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Looking Forward to Spring

With the arrival of spring, I’m looking forward to getting back to cycling outdoors — that is, when the weather cooperates. Throughout the winter, I’ve been cycling indoors, thanks to my bike trainer. I’ve written about the trainer in past newsletters, and all I can say is that it’s a very convenient device. It turns just about any road bike into a stationary bike. crisp spring air. When I do get out, I like to go on 12- to 30-mile rides, depending on time. I usually stick to established roads and trails — so no mountain biking for me. My road bike handles many conditions, but it does have its limits. I’ve had my bike for awhile now and it is getting up there in age, but I know it has many more miles in it yet. As the weather does improve, I’ll be spending more outdoor time with my family, as well. It’s become a spring tradition to go camping. Well, I say camping, but that might not be the best term. It’s a little closer to “glamping.” We rent a cabin and get to enjoy many of our modern amenities — heat, electricity, refrigeration, and so on. Having spent some time in the Marines, I can tell you I’m done with traditional camping. While camping certainly has its virtues, I find it’s hard to beat our creature comforts. It’s a time to relax while being comfortable, and we definitely embrace that approach. Of course, a trainer is no substitute for the great outdoors and the

This year, when we go camping out at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland, I will be furthering my kids’ education on a very important topic: fishing! My youngest hasn’t yet used a real fishing rod, so this year we’ll be making the transition. Last year, the kids used simple weighted rods. It was all about getting a feel for the idea of fishing. They didn’t have to worry about anything tugging on the line. This year, they’ll be casting lines and (hopefully) reeling in some fish. I’m excited to see what they bring in. Fishing aside, we’ll also be hiking and canoeing. Really, it’s all about taking in the scenery around Deep Creek Lake. It’s a beautiful area, and it should be a lot of fun. Later in the spring, we’ll be visiting family for Easter. We typically head down to Richmond to spend Easter weekend with my wife’s family. It’s good to get away, but it’s also good to spend time with family. We’ll

go to the Easter Day parade, have dinner, and watch the kids enjoy their Easter baskets full of all kinds of goodies. Back at home, we may also do some spring-cleaning. My wife may decide it’s time to clear away some of the clutter and donate it to charity. Whether it's your home or office that's cluttered, it’s always a good exercise to clear away anything that may be getting in the way, or anything you no longer need. Like cycling, it’s a healthy way to start the spring.

-Jeremy Wyatt

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