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Europe in 14 Days Kevin Jensen Returns From a Quick European Tour

I feel like I’ve just caught my breath from a whirlwind tour of Eastern Europe this June. My father-in-law and mother-in- law are just wrapping up their two-year mission trip in Germany, and since our sons had never been to Europe, my wife and I knew now would be as good of a time as any to visit. So, we boarded a plane and headed to Europe for two weeks in early June to visit my in-laws and take in the extensive history of seven different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Our first stop was Germany, where we met with my in-laws. From there, they took us on a short tour of Germany and Switzerland, and while every country we visited was steeped in history and gorgeous views, I can honestly say there is no country as beautiful as Switzerland. Every corner revealed another postcard-worthy snapshot. For a family that lives in the middle of the Arizona desert, it was surreal to be surrounded by so much greenery. Following our initial introduction to Europe, we headed over to Rome, Italy, where we met with the family of my former law partner. We remain close with his family today, and of all places to enjoy a little reunion, you can’t ask for a better location than Rome. Plus, I still can’t get over the food we ate! The pasta was so fresh, and nothing compares to authentic pizza. But the best food I had by far on this trip was

the dessert. Europe is doing everything right when it comes to desserts; it really doesn’t get better than German pastries and Italian gelato. We met my in-laws in the Czech Republic for the next leg of our trip. Ten years ago, my in-laws were serving on another mission in this country, and my wife and I had the opportunity to visit while they were there. To see the country again was really special, and to have my in-laws show us around again was tremendously helpful. The fact that my father- in-law speaks German and my mother-in-law speaks Czech was a bonus, too. (Although, many stops during our trip were friendly to English speakers.) I still believe Prague is a must-see for any tourist in Europe. It’s a quintessential European city that is full of history and features cobblestone streets, massive churches, and terrific food. I really enjoyed visiting Prague once again on this trip. As a big history buff, our jaunts around Europe in general were amazing for me. I tried to paint a picture for my sons of what to expect, because they’ve really only grown up around history that’s a few centuries old. After several tours of castles, we could tell they were a little less enthused with each stop, but in their defense, we did travel hard during this go-around in Europe. Traveling from one

country to the next within a matter of days and traversing all over tourist hot spots can be exhausting. In fact, if we were to head to Europe on vacation again, I’d like to spend two weeks exploring just one country. I want to spend more time in Italy and visit regions of Europe we haven’t been to yet. Although, regardless of where you go, a trip to Europe is worth every penny.

Plus, I just can’t get enough of those desserts.

-Kevin Jensen



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