Shier Strength FBB - September 2018

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When you’ve spent years working out virtually every single day, pushing through the barriers of sweat, pain, apathy, and insecurity to look and feel good, I think it’s easy for other people to assume, “Oh, that must be easy for you.” As the lead trainer of a gym, it might appear that working out comes naturally to me or that I’m blessed with some supernatural willpower. In reality, I’m no different than the clients we serve — or really, anybody else trying to get in shape. It’s an incredibly difficult process that never really ceases. The key is a little self-belief, a confidence that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. If any of my clients met me when I was 17, it would be immediately obvious how far I’ve come. Begrudgingly making my way to class, obsessed with nothing more than playing video games or soccer with my friends, I was weighed down by crushing self-doubt and classic teenage insecurity. When I first started working out, I did it to help dig myself out of that hole, to improve my self-esteem and just generally feel better about myself. I’d look at my posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee and subconsciously think, “These guys look like they have their lives together. If they can get strong, then I will too!” I still have the two adjustable dumbbells that started my journey into fitness. Too shy to go to the gym, I worked out in my computer room with nothing more than those two weights. Over time, my confidence began to grow, and I eventually graduated to a little community center gym, this dinky 400-square-foot space that never had more than five people in it at a time. “I can do this,” I thought. Then, after a long time grinding away there, I moved to a massive gym that had just opened in town. I’d bring my stuff, hide in the corner, and do my exercises, trying not to draw attention to myself. Over time, I realized that all those intimidating people at the gym, all my peers who seemed to somehow know more about how to work out than I did, were all there for the same reason I was. Everybody was working through something, just feeling their way through their lives the same way I was. It’s not quite accurate to say that I eventually escaped from my self- doubt, but I definitely learned to cope with it. Before I started Fit Body Kalamazoo, I was terrified. I’m an introvert and far from a natural people

person. I worried about letting people down, or messing something up and looking like an idiot. But once I started doing it, I got better and better at it. It became more comfortable. And then it became one of the most important parts of my life. It may sound discouraging to hear that, even after a decade building good habits and eating well. Fitness is still a challenge, but my readers should take it as a point of encouragement. The fact is, if I can do it, you can too. That might sound a little cliche, but it’s true: You can do it. I don’t just believe you can, I know it. All it takes is that first step and a little commitment. It’s far from easy, but I can tell you every drop of sweat you put into yourself will be worth it in the end. –Adrian Shier (269) 271-9170 — PAGE 1

September 2018

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