14C — May 10 - 23, 2019 — GP-FM — Pennsylvania — M id A tlantic

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9:00am – 10:00am

Room A Close Building Performance Gaps with Resources from PECO Rachel Krueger, Outreach Associate; PECO Smart Ideas

Activate your building performance improvement plan using PECO’s Building Assessment Reports coupled with a variety of market incentives to identify action steps and fund your improvements. Participants will learn about a free resource offered by PECO that can at-a-glance show customers how their buildings are performing, how to prioritize improvements, as well savings impacts for each recommendation. Room B Today's Predictive Maintenance Technologies (i.e. Infrared, Ultrasonic, Vibration Analysis) and associated inspections are rapidly being integrated into Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) Programs. These enhanced asset "care" strategies are enabling facility/asset owners to further improve equipment reliability and continually reduce overall asset maintenance costs for infrastructure, utility systems and process/production assets. Room C Did you know that small changes in machinery repair can spell the difference between a 2-year life to a 16-year life in rotating equipment? If you maintain pumps, fans, blowers, gear boxes, or compressors in your job or manage people that do, this seminar will show you how to increase the rotational life of those machines with a hands-on learning approach. Certain common components are shared by many machines and understanding how to assemble and install these components properly can be learned best with a hands-on training approach. Teach your people or yourself the small details that make machines last longer and reduce downtime by learning by doing. Hands-on training works, but what does it cost and is it worth the effort? Learn why. Room D The Greater Philadelphia Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show is proud to welcome… Delaware Valley School Facilities Managers Association Association meeting hosted by: Bob Perzel, President; Delaware Valley School Facility Manager's Association This meeting is open to all Delaware Valley School Facility Managers Association members & guests 10:15am – 11:15am Room A Improve Your Bottom Line through Energy Efficiency Karine Shamlian, Marketing and Outreach; PGW EnergySense Building engineers and facility managers using natural gas can lower their operating and maintenance costs and increase the overall value of their facilities by upgrading to high-efficiency space and water heating equipment. PGW EnergySense offers equipment rebates and construction grants that can help. Room B Cooling Tower Deficiencies and Solutions Chris Healey, General Manager; Morin Distribution/The Cooling Tower Store This educational seminar will provide insight to Cooling Tower Basics and Operational Deficiencies that building and facility maintenance operators typically experience along with updates of new technological advances and solutions that are currently available to recover performance and increase life expectancy of the equipment. Room C LED Lighting, What you need to know! E. W. Dovel, VP Public Sector; Orion Energy Systems, Inc. LED Lighting has improved dramatically in the last 2 years. This session will illustrate the pit falls to watch for when selecting, provide actual S/F projections for building types and provide a glimpse of the future in lighting. Transitioning from PDM Inspections to CBM Programs Wayne Vick, CEO/President; Infralogix and Tim Collier, Program Manager; Infralogix Increasing Machinery Reliability Using Hands-On Training Thomas B. Davis (Tom); Mechanical Engineer, Maintenance Troubleshooting International

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