DAS Gives July Newsletter

Special Announcement

We are happy to announce that we have chosen the recipient for our annual charity golf tournament! Proceeds from the tournament will go to Home Sweet Home this year. Their mission is to provide families a sense of pride and improving the quality of their lives by providing furniture and household items. Essentially, when a person comes to a homeless shelter and they are eventually housed, this foundation comes in to help furnish their new home with dignity. They are able to come to the warehouse and actually have a personal shopper who helps them choose everything they need for their home. It’s not about just providing the homeless with a place to live but rather a home to live in. So many of these people transitioning out of homelessness don’t have the money to furnish a new space so they are forced to get worn down, beat up and often dirty furniture. Buying new furnishings also takes away from their ability to buy the household essentials that they actually need.

Successful Sponsorships

USA Mortgage is PROUD to have been a sponsor for this amazing event!

Our employees came together to march in the parade, hand out goodies and represent our company at Pridefest in St. Louis on June 24! Thanks to Josh Brown, Lock Desk Manager, for volunteering and helping to make this a great event!

Employee Spotlight

Hearts & Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to helping the poor and vulnerable in Uganda and empowering their communities with a focus on fresh water, education, health and wellness, and business development. The best way to have a long-lasting impact in Uganda is to sponsor the education of a future leader. For only $330 per year, a child can learn the skills necessary to lift them and their village out of poverty by providing them with tuition, clothing, lunch each day, and school supplies . As part of your student sponsorship, you will send and receive updates

Jerry Mayo

Hearts and Hope for Uganda Senior Mortgage Banker Ambassador/Volunteer

from your student twice a year. Partners also donate to a project such as building a school, providing school furnishings such as desks or benches or supporting a small business such as making a one-time donation to the Hearts & Hope Livestock Fund will be used to purchase goats, pigs, chickens, or cattle to an at-risk family. Hearts & Hope will also send you one of these banks (pictured below) for their “Create Change in Uganda” program to place in your oce, your kids' classroom, or even your home to collect your spare change. Every little bit helps! The Hearts & Hope Medical fund will be used to transport patients to the nearest clinic and cover costs for doctor’s visits and medication. For as little as these amounts suggested below, you can: $5 - transport someone to the nearest clinic $10 - could treat 10 children with ringworm $25 - four mosquito nets or malaria treatment for 5 children $50 - Provide malaria treatment for 10 children

Want to really make an impact? Become a missionary or sponsor and individual to meet the beautiful people of Uganda.

Upcoming fundraiser for the cause: Party with a Purpose on Saturday, August 25th at the St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark. Contact Jerry about how you can get involved in purchasing a ticket or a table at this event!

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