Gems Publishing - June 2020


By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

MAKE NEW PATIENT WELCOME CALLS. Doctor, personally CALL every new patient prior to their first visit in your practice to WELCOME them and let them know you're delighted to have them with you. Ask if there is anything special you may do prior to or during their visit to make them most comfortable. If you reach voicemail, then that’s terrific. Leave the same message, plus … “And if there is anything we may do to make your visit more comfortable, then please don’t hesitate to let me know. My personal cell number is 555-555-5555.” (How many DSOs do you figure are doing this?!) I personally did these calls for years and received call backs on my personal cell just twice. REVIEW 'MAXIMUM NEW PATIENT RETENTION.' Know and apply the "20/20/20" rule of Maximum New Patient Retention. When patients are anxious about finances due to local (and, in this case, global ) financial unrest, how you treat them during their first few visits as a new patient will determine whether they stay with you for life or run out your back door, never to return. Visit GoldMine UnderGround Team Training Toolkit 054, "Maximum New Patient Retention."

As I shared last month, I’ve always considered myself a “realistic optimist.” This month’s cover provides the final nine steps in my 17- step plan for Dentists to survive the recession coming our way. Remember, if anyone tells you we’re not heading into a deep recession, then they’re either in denial or they have their head in the sand. Consider this:

of this checklist, for each item, ask yourself how many of your local colleagues would be willing (or even think) to deploy. You can take action or make excuses … but the two cannot coexist. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! In 2020 and beyond, there is no excuse for us not to have our fingers on our dental practice key performance indicators (KPIs). If you aren't yet, then I would urge you to go live on the Gems Dashboard ASAP. There is no time like the present to get this up and running. Elizabeth, "my wife the engineer," will be happy to help you and your team onboard and go live. Once you do, I guarantee you'll never look back. Your Gems Dashboard will help you SEE problems and opportunities in your practice about which you're likely unaware. When, at a glance, you can visualize leading indicators, you’ll no longer be blindsided by bad financial news (trailing indicators) when it’s too late to act. Once you're up and running, if your team would like help with monthly updating of the data, then as a benefit of your membership, your Personal Gems Concierge will be happy to assist during a screen-share. After a while, your team likely won't need the help. But your Gems Concierge is always there just in case.

The New York Times

“ Why the Global Recession Could Last a Long Time. Now, fears are growing that the downturn could be far more punishing and long lasting than initially feared — potentially enduring into next year, and even beyond ... The abrupt halt of commercial activity threatens to impose economic pain so profound and enduring in every region of the world at once that recovery could take years. The losses to companies, many already saturated with debt, risk triggering a financial crisis of cataclysmic proportions.”


The following are the remaining nine strategies and tactics I developed for my practices. They have served us well during good times and bad, and I’m confident they will help you too. As you read down the rest

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