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This month, I’m happy to introduce a new physical therapist at the clinic who's impressing all of us! Meet Dr. Bri Wyatt. Before we found her, we had been interviewing for the position for 14 months, trying to find the perfect fit. We're a tightknit community at the clinic, and we all seem to radiate the same positive energy. Whomever we hired had to be able to maintain that energy. Both her attitude at work and her wealth of experience make her a valuable asset to our team. Dr. Wyatt initially spent 30 hours a week as a personal trainer, assisting a variety of people. During that time, she was able to hone her communication skills with clients by critiquing them to improve their performance. She was also an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Rockhurst University for the men and women's tennis, volleyball, and softball teams. During Dr. Wyatt's time as a coach, she was able to gain her strength and conditioning certifications. She had “Communication skills are one of the two main factors we emphasize in our clinic, so it's great she's already so well- versed in them.”

an eagerness to help people, so she started working with YMCAs in her area. She specialized as a personal trainer for people with neurological and cardiovascular conditions who weren't comfortable with a traditional personal trainer. Those patients needed a trainer with additional health education to further assist them with their conditions. Dr. Wyatt has a fantastic way of relating to and communicating with clients. She makes them feel comfortable throughout the entire process, which makes a huge difference in their progress. Communication skills are one of the two main factors we emphasize in our clinic, so it's great she's already so well-versed in them. Our team needs to bond outside of work, and Dr. Wyatt has taken up golf with some other staff members! Golf is a big deal around here, and, while she's never played, she's having lots of fun. She's always looking for ways to bond with clients, too, which is why she asks them for ideas on how to spend her free time! When she's not helping her patients, she's usually going on an adventure in the area recommended by a client! Dr. Wyatt loves the outdoors, snorkeling, and hiking. On weekends, she and her boyfriend love to explore

the everglades and catch Burmese pythons. She's taking up tennis and hopes her experience in softball will make it a smooth transition. When she's not hunting snakes or playing one of her various sports, she's usually hiking on one of the multiple trails her clients recommend. Dr. Wyatt’s fantastic communication skills and relatability have made her quite popular among our patients. She's still reasonably new and already has a full patient load. I see her having a significant role within our organization well into the future.

–Jake Berman

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