading

The AM P L IF IED OLD TESTAM ENT accelerated the nationwide trend


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D r . H. J. O ckenga , Pastor, Park Street Church, Boston, Massachusetts: “ For all those unable to read Hebrew and G reek , it is beneficial to have the nuances of thought suggested as they are in The Amplified Bible. Often the enlarged translation of words and phrases is suggestive to the Bible student and preacher.” D r . H erschel H. H obbs , former president of the Southern Baptist Convention: . . This is not just another modern translation. It is a translation, but it also endeavors to include the richness of the orig­ inal language by use of parenthetical insertions of added words, to bring out the meaning of a given word. I heartily recommend it.” D r . V. R aymond E dman , Chancellor, Wheaton Col­ lege: “ . . . It provides a scholarly, conservative trans­ lation with the many facets of truth contained in the original languages.”

The AMPLIFIED NEW TESTAMENT, released in 1958, sent shock waves of renewed Bible interest coursing through Christendom. Over 1,000,000 copies already have been purchased! The AMPLIFIED OLD TESTAMENT fulfilled the promise of exciting new shades of meaning, released from elder tongues, for your illuminating pleasure in any book of Scripture. Now the AMPLIFIED BIBLE brings you new clar­ ity, new insight, new significance in one convenient, comfortable volume! Here are all the rich shades of meaning intended by Biblical authors .. . the subtle, beautiful nuances which only Greek and Hebrew scholars have been privileged to enjoy for centuries. Doctrinally sound, superbly translated, enthusiasti­ cally accepted by Church leaders. Here are typical comments:

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T h e K i n g © B u s i n e s ®



Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor • S. H. Sutherland, President ° Ray A. Myers, Board Chairman OCTOBER, in the year of our Lord Vol. 56, No. 10 Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-five Established 1910 Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home te le s CHURCHES OF THE WEST ..................................................... 10 BUT GOD — Vance Havner ................................................... 12 W HAT ANGELS W ILL DO — Gordon Chilvers ........................ 14 SHOULD CHR IST IANS DANCE? .............................................. 16 QUESTIONABLE T A X DEDUCTIONS — Harry Reasoner ............ 17 WHO IS M ICHAEL — Betty Bruechert ..................................... 18 AFTER DEATH— W HAT ? — M. R. DeHaan ................. .......... 21 f a t a MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR — S. H. Sutherland ................. 4 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ................. 20 TALK ING IT OVER — Clyde M. Narramore ............................ 26 PERSONAL EVANGELISM — Benjamin Weiss .......................... 27 SCIENCE A N D THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser ..................... 28 BOOK REVIEWS — Arnold D. Ehlert ....................................... 31 CULTS CRITIQUE — Betty Bruechert ..................................... 33 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Althea S. Miller ................. 36 JUNIOR K ING 'S BUSINESS — Martha Hooker ........................ 38 Columna PEOPLE IN THE NEWS ........................................................... 6 READER REACTION .............................................................. 8 PRESENTING THE MESSAGE .................................................. 29 (W This scene shows Mt. Kineo on a small island in Moosehead Lake, Maine. Courtesy Luoma Photos — All Rights Reserved —

THY YOUTH — Ecclesiastes 12.1

There is no book of guidance, no textbook for the young, that can equal the Great Textbook of the Ages — the Book that gives us rules for living that will never be superseded, that will never pass away. There aré no Bibles made with more care and skill than the Bibles made in Cambridge, where theprinting of Bibles has been a responsibility of fine craftsmen since the sixteenth century.

S. H. SUTHERLAND: Editor A L SANDERS: Managing Editor BETTY BRUECHERT: Copy Editor


JANE M. CLARK: Circulation Manager

VIRG IN IA LUBER: Production Manager EDITORIAL BOARD: William Bynum, Bolton Davidheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. Feinberg, James O. Henry, Martha S. Hooker


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\,Wo n S's € X 'i. VI -VX,

a message from the editor Ä

and Pakistan Christian Fellowship W ITNESSING in Colleges and Universities and conducting Bible Classes among the students. Member I.F.M.A. Write for free literature 107-K North Hale St., Wheaton, III. 60187



LEADERSHIP TRAINING made practical for the local church F R E E P A C K E T t e ll s h o w t o g e t s t a r t e d . S e n d f o r it t o d a y !

“THE TRAGEDY OF TAMPER ING WITH TRUTH” FTEN i t h a s been pointed out that when the great founda- tion doctrine o f the inspiration o f the Bible is repudiated, the inevitable result is a growing disregard for the other great doc­ trines o f our historic faith. This, in turn, will begin to produce warped and distorted views o f one’s whole manner o f life and weaken his convictions. Such doctrinal defection, with its re­ sultant lowering o f moral standards, has been revealed with an alarming rapidity in one o f the prominent theological seminaries o f the Pacific Coast area. (See King’s Business editorial August, 1965). The President o f the San Francisco Presbyterian Theologi­ cal Seminary was inducted into office in spite o f the fact that he disclaimed belief in the virgin birth o f Jesus Christ. O f course, unbelief in this area carries with it unbelief in the plenary, verbal inspiration o f the Scriptures because in a number o f places the virgin birth o f Christ is clearly stated either in prophecy or as an historical fact. Once an individual’s opinion is pitted against the full inspiration o f the Scriptures, he then begins to place his reason above God’s revelation, his own logic above the Logos, his ideas above the inspiration o f holy men o f old who spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. The inauguration o f the present president o f San Francisco Theological Seminary occurred just a few years ago. Already unspeakably vile practices are coun­ tenanced, if not encouraged, on the part o f administration, fa c ­ ulty and students connected with the seminary. The sin o f sodomy is condemned in the scriptures, especially the latter part o f the first chapter o f Romans, in the strongest possible language. Yet it is this very sin o f sodomy which is encouraged in the warmest possible terms by the seminary president himself. This word o f encouragement is in the lead article written by the president, which appears in the student-published magazine entitled, The Challenge. It reads: "While out scouting forbidden areas, why shouldn’t the Church reconnoiter what we still call perversions [homosexuality] and demand more careful definitive legal work there? The issue is involved in some censorship battles, and seems lately to complicate most police charges o f sexual criminality.

1965 — 35 year8of Leadership Training. Founded 1930 (5 charter schools ) ... now 150 member institutions. Nearly 1 mHIion teacherstrained.

EV A N G E LIC A L TEACHER T R A IN IN G A SS O C IA T IO N Box 327, Wheaton, Illinois

Dept. K B -10

MINISTRY of MERCY With the gifts of Christian friends, God has enabled us to minister to the desperate needs of our Hebrew Chris­ tian brethren around the world. Bibles, food, medi­ cines and relief sustain those witnessing for Christ in Is­ rael and elsewhere. Will you share in this ministry? Write: P.O. Box 506-K, Clearwater, Florida R ev D avid B ronstein , Secy. International Hebrew Christian Alliance

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DO YOU HAVE * 300 , * 500 , * 1000 ,

But what is perverse? . . . Serious churchmen are way ahead o f the law on this, and maybe even outside the law. High time they took the lead in squaring the law with their own necessary action. . . .” In the concluding article o f the magazine, the state­ ment is made, " I t is presumed that the various Christian faiths are based on teachings o f a man called Jesus and referred to as the Christ. However, we find nowhere in His teachings a pro­ nouncement that homosexual acts are unnatural or wrong. . . . Would it not be better for society to encourage this [homosexual] relationship, if it is meaningful, rather than to condemn it? It would appear that our society would be less neurotic and more Christian, if this were the case.” One is at a complete loss to understand the thinking o f a so-called Christian educator who would dare to put his pusillani­ mous ponderings up against the "Thus saith the Lord” found clearly in the scriptures. We read in Romans 1:27-28, "Men . . . burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly. . . . And even as they did not like to retain God [or God’s truth] in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are loath­ some” (Amp . V e r .). T o think, that young men are being gradu­ ated from this theological seminary to go out into churches as pastors, Christian education directors and leaders to work with young people by the hundreds with this kind o f a philosophy o f life! I f Christian parents allow their young people to come under the influence o f seminary graduates where this unspeakably vile and vicious virus has been allowed to flourish, they have no one but themselves to blame if their young people become ensnared in this revolting practice. A t the close o f his indictment o f the pagan world for this particular sin, the H oly Spirit through the Apostle Paul stated: "Know ing the judgment o f God, that they which commit such things are worthy o f death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” (Rom . 1:32). This is God’s estimate o f homosexuality and our civilization is running headlong into the judgment o f God for this sin. When the president o f the seminary was inaugurated, a feeble but futile protest went up from a pitifully small number o f Presbyterian clergymen who tried to stop his advancement into that office. The protest failed, o f course, and soon it died out completely. I f history repeats itself, we may expect there will be another feeble protest against this nefarious business being condoned by the seminary. But, apparently, it too will ultimately die down completely as have all other protests against the down­ ward doctrinal and now moral trend o f the church. It is to be expected there will be those who say, "Oh , we do not believe this at all, and certainly the rank and file o f Pres­ byterian clergymen and laity alike will have no part o f this sort o f thing.” The simple facts are that every member o f the de­ nomination, whether clergy or laity, is having a part either direct­ ly or indirectly in this whole sordid business. Even as modernism, (continued on page 33)

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SUCCESS WITH YOUTH T H E W H A T- T O •DO, H f t H O W -T O -D O - IT NEW SPAPER FORYouth-Workers C W S B Box 413 K Redondo Beach,Calif.

countries. Facilities for the train­ ing institutes are in full capacity use, and in order to handle the in­ creasing enrollments, CEFI plans to construct two additional housing units. Dorothy Grunbock Johnston recently authored another book entitled, “ Hey, Mom!” Published by Scrip­ ture Press Publications, this paper­ back book was written with over-the- fence, warm-hearted candor. The charm and intrigue of this delight­ ful book hinges on Mrs. Johnston’s recognition of the fact that being a keeper of the home, loving her hus­ band, cherishing and rearing her children in the fear and admonition of the Lord is a challenge to a wom­ an’s faith. Helpful tips on rearing children will be of interest to the newest mother, while mothers of any age will gain inspiration from the book. Dr. Delbert Kuehl, candidate secre­ tary for The Evangelical Alliance Mission, has reported that forty-two volunteers for foreign service have made formal application to TEAM during the first six months of 1965. This is almost a 100% increase over the number of formal applications received during the same period of 1964. During the summer, 52 TEAM candidates completed an accelerated course in missionary orientation at Trinity College, Chicago. “ The need for missionary service is becoming more and more acute,” says Dr. Kuehl. “ The Lord has placed before us a great spiritual harvest to be gathered on many fields and we trust He may be pleased to give us 75 new volunteers in 1965.” Dr. J. William Cook, director of the Missions Department of W estern Baptist Seminary, Portland, Oregon, recently announced that the Semi­ nary is now offering an S.T.B. de­ gree in Missions. Especially de­ signed for women students who are training for missionary work, the curriculum for the new three-year course w ill p rov id e professional training similar to that of a B.D. degree, except for its special mis­ sionary emphasis. A r ran g em en ts have been made with Wycliffe Trans­ lators for candidates of the S.T.B. degree to take a minimum of one summer’s work with the Summer Institute of Linguistics at one of several universities. Further infor­ mation may be obtained by writing to Dr. Earl D. Radmacher, Dean of the Faculty. THE KING 'S BUSINESS

Miss Vonda Kay Van Dyke, M i s s America, was presented the 1965 Diamond Award of Youth for Christ International at the National Con­ vention, Winona Lake, Indiana. Miss Van Dyke was selected for the award because she has presented her per­ sonal faith in God with enthusiasm and excitement. Through her example teenagers have been encouraged to


with the Gospel for 31 years. Over 200 million Russians and other Slavs can be reached by radio. We need financial help to continue our broadcasts. Write for FREE Gospel news magazine. Send donations to* | SLAVIC OOSPSL ASSO CIATIO N Pattr DayiMka, General Director | Dept. K, 2434N. Kedzie Blvd., Chicago, III. 60647



Forgotten. Neglected. Misunder­ s t o o d . Handicapped physically. Need they be handicapped spirit­ ually too? We earnestly appeal

for your prayer support. A Bible-centered evan­ gelism and education using specially needed approaches. Write: Christian Mission for Deaf Africans P.0. Box 1452 Detroit, Michigan, 48231

higher goals and deeper personal faith. Pictured above from left to right are Mr. Jarrell McCracken, presi­ dent of Word Records; Miss Van Dyke; and Rev. Sam Wolgemuth, presi­ dent of YFC International. Dr. Clyde Kilby, chairman of the de­ partment of English, Wheaton Col­ lege, Wheaton, Illinois, has an­ nounced the theme for the tenth an­ nual Writers’ Conference to be held this month: “ A Diagnosis and Prog­ nosis for Christian Writing, A.D. 1965.” Participants include J. Wesley Ingles, head of English department at Eastern Baptist College; Russell Hitt, editor of E T E R N IT Y ; and Homer Dowdy, author of THE BAM­ BOO CROSS. Miss Nancy Garnett, a 1965 graduate of Grant High School, Portland, Ore­ gon, has been awarded a $500 scholarship by the GLINT Founda­ tion of Glendale, California. Miss Garnett, who plans a career in Chris­ tian journalism, enters Wheaton Col­ lege this fall. The scholarship is a part of the program of TYPE (Training Youth for Printed Evan­ gelism). GLINT (Gospel Literature in Native Tongues), sponsor of the scholarship, is a missionary assist­ ance foundation which helps mis­ sionaries and n a tion a l Christian leaders publish Bible-teaching Sun­ day school materials in the languages of the world. Rev. Jacob DeBruin, international di­ rector of Child Evangelism Fellow­ ship, recently reported that the sum­ mer session of the CEF Internation­ al Institute was the largest class to date, with 55 students enrolled, com­ ing from 20 states and four foreign

urgent Unlimited opportunities in India and West Pakistan for women doctors, nurses, technicians and evangelists to reach the neglected women of the Orient. Unless Woman Doctors are added to Staff of some hospitals our ministry must be greatly curtailed. Young Christian women are also urgentlyneeded for orphan­ age, rescue home and Bible training school in India, and high school and Bible training school in Japan.

THE WUMS, founded in ISSO, is undenominational and evangeli­ cal. Write for information and literature. Woman’s Onion Missionary Society 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010

TO . . . 1. Spring Holy Lind 2. Summer Holy Land 3. Europe Experienced tour planning, details handled by tour leader, lectures en route, outstanding sights, places of special interest to Christians, fine fellowship, new friends, annual tour reunion, happy memories for a lifetime. Address: Dr. Joseph P. Free WH E A TON T OUR S BOX 468 • Dopt. K105 • WHEATON« ILLINOIS 4 4. South Amorlca 5. Scenic America 6. Fall Holy Land > Write today for FREE BULLETIN Specify which tour


Justice Glenn Terrell, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida: “ The inscription over the entrance to the Graduate School Bldg, of the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, is: ‘The Half of Knowledge Is to Know Where to Find Knowledge.' The New Chain Reference Bible is the 'Where' to find the fullest spiritual truths and to gain the most complete knowledge of the Bible in the easiest way. For the past two years I have used the New Chain Reference Bible and I have found it the best of them all." Dr. V. R. Edman: "The New Chain Reference Bible is a most valuable help to me in searching the Scriptures as well as in devotional reading. Study therein is most rewarding." Dr. Harold J. Ockenga: “The New Chain Reference Bible is splendid. For the new Christian or for one who has studied the Bible for forty years, the helps are time-saving and of great assistance. It is truly a Bible that should be in every home." Dr. Duke K. McCall: "The New Chain Reference Bible not only provides a wealth of useful helps for Bible study but also provides them in a form which makes them accessible to the user. For the most usable and time-saving helps, I suggest that one carefully examines this Bible before buying any other." Dr. Paul S. Rees: "For sheer helpful­ ness, the New Chain Reference Bible is a jewel. It is a pleasure to commend it to all lovers of the Scriptures." Dr. Edward L. R. Elson: "For twenty- five years, I have used the New Chain Reference Bible as my study and devotional Bible. As an aid to Biblical study and homiletlcal effort, it has always been at my right hand. For the preacher, teacher and student of the Bible, it is unsurpassed." Dr. J. C. McPheetcrs: "I regard the New Chain Reference Bible as the best Bible published with special helps to guide the student in Bible study." Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.: "You will do any man a great favor by putting this Bible in his hands. I wish I could influence every Christian to purchase one of these Bibles." apidly Replacing Other Bibles— Has So Many More New Helps! 1. Unique chart showing Origin and Growth of the English Bible. 33. Life studies, such asBusiness Life, HomeLife, etc. 34. Bible Stories for Children. A list of 56 stories to be read from the Bible Itself.

The Revised Version is given in the wide margin opposite the verses, wherever an important difference in meaning occurs. Be Fair to Yourself! See this special Bible w ith its un­ equaled practical helps before you buy an y Bible— or you m ay regret it a s others have. A sk you r pastor about it. N o other Bible is so high­ ly praised by so m any renowned Bible Students.

2. The Outline Studies of Bible Periods, comparing Biblical History with Contemporary Secular History. 3. The Analysis of the Bible as a Whole. 4. Hie Analysis of each of the 66 Books of the Bible. 6. The Analysis of every Chapter of the New Testa­ ment. 6. The Analysis of the Verses of the entire Bible. 7. Hie Numerical Chain Reference System. 8. Special Analysis of the Important Bible Characters. 9. Contrast between the Old and New Testaments. 10. The Topical Treasury. New Topics for Prayer Meetings, Men's, Women’s, Young People’s Meetings, etc. 11. Special Bible Readings for private devotions and public services. New and different subjects. 12. Bible Harmonies of the Lives of Moses and Paid. 15. Chart showing cause of the Babylonian Captivity. 16. Chart of the Temple of Truth, illustrating the Sermon on the Mount. 17. Chart of Jesus’ Hours on the Cross. 18. The Christian Workers’ Outfit. Of Special value to soul winners. 19. All Prominent Bible Characters Classified, listing the Patriarchs, Leaders in Early Hebrew History, etc. 20. Golden Chapters of the Bible. 21. A Complete General Index of over seven thousand topics, names, and places. 22. Special Memory Verses selected from each Book of the Bible. 23. Chart showing Seven Editions of Divine Law. 24. Graph of the Prodigal Son. 25. Bible Mnemonics, or how to memorize. 26. Hie Principles and Best Methods of Bible study. 27. Pictorial Hlustration of the River of Inspiration. 28. Bible Markings, Explaining best methods of mark­ ing one’s Bible. 29. Concordance. 30. Atlas of 12 colored maps with index. Other Features in Text Cyclopedia 31. Topical Study of the Bible. Correlated Scriptures printed out in full under 2467 topics and sub-topics. Three times as many as in any other Bible. 32. Contrast Study of Great Truths of the Bible. En­ ables you to study the Constructive and Destructive Forces of Life with the Bible verses printed out in full. 13. Special Portraits of Jesus. 14. Chart of the Messianic Stars.

35. Miracles of both the Old and New Testaments. 36. Parables of the Old Testament. Parables of the New Testament, each GospeL 37. Htles and names of Christ; of the Holy Spirit; of

God the Father; and of Satan. 38. General Bible Prophecies. 39. A list of the Prophets of the Bible.

40. List of the Judges of Israel and Judah. 41. List of the Notable Women of the Bible. 42. Mountains and Hills referred to in Bible. 43. Dictionary Material. 44. Tables of Hme, Money, Weights and Measures. More Unusual Features in the Helps 45. The Historical Bridge, covering interval between the Old and New Testaments. 46. Chart showing the History of the Apostles. 47. Harmony of the Gospels, citing references in dif­ ferent Gospels where events are given. 48. Calendar of the Christian Era. 49. The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus, illus­ trated with well-known paintings. 50. Chart of the Seven Churches of Asia, described by John. 51. An Outline History of the Evangelistic and Mis­ sionary Work of the Early Church. 52. Hie Prophecies Concerning Jesus and their Fulfill­ ment, arranged Chronologically, with principal verses printed out in full. 53. Map Showing Approximate Distances from Jerusa­ lem to Various Historical Points. 54. Chart Showing the Interior Arrangement of the Temple at Jerusalem. 55. Nineteen Special Hlustrated Maps Showing the Journeys of Abraham, Children of Israel, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, Jesus, Paul and Peter. These are separate maps, mind you— not several crowded together on one page. 56. Places of Religious Worship, Hebrew Times, Fes­ tivals and Religious Officials. New in the Fourth Improved Edition

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57. Archaeological Supplement. Over 100 Illustrated accounts of discoveries in Bible lands linked by number with the Bible text. B.B. 0(irkòràïe BIBLE CO..INC. DEPT. K-3810, K. OF P. BLDG.

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BAL WEEK As I was looking through the June, 1965 issue o f THE K ING ’S BUSI­ NESS my attention was attracted by the article entitled “ Bal Week” writ­ ten by Howard Whitaker. The lead picture shows a Campus Crusade work­ er supposedly dealing with another stu­ dent concerning the things o f Christ. The person who is being dealt with happens to be Robin Wainwright, a graduate o f Westmont College, a sec­ ond-year student at Fuller Theological Seminary, and a person who came to Bal Week on the staff o f Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship as the result of the challenge presented by the Urbana Missionary Convention. The reason fo r this confusion per­ haps stems from the different meth­ odologies used by Inter-Varsity and Campus Crusade in the work o f win­ ning students to Jesus Christ. How wonderful that the Spirit o f God is not limited to any one group or meth­ odology. The program which Inter- Varsity students f o l l o w e d during Easter week was to infiltrate the beaches (with swimming suits and sun­ tan oil) and to get other students in­ volved in small beach d i s c u s s i o n groups. Then at a prescribed time they invited their friends with whom they had become acquainted during the course o f the morning to a formal dis­ cussion which met at a beach umbrella. As one o f the discussion leaders I found this type of operation to be quite chal­ lenging. The purpose o f the Inter-Varsity program was twofold — to bring stu­ dents to a commitment to Jesus Christ and to set up natural conversational patterns by which students would learn how to carry on dialogue back at their own campuses. A fter all, a student can­ not use a survey or a questionnaire in his daily conversation with his fellow students. Once a survey has been used in a particular group it is difficult to use it again. In discussing the above though, one should not fail to understand that the job is so large that the effort can in­ clude a number o f organizations as well as methodologies. George Giacumakis, Jr., Assistant Professor of History, California State College, Fullerton, Calif. LIFT OUT SECTION I certainly enjoy THE K I N G ’S BUSINESS MAGAZINE , and pass each issue along to friends. Several times there have been articles I wanted to cut out and send to particular per­ sons, but didn’t want to destroy articles on the other side. It is a great help

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when special articles are put in the lift-out section so that these can be taken out without destroying other articles in the magazine. Lennis Ward, South San Gabriel, California EDITORIAL COMMENT Your editorial in the August edition regarding the apostasy o f the United Presbyterian Church was both cour­ ageous and challenging. However, when you said, “ A re there not any ministers in the Presbyterian Church ready to speak out against this infam y?” I was disappointed that you did not mention the many great Presbyterians who have and are coming out o f that mod­ ernist body. Recently we have Dr. Charles Poling, and in the past we had Dr. J. Gresham Machen who took his stand in the thirties along with others. Also, there are many Bible Presbyterian Churches throughout our land who still adhere to the historic Christian doctrines and the Westminis­ ter Confession o f Faith. They are the ones who are carrying the banner fo r the truth, and it is indeed tragic when “ God-fearing, God-honoring, and Bible- believing Christian laymen” continue to support with the Lord’s money those churches that have long since departed from preaching the Gospel. May the Lord give them the grace to take their stand with us. Miss Ann Gilbert, Santa Barbara. California Member of the Bible Presbyterian Church COVER PICTURE QUESTIONED The May 1965 cover picture was of a little girl dressed in a skirt with just shoulder straps (or a little m ore). An­ other magazine used a cover picture of a little girl with a dress which had rounded neckline and sleeves that was modest and sweet. You have many fine articles in your magazine. People look fo r guidance to your paper. I f your pictures are o f half-naked children, mothers will allow their children to go half-naked. Evelyn Adams, Santa Ana, California E ditor ’ s N o te : We have wondered whether any other readers have felt the same way relative to this cover of our publication. APPRECIATION May the Lord richly bless the out­ reach of the Gospel through THE K ING ’S BUSINESS MAGAZINE . Re­ cently I had the opportunity to visit with a number o f our missionaries in Central America and several of them commented what a blessing the maga­ zine has been to them. Having read your editorial in the July issue o f THE KING ’S BUSI­ NESS, I am sure that others would like to read it who are not receiving your magazine. Do you have this edi­ torial in tract form ? I have a tract distributing ministry and I would like to include this with others. Or would you permit me to make copies to send to friends? Mrs. Harry B. Corkins, Sacramento, California Richard Falconer, Administrative Secretary Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society RIGHTS RUN RAMPANT

me take engineering at LeTourneau?

Why not? Becky Cox is! And she’s thrilled about it. When she graduates she’ll be one of nearly 8,000 women engineers in the United States. “Ever since I was little, I wanted to be an engi­ neer. I came to LeTour- neau because it has one of the best engineering courses.” — Becky Cox

Becky is one of a growing number of girls discovering how LeTourneau’s coeducational training combines theory and practice in engineering, liberal arts and missionary preparation. LeToumeau College keeps a vital Christian emphasis in a strong academic program. Tomorrow’s world requires top training today. If you’re ready for such a college, consider LeTourneau.

• FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) approved flight training for qualified students • Active inter-col­ legiate sports program • Moderate costs—unique “Alter-day” work-study plan by which upper class- men "earn while they learn" — gain valuable on-the-job experience • Academic and athletic scholarships available. Wide choice of courses ARTS A N D SC IE N C ES Bible, Business Admini­ stration, Chemistry, Education (Elementary and Secondary), E n glish , H istory, M athem atics, Physics. M ECHAN ICAL ENG INEERING with optional engi­ neering majors in: Aeronautical, Design, Indus­ trial, Welding. TECHNOLOGY Electrical, Mechanical, Missionary. TECHN ICIAN Aviation. WRITE TODAY

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Provocative T H E C R U C I A L I T Y O F TH E CROSS, by P. T. Forsyth, one of the greatest preachers of our time, demonstrates the relevance of the Cross to the leading features of modern thought and to Christian experience generally. Paperback: $1.45. Prayerful THE SOUL OF PRAYER, also by P. T. Forsyth, is a series of seven meditations on facets of prayer. This eminently practical discus­ sion of the Christian's most im­ portant possession is an excellent guide for personal devotions. Paperback: $1.45. Stimulating T H E B U R D E N OF S O R E N KIERKEGAARD, by Edward John Carnell, noted Christian author and one of the outstanding apolo­ gists for the evangelical faith of our day. A concise yet compre­ hensive treatment of Kierkegaard's life and thought, with emphasis on his contribution to Christian Theology : $3.50. Profound THE GOSPEL OF OUR SUFFER­ INGS, by Soren Kierkegaard, whom Reinhold Niebuhr called “The profoundest interpreter of the psychology of the religious life since St. Augustine." In this volume, Kierkegaard reveals how the gospel pertains to, and is appropriate to, our sufferings. Paperback: $1.45.


completed in 1958. A landmark in the Long Beach area is the north chapel s cu lp tu red stained glass window which g iv e s a three-dimensional quality to a wall of light. It depicts the birth, life, and second coming of Christ in a “ symphony of color.”

O NE OF THE OLDEST CHURCHES in Long Beach, California, organ­ ized May 20, 1894, is the First Bap­ tist Church pastored by Dr. Frank M. Kepner. The church completed its new facilities in 1950 and now has a membership of over 4,000. The main auditorium seats more than 1,600 with a dining room accommodating 550. Dr. Kepner came to the church in 1956, succeeding Dr. Winfield Edson who had been the pastor for 17 years preceding his death. Kev. Mr. Kepner was born in a rural Missouri community in 1909, spending most of his boyhood in Wichita, Kansas. He attended nearby, Ottawa University where he was active in journalism and basketball. Seminary training followed at Southwestern in Fort Worth, Texas. In this city he later became director of Christian educa­ tion f o r the Broadway Baptist Church, serving with Dr. W. R. White, pastor. Dr. Kepner pastored the First Baptist Church of Pomona until 1946 when he became Executive Secretary for the Southern Califor­ nia Baptist Convention. For more than eight years he was the regular devotional speaker on the interna­ tional broadcasts of “ The Layman’s Hour.” Other interesting features of the Long Beach First Baptist Church in­ clude a chapel sea tin g 300, a youth center, complete with gymna­ sium and 300 bleacher seats. The ex­ tra program of development was


Outside view of church tower The First Baptist Church of Long Beach has founded 10 new churches and continues to further the Gospel in missionary enterprises. Through its home department, more than 70 shut-ins have the opportunity of par­ ticipating in church activities by the help of volunteer visitors.

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earth, but God returned on the banks of Jordan to thunder through the voice of John the Baptist. Then there was the day of all days when man wallowed in sin without a Saviour, groped in darkness without light, struggled in bondage without redemption, but God sent forth His Son to live and die and live again, the Just for the unjust, the Sinless for sinners, God for man! b ju i 'S o d . . . Since that glad day, no matter how the clouds have hung, no matter how dark the night, or dreary the age, just when everything has seemed hopeless, history has always turned a corner with those blessed words, “ But God. . . .” There came a day when the early church seemed to face an impenetrable Gentile world, but God struck down a rebel on the Damascus road to make Saul of Tarsus the spearhead of world evangelization. There came a time when the Bible was chained, and supersti­ tion took the place of the gospel, but God called Wy- cliffe and Tyndale to loosen His Word in the language of the common people. There was a day when ecclesiasti- cism threatened to choke the church and when ignorance bound millions in the clutches of the law, but God touched a miserable monk, worn out with trying to earn his own salvation, and Martin Luther rose in the strength of the Lord to declare, “ The just shall live by faith!” Again, there came a time when the notes of free grace were lost in an age of worldliness and the church had lost the'spirit of power in the lap of Delilah, but God woke up another groping preacher, and John Wesley warmed his heart at Luther’s fire and went out on horseback to carry the gospel to a needy world. There never has been an age so hopeless but that just when it looked as though the devil had had the last word and hell had turned the tables on heaven, the historian has always been able to turn a new page and write at the top, “ But God.. . . ” And although we live in the midst of world apostasy, the world’s Saturday night will turn into God’s good-morning, for in that blackest hour just before daylight everything may seem to be lost, but God is coming in the Person of His Son to receive from the world His own. What is true in general has been true in particular in the experience of individual believers. In the darkest THE KING 'S BUSINESS

I N t h e s e c o n d c h a p t e r of Ephesians the inspired writer sets before us a marvelous contrast. In the first three verses he describes our wretched state apart from the grace of God. He piles one phrase upon an­ other to picture our lost and undone condition. We were “ dead in trespasses and sins” ; we walked “ according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience” ; we “ had our conversation [manner of life] in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind” ; we “were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.” Can you imagine a more formidable array of words, a more terrible stacking o f expressions to declare the state of mortal man apart from redeeming grace? Now if the writer had stopped there, if no more could be said, if we were left shut up in those dismal phrases, then life would be but another name for death and earth but the anteroom to hell. But verse four opens with two words that spell the difference between life and death, between sin and sal­ vation, between heaven and hell: “ But God . . . !” Sin was black but God came in, and God is light; Satan was powerful but God came in, and God is almighty! Man was lost, but God came in, and God found him! Man was under wrath, but God came in, and God is love. bud S od . . . The course of history revolves around the precious words. There was a day when the earth was without form and void, but God said, “ Let there be light,” and there was light. There was a day when “ the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and . . . every imagina­ tion of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continu­ ally,” but God chose Noah and gave the race a new start. There was a day when again men forgot God and walked by sight, but God called Abraham to set out not knowing whither he went, looking for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God. There was a day when the chosen people languished under Egyptian bondage, but God called Moses to endure as seeing Him who is invisible. There was a day when the backsliding people hung their harps on willows in foreign exile, but God raised up Ezekiel and Daniel. There was a day when it seemed that heaven had ceased speaking to


great things for God and expect great things from God. Moses argued with the Almighty in such terms as these: “Yes, but I am not eloquent; yes, but they will not listen to me.” God answered, “ Say . . . I AM hath sent me unto you.” In other words, it is as if the Lord said, “ It is not a matter of who you are but who I AM.” So in your unworthiness, let us, like Amos of old, say, “ I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet’s son; but I was a herdsman, and a gatherer of sycamore fruit: And the Lord took me.” Nothing in myself . . . but God! bid Sod . . . To the sinner, let this picture reveal your lost con­ dition. Read these terrific verses in Ephesians 2:1-3 again. You may seem to be very much alive, but God says you are “ dead in trespasses and sins.” You may be moral and idealistic, but God says you walk “ accord­ ing to the course of this world.” You may recognize the fact of God and His Christ, but God says you walk “according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” You may seem decent and respectable and claim to be a character of integrity, but if you are without Christ, God says your manner of life is in the lusts of the flesh and of the mind. You may talk of the fatherhood of God and deny the fact of hell and judgment, but God says you are a child of wrath even as others. But, thank God, the Scripture does not end there. Wretched may be your state and hopeless your condi­ tion, but God has done something about it. Black indeed was the night of sin, but God sent His Son to be the Light of the world. Grievous indeed was our bondage to sin, but God sent His Son to be our substitute. Sin has abounded, but God has seen to it that grace did much more abound. And if in simple faith we turn from sin to this Saviour and receive Him, then the rest of this precious passage becomes our own: “ But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:4-7). bid Sod . . . No human merit could earn this blessing; no works of the flesh could purchase this treasure, “ For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God” (v. 8). How blessed to be able to say, “ Once I was blind, but God touched me. Once I was lost, but God found me. Once I was under wrath, but God loved me. Once I was under guilt, but God forgave me. Once I was dead, but God gave me life. Once I walked according to the course of this world, but God turned me and now I walk as He walked. Once I walked according to the prince of the power of the air, but God stopped me, and now I follow the Prince of peace. Once I had my manner of life in the lusts of the flesh and mind, but God gave me a new life, and Christ liveth in me. Once I was by nature the child of wrath, but God has begotten me into the family of love.” And all of this is the free gift of grace if one will by faith in God’s Son come to that second birthday, the beginning of a new life that opens with those two precious words: But God. . . .

hour, those who trust in the Lord have been able to turn from distress to Deity and say, “ But God. . . The Psalmist laments of enemies who speak evil of him, who wonder when he will die and his name perish, who say an evil disease cleaves to him. But from such a sad plight he turns to cry, “ But thou, 0 God . . .” (Psa. 41:10). Again he groans in affliction: his days are con­ sumed, his bones burned, he is like a pelican of the wil­ derness, an owl of the desert, a sparrow alone upon the housetop. Thus he moans over his sad state, but he turns presently to cry, “ But thou, 0 Lord, shalt endure for­ ever” (Psa. 102:1-12). Jeremiah pines in eighteen verses of pure misery (Lam. 5:1-19) but he turns to rejoice, crying, “ Thou, 0 Lord, remainest for ever.” Micah paints a picture of times so dismal that he reminds us of Elijah under the juniper: The good man is perished; the rulers are in sinful collusion, not even friends, not even wives, may be trusted. Then he turns upward with, “ There­ fore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.” All else fails . . . but God! bid Sod . . . As you look back over your life, I am sure that you have occasion to thank God for the unnumbered times when everything else had failed, but God came to the rescue. Health had broken — but God! Your friends had deceived you — but God! Business had failed — but God! Loved ones had passed away — but God! And right there is the shame of our lives today, that when God has proved Himself again and again a very present help in time of trouble, we should leave Him out of our calculations and measure our undertakings without reckoning on that unseen factor — But God. Too often He is a last resort, and prayer is a final expedient, as with the elderly woman who in her illness was told, “ You must trust God,” and who replied, “Has it come to that?” We “ reason” among ourselves “ because we have no bread,” and forget Him who spreads a table in the wilderness. We measure the situations by the size of the enemy and forget to say, as did King Asa, “ Lord, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power.” We decide just about how much we can or cannot do and be, and we limit it all with the old alibis, “ Yes, but my family . . . ” ; “ Yes, but my nerves . . .” ; “ Yes, but my circum­ stances. . . .” Why not put it the other way, “ Yes, but God! If God be for us, who can be against us?” What if everybody has failed us so that we must say with Paul, “No man stood with me, but all men forsook me” ? Let us move on with him and say, “Notwithstanding, the Lord stood with me” ! What if men do conspire against us? Let us say to them as did Joseph to his brethren: “ Ye thought evil against me; but God meant it for good” ! So may our experiences begin like the Negro spiritual, “ Nobody knows de trouble I see,” but end as it ends with, “ Glory, glory, hallelujah.” bid Sod . . . Adoniram Judson caught a vision of evangelizing Burma. “ Impossible,” you say. Certainly, if you leave out God. Moody, starting to England on his first evan­ gelistic mission, said, “ I go to win ten thousand souls to Jesus Christ.” “ Impossible,” do you say? Yes, . . . but God! Why do we today not follow in the train of these giants of old? We are afraid — afraid to attempt



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