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Finding a Reason


A lot of people anticipate Thanksgiving dinner. I almost anticipate the Thanksgiving preparations more than I do the dinner itself. For the past couple of years, my sister and I have been in charge of preparing the main dishes for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The prep always begins the day before with shopping, cooking, and brining the turkey. Finding a turkey to feed 15 people can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I enjoy every year.

one another went without incident. These two groups of people, once separated by an ocean, began working to bridge gaps in language and culture to live together. The Wampanoag people and the Pilgrims shared a meal of venison, fish, vegetables, beer, and many other dishes. They shot guns, ran races, and struggled to learn each other’s languages. Ultimately, it was a celebration of safety and camaraderie between two very different groups of people that endured for half a century. In the following years, people all over New England held “Thanksgiving” regularly following the end of a drought or a military victory of some sort. However, Thanksgiving wasn’t an official holiday in the U.S. until President Lincoln made it so in 1863. Food was always a part of these celebrations, but the food was always a response to something greater, like family, providence, or good health. Today, it almost feels like the food has replaced the real reason for celebration. The 15 people who gather around our table on Thanksgiving are family, but they come from all over. Some of them come from New York, others from New Orleans, and some are local family we don’t see very often. Everyone makes the effort to come under one roof and share a meal together, and that’s definitely something I am thankful for.

“Everyone makes the effort to come under one roof and share a meal together, and that’s definitely something I am thankful for.”

Even though food is a major part of the Thanksgiving celebration, so many people fixate on the turkey, the pie, or maybe even the cranberry sauce, that they lose sight of why the holiday exists in the first place. Historically, Thanksgiving has been a day to give thanks for what we have and the good fortune that comes our way. The first Thanksgiving meal was shared between the English colonists (the Pilgrims) and the Wampanoag tribe in 1621. Ninety of the Wampanoag people met with the 50 settlers one day, and despite tensions between the two groups, getting to know

game on TV — I hope everybody focuses on something they’re thankful for this year. Whether it be for new friends, seeing family, or just an all-around great year, make sure you have something worth celebrating this Thanksgiving.

– Daniel J. Miller

While every Thanksgiving deserves great food — and a good football

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