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Civil + Structural Engineer Media is passionate about being the best source of news and information for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries. What started as two separate print publications over a decade ago has transformed into both a digital magazine and a website that generates an average of 100,000 visitors a month. As the way our readers consume their news changes, so do we. Our brand has evolved to reflect digital consumption by adding media to our platform. We are no longer a print publication but rather a multi-platform resource to the AEC industry. We are a comprehensive media outlet. Our redesigned website is structured around 8 topic-specific channels: Environmental & Sustainability, Structures & Buildings, Transportation & Infrastructure, Water & Stormwater, Business News, Software & Technology, Unpiloted Systems, and Surveying. Each piece of news and article is contained within one or more of these channels, making the information more accessible to our readers. Channel sponsorships are currently available for 2023. We have also returned the popular Civil + Structural Engineer Media weekly e-newsletter. This platform has a high delivery open rate and advertisers can utilize our unique “e-newsletter takeover” to further enhance their content. Our services are adaptable to the needs of interested advertisers. Civil + Structural Engineer Media is looking forward to delivering your advertising needs and letting your content shine on each of our media platforms.

PUBLISHER Chad Clinehens | 479.856.6097 | cclinehens@zweiggroup.com media Director Anna Finley | 479.435.6850 | afinley@zweiggroup.com Editor/content specialist Luke Carothers | 800.466.6275 | lcarothers@zweiggroup.com art director Maisie Johnson | 800.466.6275 | mjohnson@zweiggroup.com

ON THE COVER IMAGE CREDITS: Kaynemaile Michael Baker International Michael Baker International McCarthy Building Companies Veit & Company, Inc. raSmith Rye Engineering PLC Reid Hu Mortenson

Civil + Structural Engineer Media is the authoritative source for business news and project information in the AEC industry. Each month we feature peer-contributed articles covering innovative and noteworthy engineering and construction projects, as well as cutting-edge software tools, and interviews with successful engineers and thought leaders in the industry. Additionally, our website publishes daily news regarding the AEC industry to an audience of 100,000 visitors a month, and our weekly e-newsletter reaches an audience of 35,000 industry members.

McLaren Engineering Group Michael Baker International Hill International Middle East

2 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com


Editorial submissions can be made at https://csengineermag.com/editorial-submissions/ and will be considered for use as a cover story. Each issue will accept article submissions that fall under our Channels.



Theme: Underground Engineering MARCH

Theme: 2022 Top Stories

Theme: ElevateHER

Materials Deadline: 12-2-2022

Materials Deadline: 1-6-2023

Materials Deadline: 2-3-2023

Theme: Environmental + Sustainability APRIL

Theme: Rising Stars MAY

Theme: Water + Stormwater JUNE

Materials Deadline: 3-4-2023

Materials Deadline: 4-7-2023

Materials Deadline: 5-1-2023

Theme: Unpiloted Systems - EDVY JULY

Theme: Transportation + Infrastructure AUGUST

Theme: Safety + Construction SEPTEMBER

Materials Deadline: 6-2-2023

Materials Deadline: 7-7-2023

Materials Deadline: 8-4-2023


Theme: Sports NOVEMBER


Theme: Bridges

Theme: Yearbook of Engineering Achievement

Materials Deadline: 9-1-2023

Materials Deadline: 10-6-2023

Materials Deadline: 11-3-2023

Calendar is subject to change, exlcuding themes for each month. Please contact Luke Carothers for questions.

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REACH | 165,300 Monthly Website Pageviews | 100,000 Monthly Flipbook Views | 1,500 Digital Magazine Subscribers | 35,000 Facebook Page Likes | 24,500 Twitter Followers | 3,100 Instagram Page Followers | 1,200 AUDIENCE & REACH

200+ NEW leads from Flipbook per month!

READERSHIP INCLUDES: 35% Owner, President, VP, Principal 31% Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Engineer 14% Supervising Engineer, Associate, Director 24% Surveyors and GIS professionals 16% Academia PRIMARY BUSINESS: 45% Civil/Structural Engineering 15% Executive/C-Suite

11% HR/Admin 6% Architecture 5% Finance/Accounting 5% Marketing 1% Construction 9% Other

4 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com


What actions have you taken during the last year as a result of viewing advertisements in Civil + Structural Engineer?

Civil + Structural Engineer subscribers/ readers purchase and/or specify the following products: Anchors Business Services (Consulting, Insurance, Staffing) Concrete (Forms, Precast, Post tensioned) Erosion and Sediment Control Foundations Geosynthetics Geotechnical Services and Equipment Hardware Potable Water Treatment Prefabricated Buildings Retaining Walls, Barrier/Noise Walls Software (Design, Modeling, Analysis, GIS) Steel (Structural, Cold-formed) Stormwater Management Structural monitoring UAV Drones Wastewater Treatment/Sewer Rehabilitation Wood Land Surveying/Laser Scanning Pavement (Concrete, Asphalt) Pipe and Accessories

Award-winning Design and Editorial

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DIGITAL advertising

Website Ad Space Leaderboard (4 available) * Medium Rectangle Leaderboard

Location Above the Fold - Homepage only Global Sidebar Skyscraper available After Post - Bottom of Post Pages

Size 728x90px or 1400x193px 300x250px 728x90px

1 Month $1,500 $1,700 $900 1 Week $1,800 $1,200 $2,200 $900


Enewsletter Ad Space eNews Leaderboard Ad (3 available) eNews Leaderboard Ad (2 available) eNews Advertorial eNews Featured Video

Location Above the Fold

Size 728x90px 728x90px *See Spec Sheet 300x200px

Middle of Content Section Top Post of Content Section Middle of Content Section

Acceptable files are JPG, GIF, or animated GIF. All images must be web-ready, at a resolution of 72 dpi. SPEC SHEETS ARE HERE. csengineermag.com/advertise-with-us/ DESIGN SERVICES AVAILABLE

Leaderboard - Above the Fold

6 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com

digital magazine advertising

Size Full Page Inside Front Cover Spread 2/3 Page (vertical) 1/2 Page (vertical) 1/2 Page (horizontal) 1/2 Page (island) 1/3 Page (vertical) 1/3 Page (horizontal) 1/3 Page (square) 1/4 Page Back Cover

Dimensions 9 x 10.5” 9 x 10.5” 18 x 10.5” 4.75 x 9.23” 3.6875 x 9.23” 8.05 x 4.25” 4.25 x 7.625” 2.375 x 9.23” 8.05 x 2.96” 5 x 5” 3.975 x 4.1875” 9 x 10.5”

1 Month $2,500 $3,000 $5,000 $2,000 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500

$800 $800 $800 $700 $2,000

All ads must be the exact size as the dimensions listed. No bleed or trim marks. A high-resolution, print-ready PDF with the fonts embedded is the first preference. All Ads must be at a resolution of 300 dpi. DESIGN SERVICES AVAILABLE VISIT THIS LINK FOR ADVERTISEMENT SPEC SHEETS. csengineermag.com/advertise-with-us/

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Our live webinar series averages 500 registrants per event, making it a massive lead-generation service. AEC professionals attend our webinars to enhance their knowledge on projects and products. Additionally, these professionals use our webinars to satisfy the continuing education requirements necessary to maintaining and renewing their licenses. Civil + Structural Engineer Media will execute all marketing and promotions prior to the event in order to maximize attendance. Promotions for webinars begin four weeks prior to the scheduled date. Planning and preparation begin much earlier, and we are able to adapt to client needs. Take advantage of our expertise and demonstrate your position as a knowledge leader in your field. WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: • Marketing materials (images, videos, product shots, text, etc.) • Corporate logo • 2-hour reminder email to registrants • Certificate of Completion for attendees • AIA guideline approval • Back-end support • Evergreen archive of webinar and quiz

• Presentation title and description • Speaker contact information and headshots • PowerPoint presentation (using our Webcast Series template) • Quiz questions and answer key • Poll questions (if applicable) • Presentation images and videos WHAT TO EXPECT FROM US: • One full-page ad in Civil + Structural Engineer Digital Magazine • Two email blasts sent to a targeted list from our database of more than 40,000 individuals • Leaderboards on website and eNewsletter • Promotion on our social media channels • Full attendee/lead reports post event including: name, email, job title, and organization • Detailed report on registrants and attendees, poll questions, and audience questions • Confirmation email to registrants • 24-hour reminder email to registrants

• Reports of those who took quiz RECENT SPONSORED WEBINARS • Foundations for Extremes (Partnered with CHANCE Foundation Solutions) 866 registrants • Un-Complicating the Stabilization Selection Process – Part I (Partnered with Propex) 708 registrants • Un-Complicating the Stabilization Selection Process - Part II (Partnered with Propex) 660 registrants • Elevate Your Business - Understanding the Why and How of Unmanned Systems in Engineering and Construction Firms (Partnered with Skyward and AUVSI) 575 registrants


8 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com


The process begins with your ads appearing in the C+S eNewsletter, the first of two emails sent. You own 100 percent of the ad space. Our C+S formatting will otherwise stay the same. Ads placed in eNewsletter #1: Leaderboard, Advertorial + Advertorial Image, Medium Rectangle, Video Block. One week after sending E-newsletter #1, we will deploy E-newsletter #2 to a list that was generated of engaged readers from E-newsletter #1. E-newsletter #2 will be entirely your content. The formatting will be what is typical of a dedicated email blast; an event announcement, an ebook download, a product push, etc. The process we developed weeds out the uninterested parties, leaving a thorough list of interested and qualified leads. Call today for 2022 availability and pricing. Visit csengineermag.com/advertise-with-us/ for examples.


LET US HOST YOUR WHITE PAPER. NEW! WHITEPAPERS KEPT IN FLIPPING BOOK FORMAT. White papers are reports that can address a business issue, showcase a product, or outline a competitive situation. Longer than a blog post, but shorter than an e-Book, research indicates buyers prefer shorter white papers. 4 REASONS TO CREATE A WHITE PAPER: • Sharing technical knowledge • Generating publicity • Distributing business information • Attracting prospects NEEDED FOR WHITEPAPER/CASE STUDY HOSTING: • Logo in .png or .eps format • Title of white paper/case study • Sentence or two as description of document • White paper/case study in .pdf format OR link to document on your site. • Any other pictures you would like on the landing site. This usually includes a picture from the document itself.

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9 channels that help readers easily find what interests them, creating more focused audience groups. Channel sponsorship allows you to become a thought leader in one of these topics and elevate your brand. Become a channel sponsor today and take advantage of these targeted audience groups. SPONSORSHIP INCLUDES: • Global website banners • Your logo linked to your page in first position of sidebar • Exclusive sidebar content on channel page and all posts within that primary channel • Name of company appears at top of page in the channel section of the digital magazine with link. • 1-2 page lead article in channel section of digital magazine. • Exclusive “Featured Post” content on channel site. • Social media shares

CHANNELS ORGANIZE CONTENT FROM THE FOLLOWING TOPICS ACROSS OUR ENTIRE NETWORK. Environmental + Sustainability Structures + Buildings Transportation + Infrastructure Water + Stormwater Business News Software + Technology Unpiloted Systems Surveying Continuing Education ISSUE SPONSORSHIPS For the first time, Civil+Structural Engineer Media is offering the chance for advertisers to sponsor an entire monthly issue of the magazine. Our issue partnerships are flexible, but the base sponsorship includes: • Cover Image and Story • Full Page Magazine Ad • Homepage Website Ad • E-News Takeover • Specialized Social Media Shares • Social Media Promotion

With over 100,000 views per month, this sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to amplify your content within the AEC industry. Coupled with our specialized social media promotion, your content will become the center of conversation amongst our readers.

10 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com

contests CONTESTS

Engineerin Dron Vide of th Year   Yearboo of Engineerin Achievemen 

   th entir mont of votin

187,238     46%    7,219  


34       1,800   



100,000 1,500 35,000 28,800 165,300

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12 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com

csengineermag.com | Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit 13


PUBLISHER Chad Clinehens 479.856.6097 cclinehens@zweiggroup.com MEDIA Director Anna Finley 479.435.6850 afinley@zweiggroup.com ART Director Maisie Johnson 800.466.6275 mjohnson@zweiggroup.com Editor/Content Specialist Luke Carothers 800.466.6275 lcarothers@zweiggroup.com

14 Civil + Structural Engineer Media Kit | csengineermag.com


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