January 2012 Edition - Health Matters

NCH’s Girls Night Out” Event Educates Hundreds of Women By Kelly Merritt ”

Hundreds of women attended NCH’s“Girls Night Out” in October held at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. The event included presentations

Dr. Miller also spoke about da Vinci procedures, the very latest in ro- bot-assisted surgical options for women. She is one of a limited number

and demonstrations from health ex- perts, including doctors, nurses and wellness staff. “We were thrilled with the great turnout for the event and the enthu- siasm of the ladies who attended,” said Pat Read,Administrative Direc- tor of NCH. “In Collier County, it’s obvious that women are interested and very committed to promoting and maintaining good health. The feedback we’ve received has been ex- traordinary.” The presentation by Dr. Theresa Vensel and Dr. Chaundre Cross, “Let’s Chat: The Latest in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment” filled the River of Grass Ballroom to capacity, while “Ageless Beauty,” pre-

of da Vinci gynecological surgeons. She has seen it revolutionize many procedures, including hysterectomies and treatment of endometriosis, a condition known to affect millions of women. “It’s exciting to share a better option—the da Vinci procedures—for women’s health,” Miller says. During the presentations, women of all ages enjoyed receiving special prizes and a variety of beauty treat- ments and makeovers. “We are very fortunate to have such an engaged group of physicians who are willing to volunteer their time to educate women about their health,” Read said. “The concept be- hind ‘health-u-tainment’—providing health information in an entertaining

sented by beauty celebrity Philip Douglas in the Mangrove Ballroom, helped women learn how to stay beautiful at any age. Sue Graziano, RN, MSN presented“Oh, My Aching Joints: A Holistic Approach for Promoting Mus- cle/Skeletal Health.” Fashion inspiration was brought by Nordstrom experts highlighting tips on skin care and trendy accessories. In Dr. Holly Miller’s “Your Best Health Accessories,” attendees learned that simple changes in lifestyle can significantly improve health. Dr. Miller said, “Your best health accessories include things like getting enough sleep, keeping up-to-date on immunizations, and getting annual mammograms.”

way—is for women to have fun while learning.” With great presentations, the makeovers, manicures and massages, the goals of “Girls Night Out”—health education and fun—were accomplished.

For more information on NCH Women’s Services, call (239) 552-7554.

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