Everyday Brochure 2020

o c c a s i o n s

WS503 Thank You Little Flowers

FP6087 The Thank You Tree

FP6093 Thank You

FP6091 Well Done!

FP5021 Hare (Thank You)

FP5071 All the Luck!

FP6090 Good Luck!

FP6092 With Love

FP5075 Yay! You Did It!

hannah spruijt

As a busy mum to two young boys, I wasn’t looking to work just yet. However, when I was at a local craft fair in September, looking for a birthday card for a friend, I fell a little bit in love with the products I saw at the Flamingo stall! I chose the gorgeous Blue Butterfly, unable to believe the fabulous price, and took away an information pack to have a think about the business opportunity. It was my friend’s reaction to the card that decided my fate; “Wow! That is such a stunning card, I want to frame it!” Such lovely products at amazing prices… I joined up! Fast forward a few months and I’ve been super busy selling cards and gorgeous Christmas goodies to local friends and family through pop-up shops and a borrow-bag. My home life means this is the best and simplest way for me to conduct my business at

present; balancing the school run, toddler classes and a feeding/ nap schedule with Flamingo is an ongoing challenge but one I’m willing to persevere with. I enjoy meeting new people and having just that little bit of time away from my boys to remind me I am still my own person! I haven’t thought too far into the future at present but am interested to see how my business will develop in 2020. The designs are so unique and eye-catching; I particularly love all the die-cut cards. Customers are always impressed with the excellent value, especially with all those extra details that make them stand out. Funnily enough, the Blue Butterfly is now one of my bestsellers!


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