Christmas 2019





Please bring me a new remote control car, my other one broke. I want you to eat my cookies I put on a plate for you. Kane Williams Age 7 - North Platte, NE

I would like a new phone case. I would like it to be white with rainbow drips coming down. I would also like water bottle stickers for my water bottle. Molly Masters Age 10 - Gilbert, AZ

How are you and Mrs. Clause? What I want is a PS4 and remotes for it, benie, Iphone 11 pro, scrunchies and mostly mini brands - lots of them. Sadie Shavlik Age 10 - North Platte, NE

Are you coming to my house this year? I would like some Frozen toys to play with. I will leave my porch light on for you. Emelia Nelson Age 10 - North Platte, NE

I am really excited for Christmas to come! I would really like a paw patrol tower or a Barbie dream house. Thank you. Jazmyn Satko Age 4 - Omaha, NE

I want a American Girl doll, doll stuff and a fitbit. Cami Jorgensen Age 6 - North Platte, NE

My name is Addison and I have tried really hard this year to be a good listener. I would like a science kit and lab and a bug collecting kit. Addison Stauffer Age 6 - North Platte, NE

For Christmas I want $500.00 so that I can buy PS4 games. Brynleigh Tillman Age 10 - North Platte, NE

For Christmas I want a skateboard, a bluetooth speaker, Call of Duty 4 for an Xbox One, and Airpods.

Brooklynn Fisher Age 12 - Tryon, NE

Here are some things I would like for Christmas. Tablet, phone, Christmas pj's, sweat pants, lamp, coat, socks, pj seeker and stuff catboy. I hope I'm on the good list. Jocelyn Myers Age 9 - North Platte, NE

My name is Zac Zeller. I would like a pair of Oakleys. I would also like a wallet and a Hooey hat. Also thanks for letting Freddie the elf come visit. Zachary Zeller Age 8 - North Platte, NE

I like to look for tresures when ever I go to some yard sales. Maybe you can find me one and it will be a surprise for me. Nico Nelson Age 12 - North Platte, NE

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. I would like $$$ for Christmas. Molly Jorgensen Age 11 - North Platte, NE

Kitty caus deck the hall bear. LOL OMG Winter Disco Doll. Playdough. Macy Kelsey Age 5 - Lincoln, NE

I want a Nintendo switch, bike and a laptop. Lilly Carlson Age 9 - North Platte, NE

I think that I've been okay this year and there are a few things I want for Christmas. Smart phone, gel pens, Robux and a hoverboard. Thank you for your cooperation. Jocelyn Corbett Age 10 - North Platte, NE

I think I am on the good list. Can I please have chow crown, Barbies, Lol dolls, a real cat. Thank you Santa. I hope I get what I want for Christmas. P.S. my dog will like some dog toys too. Thank you. Lilliannah Corbett Age 8 - North Platte, NE

How are you and the reindeer? I would like a Sonic game for my PS4. Happy Holidays! Kyler Shrum Age 6 - North Platte, NE

I'm being good. I would like pom-poms and gel pens. Alexis Kramer Age 4 - Sutherland

I want a big nerf gun and an ATV Eli Sawyer Age 3, Colorado

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