2019 Superior Cheer Catalog

Rev up the crowd with Superior Cheer's classic Spirit Flags or go HUGE with our Battle Flags ! Spirit Flags are 36" × 54" and are recommended for use with 6' poles (not included). Battle Flags are 58" × 80" and are recommended for use with 10' bungee poles (not included). Pick a design on page 131, send us your school logo, mascot, or spell out your team name and our in-house designers will create full color sketches for your approval. Our design service is absolutely free! Our flags are printed in unlimited colors on high quality, machine washable Poly China Silk fabric. Images should be a jpg, tif, psd, or pdf image at least 300 DPI (high resolution) or vector graphics in ai, eps, or pdf format. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Call our Sales Team to get started today! 63,5,7 )/$*6 show your team pride!

85.7.9+1&,8 $ 59 .95 ea 53997 Custom

53998 Custom '&991*+1&,8

$ 79 .95 ea

Qty. 1-3

Qty. 1-3

U*i>Ãi>œÜ·{ÜiiŽÃvœÀ`iˆÛiÀÞ 67(3 67(3 67(3 )'6 56#46'&   

%*115' # &'5+)0

U …œœÃi vÀœ“ œÕÀ «Ài‡“>`i `iÈ}˜Ã œÀ ܜÀŽ ܈̅œÕÀ `iÈ}˜iÀà ̜ VÀi>Ìi > VÕÃ̜“œœŽ՘ˆµÕi̜ޜÕÀ}ÀœÕ«

%7561/+<' (.#)

U …œœÃi > ÀiVÌ>˜}i] >ÀV Å>«i] œÀ ëi>Ž ̜ œÕÀ ->ià /i>“ vœÀ “œÀi >Û>ˆ>Li œ«Ìˆœ˜Ã U …>˜}i̅i“>ÃVœÌ]ÌiÝÌ]>˜`VœœÀˆ˜}̜“>ÌV…ޜÕÀ}ÀœÕ«

2.#%' 14&'4





›xnÓÓx U iwÌ̈˜}ÃÞÃÌi“>œÜÃvœÀi>ÃÞÃ̜À>}i U>`i œv `ÕÀ>Li *6 U£ä¿ Ì>] 15/16 ¸ ˆ˜ `ˆ>“iÌiÀ U˜VÕ`ià «œi i˜`à >˜`…œœŽ v>ÃÌi˜iÀà U7…ˆÌiœ˜Þ

›xn£äÓ È¿ čÕ“ˆ˜Õ“ *œi UƂÛ>ˆ>Li ˆ˜ œ`] -ˆÛiÀ] >VŽ] œÀ 7…ˆÌi U*œiÅ>Ûi > £¸ `ˆ>“iÌiÀ U/…iÀi ˆÃ >˜ >``ˆÌˆœ˜> V…>À}i œv f£ä°ää vœÀ œÀ`iÀà œv x «œià œÀ iÃà UÈ¿ «œià ň« vœÀ >˜ >``ˆÌˆœ˜> V…>À}iœvf°xä «iÀ «œi Uœ`>˜`-ˆÛiÀ«œiÃ…>Ûi>˜>˜œ`ˆâi`w˜ˆÃ…] ܅ˆV…ˆÃ “œÀi ÀiÈÃÌ>˜Ì ̜ ÃVÀ>ÌV…iÃ

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