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Elevate your ability to lead and grow your firm at this impactful two-day program designed to inspire and inform existing and emerging firm leaders in key areas such as: leadership, financial management, recruiting, marketing/business development, and project management.

PHIL KEIL, from page 1 yourself in the shoes of each of these groups can help change your perspective. For example, GirlTrek, which encourages African American women to live healthy and fulfilling lives through walking, was founded on shared values around history, health, control, and independence rather than a call to action for weight loss. This undergirds another important point. Everything flows down from your purpose and should filter into your mission, your values, and your behaviors. Additional tips to consider on spreading your idea and implementing your strategy: ❚ ❚ Focus on outcomes, not a program or approach. This enables co-creation of ideas to spread and solutions that stick. You must be willing to be bold with your ideas and this comes at some risk of failure. Rigidity will only hinder the stickiness of the idea. ❚ ❚ Rely on existing networks. Small groups and existing infrastructure can aid you in spreading your message. This can be professional organizations down to committees within your firm made up of new professionals. ❚ ❚ Recruit and train others. Find those who can ally with you and train them to spread the message. ❚ ❚ Use technology to reach a larger audience. There are a ton of resources at our fingertips and free platforms that will allow you to connect your idea to the people who can help make it reality. ❚ ❚ Your purpose should be big. Big, bold, and sometimes controversial ideas tend to spread like wildfire. Keep this in mind when developing and communicating with your audience. ❚ ❚ Embrace change. The funny thing about ideas is that they shift and evolve. Once it gets into the mind of someone new, they make it theirs. It is an important part of the process and you should embrace it. Understanding this is essential in your ability to grow your firm and successfully execute your strategy. Do not confuse strategy design for execution, though. Many firms do this and end up with an action item list several pages long without any organizational positioning or strategic design. Strategy design operates at the organizational level while execution operates on the individual level. Understanding the law of diffusion of innovation will help you translate strategy into execution and make for a more successful implementation of your ideas. PHIL KEIL is director of strategy services at Zweig Group. Contact him at


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