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Uniformity across a series is something that all breeders strive for. With SunStanding Impatiens, we have achieved perfect uniformity for growers and gardeners through our fresh innovative breeding techniques, forcing new color expressions on genetically identical plants. How does this state-of-the-art breeding work? The breeding process, which is induced by radiation therapy, triggers random color differences. It is a one-step process that accelerates the development of novel valuable traits, such as the expression of petal color. Since it uses a plant’s own genetic-make up, the plant’s other horticultural characteristics remain basically the same. It is forcing and expediting the natural process of spontaneous color variations. This means that when you select varieties from within a family such as Apollo, all colors are genetically matched for size, flower magnitude, and timing—the only difference is the flower color.

Understanding the SunStanding Families Our SunStanding Series is put together in 4 families that are genetically identical across colors within each family, making predictability for the grower and landscaper a breeze.



31151 Cherry Red •••• • • • • 31140 Lavender •••• • • • • 32484 Lilac •••• • • • • 32482 Orange •••• • • • • 32483 Pink •••• • • • • 32447 Purple •••• • • • • 32485 Ruby Red •••• • • • • 31143White Cloud •••• • • • • 31139 Coral Aurora ••• • • 31163 Dark Red ••• • • 31179 Intens Pink ••• • • 31154 Magenta ••• • • 31181 Magenta Borealis ••• • • 31153 Neon Red ••• • • 31182 Orange ••• • • 31183 Orange Flame ••• • • 31177 Rose ••• • • 31180 Salmon Pink ••• • • 30361 Lavender ••••• • • 30358 Lavender Blush ••••• • • 30362 Light Salmon ••••• • • 30359 Pink ••••• • • 30357 Pink Blush ••••• • • 30360 Salmon ••••• • •

SunStanding Apollo


SunStanding Helios


SunStanding Spot • On


30351 Coral •••• • • 30350 Hot Pink •••• • •

SunStanding Jazzy

SunStanding Apollo • Most adaptable family for all uses with the widest range of colors • Excellent vigor appropriate for professional landscapers • Quick Turn™ cuttings make production in small containers a breeze

This series is our most popular choice for large landscape installations. Intense pure colors on plants with exceptional vigor. Perfectly matched across the colors, landscapers can mix and match for designer and seasonal color combinations. The full sun and full shade tolerance of SunStanding varieties makes them a versatile option to use across all landscape beds.

SunStanding Apollo Cherry Red

SunStanding Apollo Lilac

SunStanding Apollo Lavender

SunStanding Apollo Orange

SunStanding Apollo Pink

SunStanding Apollo Purple

SunStanding Apollo Ruby Red

SunStanding Apollo White Cloud

SunStanding Helios • Compact habits are easy for smaller retail containers • Innovative color options have high consumer appeal • A profusion of flowers for maximum gardener satisfaction

For growers looking for varieties suitable to smaller containers, or landscapers needing a front-of-the-border option, the Helios family offers the same characteristics as Apollo varieties, but with a 20% smaller plant habit, smaller leaves, and smaller, but more prolific flowers.

SunStanding Helios Coral Aurora

SunStanding Helios Dark Red

SunStanding Helios Intens Pink

SunStanding Helios Magenta Borealis

SunStanding Helios Magenta

SunStanding Helios Neon Red

SunStanding Helios Orange

SunStanding Helios Rose

SunStanding Helios Orange Flame

SunStanding Helios Salmon Pink

Salmon Pink

SunStanding Spot •On • Large vigorous plant habits fill big landscape spaces • Glowing pastel colors are well-suited for evening traffic areas • Mounding and spreading habit for maximum coverage with minimal inputs

This is our most vigorous family in the SunStanding brand and offers gardeners and landscapers a range of glowing pastel colors, accented with a rich burgundy spot in the centers. The colors of Spot•On varieties are particularly illuminated in evening and moon light, making them most suitable for homeowner backyards, restaurants patios, or wherever heavy evening traffic will be present.





Spot • On Lavender Blush

Spot • On Lavender





Spot • On Pink

Spot • On Light Salmon





Spot • On Salmon

Spot • On Pink Blush

SunStanding Jazzy • Vibrant tropical flair with variegated foliage • Brightens up combination containers with both leaves and flowers • Dramatic retail appeal on the bench

Jazzy varieties add dramatic flair to the program with a bright tropical look. Intense neon colored flowers on top of brilliant lemon-lime variegated foliage, these are showstoppers on the retail bench and in large combination containers. The decorative foliage of Jazzy varieties works equally well as an ornamental addition to combos, but with the added bonus of vibrant flowers throughout the summer.

SunStanding Jazzy Coral

SunStanding Jazzy Hot Pink

Multiple Options SunStanding Impatiens are available in multiple product forms for any growing situation, including traditional unrooted cuttings, Quick Turn™ URC, AutoStix™, Basewell™, and Rooted Liners.

Quick Turn™ Quick Turn cuttings, an exclusive product form from Dümmen Orange, are treated with the perfect formula of light levels, growth regulators, and age, to create a cutting that is initiated and ready to bloom on a much younger plant. This product shortens crop times and has plants flowering at a younger stage, eliminating the need for growth regulators before the point of sale.

Basewell™ Basewell cuttings give growers a fast finish with the fewest steps necessary. Pre-rooted at our offshore farms, Basewell rooted cuttings can be directly planted in packs and pots, eliminating the need for transplanting liners at a later date. All SunStanding Basewell cuttings are also pretreated with our exclusive Quick Turn system, so they not only root fast, but finish fast. SunStanding packs can be finished in 4- to 6-weeks from direct planting Basewell rooted cuttings, depending on location, light levels and temperatures.

Basewell cuttings are offered as single units or packed in AutoStix strips for automatic transplanting.


Transplant • Transplant Basewell cuttings directly into the finished container. Avoid damaging roots during handling.

HELPFUL TIPS Basewell technology adapts well to a finished environment. For optimal results be sure the following conditions are met:

• Use the standard number of plants per container you would normally use for the specific container size.

1. Plant Basewell cuttings immediately upon receipt.

Greenhouse Environment

2. If you cannot plant upon receipt, keep Basewell cuttings fresh by storing in cool conditions with high humidity until ready to transplant.

• 1-5 days after

Avoid temperature extremes. Maintain light levels at 500 µmol m -2 s -1 (2500 footcandles).

transplant (until roots reach side of pot)

3. Avoid extreme conditions (high light and/or temperature) immediately

• 5-10 days after transplant

Increase light levels to 700 µmol m -2 s -1 (3500 footcandles).

after transplant through root development to the side of the containers.

• 10 days after transplant

Adjust light level and temperature to the normal variety-specific finishing conditions.

4. Once roots are to the side of the

container, grow under normal finishing conditions for temperature, light, irrigation, fertilizer, pinching, and plant growth regulators.


• Water in thoroughly after transplant to moisten the growing medium and ensure it has close contact around the roots.

• Continue with light irrigations until the plant is fully hydrated and roots reach the side of the container.

• Finish plants on a standard irrigation schedule.


• At transplant

• After roots reach each side of pot

• EC range



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