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Are You Wast ing Water , T ime , and Money?

Dishwashers heat water to around 145 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure your dishes are disinfected. Even if the water from your sink could get that hot, you wouldn’t want to stick your hand in it. Which brings us to the science experiment that is your kitchen sponge. Dr. Philip Tierno, a clinical professor in the microbiology and pathology departments at NYU Langone, determined that your kitchen sponge is the single dirtiest item in your house. Soap and water aren’t enough to sanitize your sponge, which is left damp next to your sink after each use. Have you ever noticed that stagnant sponge smell? That’s bacteria growing. And when you wash your dishes by hand, you rub that bacteria all over your plates and silverware. Yum. If you have just a single plate or cup, you obviously don’t want to run them through the dishwasher alone; that would be incredibly wasteful. But the drawbacks of washing by hand are too great to ignore. The best option is to wait until your dishwasher is full, then start up the washing cycle. All your dishes will be clean and disinfected, and you’ll use less water in the process.

We’ve all walked into our kitchens, looked at the dishes stacked high in the sink, and asked, “Is it better to throw those in the dishwasher or wash them by hand?” The dishwasher would certainly save you some time, but many people believe

that washing dishes by hand uses less water and electricity. In reality, however, washing your dishes by hand is one of the worst things you can do for both the planet and your wallet.

Dishwashers use less water than washing by hand. A study conducted in Europe found that individuals who wash dishes by hand tend to use 27 gallons of water to clean just 12 place settings. Meanwhile, modern dishwashers only use 6 gallons of water, and Energy Star appliances use as little as 4 gallons during their wash cycle. The Environmental Protection Agency determined that using a dishwasher instead of washing by hand can save 5,000 gallons of water and $40 in utility costs a year. It’s not just about water! Unless you have incredibly thick dishwashing gloves, you can’t properly clean your dishes by hand.

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Did you catch any of the Winter Olympics this year? Aren’t those athletes amazing? The way they carve through the insane turns, sweep down icy hills, and make jumps seems impossible. You can bet they didn’t just hop on their skis the day before the race to prepare — many of the athletes have practiced and competed their entire lives to make it to the Olympics. The best athletes train year-round. If you want your child to be competitive when they enter the college arena and compete with national and international scholarship applicants, you need to apply the same strategy to their learning. Did you know that students lose about one month of classroom learning during the summer? The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) says it’s closer to two months for mathematical skills. What’s even scarier is that students who fall behind in the summer are less likely to go on to college. Multiple studies highlight the risk that those 2 1/2 months outside the classroom pose to your student’s academic progress.

What can you do to help your child keep up in math during the summer?

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