COSMETOLOGY COS 12.0401 (Certificate)

Program Description: Cosmetology is the scientific study and practice of beauty culture. A major part of cosmetology education is devoted to learning and mastering essential knowledge and basic skills for treating the scalp, hair, and nails. In performing these operations, the student should learn the importance of clean, orderly, and systematic habits of workmanship. Job Opportunities: A high percentage of operators become licensed as managers and open their own shops. A position as technician or demonstrator of cosmetics and hair coloring offers an additional opportunity. For a well-qualified cosmetologist, the teaching field in private and state- accredited schools provides further areas for occupational advancement. Admission Requirements: High School diploma, GED or completion of 10th grade and demonstrated ability to benefit. State Legal Requirements for Eligibility for Licensure: Cosmetologists are required to be licensed by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology to work in Alabama. Upon completion of the program, graduates should obtain an application for the State Cosmetology Examination from an instructor and mail the completed application to: Alabama Board of Cosmetology State Employees Credit Union Building 1000-A Interstate Park Drive Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1750

Graduates should note that the Alabama Board of Cosmetology requires applicants to apply for the State Board Exam within three months of completion of the program of study.

Program-level Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the Cosmetology Program:

1. Students will be able to demonstrate safe and sanitary procedures while working in a salon environment. 2. Students will be able to apply the business and communication principles necessary for working in a salon environment. 3. Students will be able to explain and perform a variety of hair services. 4. Students will be able to explain and perform a variety of nail procedures. 5. Students will be able to identify and demonstrate various procedures used in facial treatments.

Typical Student Load and Courses by Semester

Note: This is a sample course sequence. Courses scheduled each semester may vary according to student progress and the need for developmental classes.

* Important Note for students and advisors: High school graduates (including students


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