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LOOKING BACK AT 2019 Before the Future

“I’ll always remember 2019 as the year we finally finished expanding the building.”

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead and start planning for the future. But before I get too far into 2020, I’mmaking myself pause and really reflect on 2019. I want to celebrate a few things I accomplished this year. I’ll always remember 2019 as the year we finally finished expanding the building. We tore down a wall, added some new carpet and a fresh coat of paint, and gave ourselves more room to stretch out. The staff was very excited for the extra space and to see us really hitting our goals. Our patients were impressed, too. They appreciate having more space, though we have gotten a lot of questions asking us when we’re going to get more equipment. I promise it’s coming soon. Expanding our space was a big step forward for the future of the clinic. I plan on continuing to grow and serve more people in our community. This leads me to the next thing I’m proud of for 2019: hiring a new physical therapist. At the time of writing, we haven’t brought anyone new into the clinic just yet, but we are actively looking for someone. This is very exciting, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Right now, I’m the only person who can do an initial evaluation of new patients. Additionally, I have to sign off on every note from Ashley and Michelle. It takes a lot of time, limiting howmany patients we can help and how long I can spend with each one. Bringing in a new physical therapist would allow us to help more patients and still make sure everyone gets the high level of quality care they deserve. Having another physical therapist around would also free up my time to focus on other important projects. Beyond the clinic, I had some success in my personal life, as well. This year, I stuck to my goal of eating better and losing weight. I have two young sons, and I want to be as healthy as possible so I can keep up with them as they’re growing up. Trying to lose weight with the extra stress of running a business can be very difficult, but I figured out a system that worked: I focused on controlling when and howmuch I ate.

A big problem I faced was getting home exhausted after a long day and not thinking about what

I ate. Often, I would pick unhealthy meals or overeat while relaxing. To combat this, I made sure to eat around the same time every day so I never got to the point of feeling starved and overindulging as a result. Planning my meals in advance helps, too, and I’ve started using a step counter so I’m aware of how active I am throughout the day and know when to keep moving. Though these efforts, I’ve been able to lose 30 pounds since May. When we start the new year, we have a list of everything we want to accomplish in the next 12 month. In 2019, I was able to cross a lot of things off my list. This was possible because I identified my goals and made a point to track them. It’s hard to meet goals you don’t track. My success has been based on looking at my goals on a weekly basis, tracking my progress, and planning what I can do to keep pushing forward. I’ve found that it also helps to have your goals somewhere you can see them every day, like on your bathroommirror or the wallpaper of your phone. Going into the future, we want to continue pushing forward. I want to grow the practice and bring in good rehabilitation equipment. I want to improve our community outreach and make sure more people have the education to get the physical therapy resources they need. Above all else, I want to continue making a difference. My list for 2020 is pretty long, and next year, I intend to look back again and be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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Lessons Families Can Learn From ‘A Christmas Story’ MORE THAN JUST ‘YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!’

to work. He doesn’t admit this to his mother, but it’s a lesson for parents everywhere that kids may hear more than they let on.

In 1983, one movie introduced Red Ryder BB guns, fishnet-clad leg lamps, and bright red bars of soap into America’s everlasting Christmas mythos. Now, over 35 years later, “A Christmas Story” continues to delight audiences every holiday season with timeless lessons for viewers of all ages. In a story where kids are clever and kind, and parents are bumbling and wise, “A Christmas Story” has more lessons to offer families than just, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”


Magical stories about Santa or even “Little Orphan Annie’s” Secret Society fill children’s hearts with wonder but won’t enchant them forever. Belief in certain parts of the Christmas season can fade slowly or die as quickly as the spin of a decoder pin, but parents can always be there to remind children about what’s really important during the Christmas season.


Christmas Day can be hectic, and, in the hubbub of it all, sometimes disaster can feel inevitable. Ralphie’s parents certainly experience their fair share of disaster in hilarious fashion when the Bumpus Hounds destroy their holiday turkey and leave nothing but the heavenly aroma. But, when Ralphie’s father takes them out to eat at a local Chinese restaurant, it creates a whole new Christmas tradition for the Parker family. Our holiday mishaps, no matter how tragic, are rarely the end of the world. Consider one final tip: Do not stick your tongue to any flagpoles this winter! Happy holidays!


They aren’t always obedient, but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. After Ralphie lets slip the “queen mother of dirty words” in front of his father, the narrator reminisces

about first hearing that word from his old man— possibly when he was trying to get their furnace

A Pain-Free Tomorrow OUR PAT I ENTS SAY I T BEST

“The entire experience was absolutely amazing. I received the care and attention needed to improve my condition. The three ladies at the front desk who handle everything you need aside from the actual physical therapy are awesome. Dr Adams and his two therapists are awesome also and meet your therapy needs to improve and correct your health. I will return if needed, and I will recommend them to anyone.”

“I came to Horizon Physical Therapy with a year of shoulder pain and very limited movement. The therapists there worked and listened to my words and tailored my therapy to my needs. I now have my range of movement back thanks to the therapists and staff. I highly recommend Horizon Physical Therapy to anyone who needs it.”

–Enix Wright


–Ms. Burks


AGINGGRACEFULLY Physical Therapy Invests in Your Future New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. Each year brings opportunities for newmemories and experiences, but as we get older, we start to feel the weight of those years. While exercise is a key part of retaining your youth, deteriorating muscle mass or bone density can lead to muscle fatigue and joint pain. It’s common for seniors who struggle to stand or walk to experience some fear before exercising. Without the necessary precautions, seniors can accidentally injure themselves while working out, so it’s important they exercise in a safe, controlled environment. This is why many seniors have turned to physical therapy. Physical therapists are trained to help their patients address any struggles they may experience. With customized, supervised workouts, physical therapy can help deal with many consequences associated with aging, including the following. FALL RISK — Improved muscle tone, strength, joint movement, and balance can dramatically reduce your risk of experiencing a fall. ARTHRITIS —Physical therapy cannot cure arthritis, but it can help the pain associated with arthritis and improve your range of motion.

STROKE —Research shows regular exercise can help reduce your risk of a stroke. Additionally, for individuals who have already suffered from a stroke, an exercise program focused on independence can be a crucial part of treatment. ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE —Alzheimer’s can negatively impact a person’s life, stealing their memories and independence. Guided exercise routines can help improve a patient’s quality of life by maintaining strength and mobility. OSTEOPOROSIS —Our bones can thin with age, becoming brittle and prone to breakage. Weight training conducted with the help of a physical therapist to improve muscle strength and bone density can help prevent osteoporosis. URINARY INCONTINENCE —This is an embarrassing but common problem associated with aging. Fortunately, your physical therapist can teach you bladder training exercises to address this problem. At Horizon PT, we’re ready to help our seniors face the aging process head on. Some physical limitations of aging cannot be avoided, but through physical therapy, we can train our body to adapt, grow stronger, and enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Cranberry Gingerbread

Have a Laugh

Inspired by Food &Wine Magazine


2 cups all- purpose flour

• • • • •

1/2 cup canola oil, plus more for greasing

3/4 cup unsulphured molasses 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar

• • • • •

2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda

2 large eggs

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground cloves

1 tbsp fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated 1 1/2 cups fresh cranberries, coarsely chopped

1/2 tsp kosher salt


1. Heat oven to 350 F. 2. Grease a loaf pan with canola oil.

3. In a large mixing bowl, mix together 1/2 cup canola oil, molasses, brown sugar, eggs, ginger, and cranberries. In a separate bowl, sift and combine flour with baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, and salt. Mix dry ingredients into wet ingredients until blended. 4. Scrape batter into loaf pan and bake for 50 minutes. 5. Transfer to a rack, let cool for 20 minutes, slice, and serve.



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A Year of Success

Lessons Families Can Learn From ‘A Christmas Story’

Our Patients Say It Best

Reverse the Aging Process

Cranberry Gingerbread

Florida City Sues Family Over Extreme Christmas Display LIGHTS OUT There’s nothing quite like the magic of twinkling Christmas lights. But for city officials in Plantation, Florida, Christmas lights are a stark reminder of a prolonged fight, nearly $500,000 in court fees, and continued drama. In 2014, Plantation sued residents Mark and Kathy Hyatt for their “Hyatt Extreme Christmas” lights display, claiming it was a “public nuisance.” Each year, the Hyatts decorated their yard with more than 200,000 lights, snow, a Christmas tree, a Nativity scene, a functioning Ferris wheel, and more. Their creation was featured on two nationally televised programs and attracted flocks of visitors. But, for the Hyatt’s neighbors, extreme didn’t even begin to explain the chaos. Neighbors complained to the city about increased traffic, litter in their yards, and potential injury or death to pedestrians due to the traffic. Police officers in Plantation were dispatched to the light display multiple times each season for complaints by neighbors, accidents, and traffic control.


After a two-year battle in court, a judge ruled in favor of the Hyatts, claiming the city could not prove the display was dangerous or a nuisance. The city had spent nearly half a million dollars fighting their case. For the Hyatts, Christmas 2016 was a celebration, though their display was restrained due to the timing of the court’s decision. By 2017, “Hyatt Extreme Christmas” was in full swing again, much to their neighbors’ chagrin. Mark Hyatt rode the wave of support for his display all the way to a vacant seat on the Plantation City Council in 2016, but the highs would soon stop there. Plantation news outlets reported in 2018 that Mark Hyatt filed for divorce, effectively ending any hope of another “Hyatt Extreme Christmas.” As the snow has settled, an extravagant lights display has instead become a story of nasty court battles with a sad ending for the Hyatts and their “extreme” Christmas devotees.



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