King's Business - 1935-01

'Remembering Christmas. . .

“ This (amount enclosed) is out of last year s Christmas money, which I have saved for my renewal. T o my mind, the K ing ’ s B usi - ness is a perfectly wonderful magazine, and I hope I shall always be able to get it.”— E. A . L., Kelowma, B. C. 0 +' * *

* *

The Whole Family ...

“ M y brother receives the K ing ’ s B usi - ness regularly, and I assure you it is a

0 * *

family paper here. May the magazine continue in the same blessed way. W e need its warnings and

* *

alarms in these last days.” — R. R., Lowry, Minn.

* *

Finds Usable Ma teria l. . .

“ As a superintendent of young people, also a teacher of a class in Sunday-school, I find the K ing ’ s B usiness very valuable. I am able to use material from it every week.” — M rs . M . R. H ., Bothell, Wash.

o 4nd Year-’Round Joy! /

“ I am a retired minister. Since I have to spend nearly all of my time indoors, it will be a joy to my heart to have your magazine.”


— D . F. U ., Binghamton, N . Y .

THERE’S THAT CHRISTMAS MONEY D id s o m e one give you a check for Christmas—or a dollar bill—and ask you to buy for yourself something you really wanted? scription campaign which is now in force, groups of ten or more subscriptions will be accepted at the rate o f 50 cents each, and clubs of three to six at 75 cents each. A ll annual subscriptions sent outside the United States require 25 cents extra for postage.

And have you spent that sum—in imagination— perhaps a hundred times, and still are not quite certain that you have chosen the best thing—the thing within that particular price range that is what you really want most of all ? Here is a suggestion: If you want your purchase to bring joy to you and all-year-’round blessing to others, why not send the K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s to a friend or to a group of friends? By means of the popular CLUB OF TEN , this possibility is easily within your reach. The regular subscription price o f the magazine is $1.50 a year. During the period of the special sub­

According to the terms of the CLUB OF TEN plan, you may either collect the regular subscription price o f $1.50 from each of ten persons, retaining a total of $10.00 for yourself or your church, and send­ ing to the K in g ’ s B u s in e s s $5.00 for this group, or you may give your friends the benefit o f your agent’s commission. Hundreds o f subscriptions are coming in from all parts of the country. This is your opportunity to introduce this Bible Family magazine to both Chris­ tian and unsaved readers. There is a message for both classes in every issue.


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