December 2018 Turn-Key Newsletter

Positive Feedback

Employee Growth and Advancement Please join me in congratulating the following new and promoted team members that demonstrate continual leadership and commitment to the growth and success of our company. Executive Management Johannes Jongekrijg , Director of Purchasing, has recently joined the Lee team and will lead all our purchasing professionals. Neil Dabrowski, Director of Strategic Business, will be focusing his expertise in an operations role working with sales and operations to unify our project approach and maximize our trades and equipment utilization with the goal of achieving the best value for our clients and increase profitability for our company. Mike Hahn, Director of New Business, will lead the business development and marketing teams with the goal of developing new markets, diversifying our client base and achieving our long-term new business sales goals, while maintaining his current sales team. Sandy Kischuk, Director of Equipment Maintenance and Contracts, will lead the vehicle/equipment maintenance services and sales contract negotiations with our clients. Andy Keilman, Senior Operations Manager, has shown continual growth and committed leadership overseeing the Mechanical, Building, Facilities and Pontiac School Maintenance teams, therefore has been tasked with this Senior Operations role. John Causbie, Senior Operations Manager, is a 20-year veteran of the company, having lead countless projects with critical involvement in Lee Extreme as well as overseeing the Foundations, Mobile Crew and Machine Repair teams. Jay Kirsten, IT Manager, has been promoted from his role as IT Infrastructure Team Lead. A 7-year employee of Lee Contracting, Jay has been an integral part of the IT department and we believe his experience has positioned him well for this new role. Sales Thank you to these senior sales leaders who go above and beyond, year after year, growing our business and developing high performing teams: Josh Kane, Strategic Market Development Director, comes to Lee as a seasoned professional who will lead our marketing team and dedicate his efforts to growing new markets that will diversify our business base to strengthen our market position during any economic downturns. Megan Mitter, Business Development Manager, will transition to a dual role working with both operations and marketing. Project Management Thank you to these Senior Project Managers for their leadership and being instrumental in the future development of our Project Management to be the best in the industry, taking complete accountability for project success in the coming months ahead to enable estimating and operations to focus on their core discipline and manage the additional workload resulting from these changes. Bob Manning, Senior Account Manager Charles Cappell, Senior Account Manager Vadim Beginin, Senior Account Manager

Electrical, Rigging

Chris, Regarding yesterday’s installation, the crews did a fantastic job of getting everything in place and wired correctly. I really appreciate all of the effort that went into this round of installations. Also, I just want to commend the rigging crew as well as the electrical crew, Evan Toll, Gary Weakland, Brandon Weitz, Kyle Elwell and Aaron Tobesman , and specifically, Electricians Eric Hund, David Dirven and Rob Tykoski , who was mainly responsible for line 11 as well as line 6 last time and repaired line 4 back in March. Those guys did great work and stayed after everyone else had gone home to make sure that all systems worked correctly. I really appreciated that! Sean Catt

Caught in the Act Safety Integrity Teamwork Dedication

Dan Fitzpatrick Teamwork, Dedication

Vadim Beginin, Jamie Bartz Teamwork, Dedication

“I would like to acknowledge Vadim Beginin and Jamie Bartz for being shining examples of our core values and a bright example of the high caliber employees we have here at Lee. Tuesday, I was with my family for a private matter. As I tried to

“Countless times, Dan has rescheduled vacations, came in on his days off and worked back-to-back weekends (sometimes after being out of town.) His dedication is why we are able to successfully finish jobs with little to no problems. His leadership is what we hope to replicate throughout our department.”

be involved with work as much as possible, I found myself in a tight spot. With my phone quickly losing battery life, a customer called me with an emergency. He needed last minute, skilled labor support to dispatch immediately and work through the night. My last phone call before my phone died was to Vadim. I explained the situation in detail, and he said he was on it. He assured me that I need not to worry and to get back to my family obligation. He and Jamie worked diligently, entered a job, allocated a crew, and exceeded both mine and the customer’s expectations. They showed true teamwork and dedication. Being able to count on my team is crucial to my individual success and the overall success of this great company.”

Jeremy Kuchenmeister Teamwork, Dedication

“When an out-of-town job was scheduled last minute today, Jeremy worked through his lunch to ensure that our crew would have the material and tools needed on site tomorrow morning. The electrical department is always appreciative of

Brian Rausch, Senior Project Manager Ron Reslow, Senior Project Manager Chris Sosin, Senior Project Manager Peter Wigman, Senior Project Manager Brad Wildeman, Senior Project Manager

Jeremy’s hard work.”

As you congratulate these team members, it is important that you understand your opportunities for future growth. To understand your goals and to help you develop your career at Lee Contracting, in 2019 you can expect performance reviews every 6 months and a performance and compensation review every 12 months. Also starting in 2019, we will be announcing our new Mentorship Program. This program will assist individuals with the tools, knowledge and training in order to help them achieve their own personal career goals. You are the future of this company and we appreciate your hard work and commitment. One team, one mission, one goal. Lee Sellenraad, CEO

Jaclyn Peterson Teamwork, Dedication

Fred True Safety, Teamwork, Dedication & Integrity

“When we were stuck in New York due to the weather, Jaclyn assisted us and handled all the re-booking. I am sure calling Delta at 11:30pm that night was not on her “to do” list. Just knowing she was available to help, made the whole ordeal a lot less stressful.”

“When visiting the job site, Fred made it a point to talk to each crew. He checked up on our tools, what we were accomplishing and if we were having any issues with safety. Fred was very personable and dedicated to not just the company, but

the employees as well.”

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December 2018

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