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Life Lessons

How My Kids Make Me Proud and Inspire Me Every Day


f Mary hadn’t happened to call our youngest son, Mason, one September night, we might not have known about one of the coolest things he’s ever done — but that makes me almost prouder of him. Mason works at an investment bank in New York City, and in late September of this year, he and his team were selected to ring the bell

Our success is measured by how we have helped people and how we have

changed things for others around us.

burned bridges. We’ve trusted people we should not have, and we’ve learned plenty of valuable lessons from that. It would be easy to brush off

to open the stock trading for that day at the NASDAQ. Not knowing that this was happening, Mary called him the night before just to check in, as mothers do. Mason casually brought up what he was doing the next day, but quickly turned the conversation around, downplaying his role and recognizing his team’s efforts in earning that recognition. We were beyond proud of him. This is a cool moment in anyone’s career, but Mason saw no need to brag about what was happening in his life. He used that moment to understand just how lucky and grateful he was for the team he worked with. As a father and as a business owner, I’ve tried to make sure those around me know how extraordinary they are. I want to create an environment like the one Mason is working in, where every team member feels valued and appreciative that they get to work with the people they do. Often Mary and I will take in “kids” as technicians or administrative helpers at our clinic. We help them and give them opportunities, and when the time comes for them to go on to bigger career opportunities, we encourage them to move on. Some have gone on to be teachers, Ph.D. candidates, and members of law enforcement, while others have come back to work with us.

helping others after these experiences, but real perseverance lies in continuing to give other people opportunities rather than letting our desire to help be stifled by those who burned us. We build relationships here at Fyzical Therapy Hand & Balance Centers of El Paso, and we’re not going to let anyone tarnish that. Everyone goes through life putting in hard work and effort, but our success is measured by how we have helped people and how we have changed things for others around us. Both of our sons have been making us proud in the ways they have chosen to live their lives and carry forward the lessons we tried to teach them. My eldest son is in the process of interviewing for various medical schools, and it’s been a competitive, hard-fought road to get there. He’s had a couple of interviews so far, and he keeps plugging away. It’s hard not to be a proud dad when both of your kids work diligently and stay humble while doing so. I think if there was one more lesson I’d like to teach them, it’s that you should always tell your parents before you ring the bell at the NASDAQ.

–Louis Zuniga

This model of putting our faith into helping others is how I believe we’ve been able to be so successful. Sure, there have been some

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