Discover The Unexpected Cause Of Back Pain

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Discover The Unexpected Cause of Back Pain It Could Be Your Hips...

Do you find yourself getting up in themorning stiff and having tomove slowly to alleviate it? Do you also find yourself having to stop and rest after standing awhile on your feet, or walking a distance due to aches and pains?Whether you feel aches and pains occurring in your back, buttocks, or thighs, your hip joints could be the culprit. The hip is an incredible joint in your body that has to rotate while taking the shock of your body weight. The hip joint is made up of your femur bone, which has a ball on the top and the socket of your pelvis. It is held in place by thick ligaments, which wrap around the joint, giving it stability while allowing it to move through a large range of motion. It’s What You Don’t Do… If you sit frequently such as at a computer, watching TV, or just being less active, your hip ligaments will tighten up over time. However, even if you are an active person, but don’t stretch often, your hip ligaments can also become tighter. The bottom line is that your hips have to be flexible on a daily basis for your body to function normally. When the ligaments tighten around the hip joint, you lose normal range of motion in your hips. Their ability to absorb shock from every step decreases and that tremendous force is now transferred to your back. In addition, when you take a normal stride, since the hip joint is not moving correctly, it pulls excessively on the spine. This constant yanking causes inflammation and irritation to your back, thighs and buttocks.

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