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FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS in stock and ready to go

CUSTOM DESIGNS and construction available

Specifically designed for on board meal options, reducing handling time as well as maximising sustainability. Manufactured from materials that minimise impact on the environment without compromising on quality.

STREAMLINED for easy staff handling.

NESTABLE PRODUCTS for space efficiency combined with speed of handing during production and transit.

The range provides a more focused approach to packaging for the travel sector, suitable for air, rail and sea and is stocked and ready to go. With our range of stock products for the travel sector there will be no wait or extended delivery times for listed products. Response times are minimised with design and manufacturing under one roof. Our solution provides true flexibility that meets your needs and delivery expectations. Manufactured from recyclable and compostable paperboard the boxes are perfect for first and second serve options and retail snacks. COLPAC TRAVEL RANGE

The Colpac range of meal boxes are specifically designed and sized to fit Atlas style trays and disposable larders. Each product has a diagram that demonstrates this sizing.

01TVQFT 1/4 Nested Meal Box with Front Tuck 250/230 x 95/75 x 52mm 200

01TVTFT 1/3 Nested Meal Box with Front Tuck 250/230 x 115/95 x 52mm 150

01TVHTT 1/2 Nested Meal Box with Tuck Top 250/230 x 172/152 x 52mm 100

01TVRB3 Retail Snack Box with Fold Back Opening 152 x 82 x 50mm 500

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Dimensions (LxWxHmm)


Case Size

STREAMLINED DESIGN to fit standard in flight tray/trolley

Custom products can be created on demand by our in-house teams, from bespoke construction to incorporating your brand or a striking new design. From retail to traditional travel food service packaging we have products ready to supply that meet both international and local standards. Our sales, marketing and design teams are on hand to provide advice and guidance through all the material options available to ensure your individual needs are met. CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS

Some examples of our bespoke products are:

Ovenable Fold Back Snac Pac™ with Tear Opening

The Snac Pac™ is perfect for toasties such as Croque Monsieur with a central tear strip for ease of access and consumption. Constructed from materials that are recyclable and also freezable, ovenable and microwaveable.

Treats Tray with Fold Back Lid and Divider Insert





FOOD TO GO You will find products in our food to go range that are ideal for your catering needs whether traveling by air sea or rail. For more information on food to go visit



By buying FSC ® certified products, you help take care of the world’s forests FSC ® CO41147 •


COMPOSTABLE The paperboard material in these products is commercially compostable withing 90 days (EN132432 standard), where facilities are available. COMPOSTABLE WINDOW The film material used for these products is commercially compostable within 90 days (EN132432 standard).

SUITABLE FOR MICROWAVE The product is suitable for microwave use.

SUITABLE FOR OVEN The product is suitable for oven use.

Although Colpac makes every reasonable attempt to test its products for a range of typical applications, Colpac cannot control the specific applications for which its products are used. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of a Colpac product for the customer’s specific application.

≤ 85° SUITABLE FOR HOT CABINET The product is suitable for use in hot cabinets

RECYCLABLE The plastic lids/window films used for these products are recyclable. RECYCLED LID The lids for these products are made from recycled plastic material (rPET).

SUITABLE FOR FREEZER The product is suitable for freezer use.

SHORT SHELF-LIFE Products with a shorter shelf-life.

Glossary In our material descriptions we use abbreviations, this glossary explains the materials. PE - Polyethylene PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate PP - Polypropylene

LONGER SHELF-LIFE Product with a longer shelf-life.

RECYCLABLE BOARD The board for these products is recyclable.

RECYCLED BOARD The board for these products is made from recycled material.

EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE Products with an extended shelf-life.

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Colpac is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of innovative food packaging solutions which are exported to over 60 countries worldwide. With a focus on sustainability both as a business and as a supplier to the food service and retail industries, our extensive range of recyclable and compostable products are specifically designed to consider all points within the supply chain.

Colpac Ltd. Enterprise Way, Maulden Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 5BW, England, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1525 712 261 Email:

* Certifications relate to Colpac as a company and are not specific to individual products except where stated

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