Program Description: The Forest Technology Program leading to the Associate in Applied Science degree trains students for the position of forest technicians. The technician is an employee who works under the direction of a professional (BS degree) forester. The technician will undertake the field work that is necessary to manage the forest. A career as a forest technician involves a variety of challenging jobs including timber inventory, procurement, maintenance of forest roads, forest management, forest stand improvement, fire and pest control, soil and water conservation, wildlife management, harvest planning, logging, cartography, and surveying. The forest technology student will receive a practical education consisting of both classroom and field experiences. Students will spend much of their time in field training situations where emphasis is placed on outdoor learning and practical hands-on-experience. Students often have the opportunity to participate in forestry field operations such as control burning, stand description, running land lines, and development of forest management plans. This curriculum emphasizes forestry practices which are common and accepted in the Southeast. Job Opportunities: Employment opportunities are available throughout the United States. This degree qualifies students for a wide-range of jobs in the out-of-doors, principally at the middle- management level.

Admission Requirements: High School diploma or GED; current American Red Cross first aid training and CPR certification. If not certified, course will be available.

Program-level Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the Forest Technology Program:

1. Students will be able to collect, analyze, and interpret data. 2. Students will be able to explain and apply the basic principles of forest management. 3. Students will be able to identify and respond to a variety of forest threats. 4. Students will be able to describe best practices in forest regeneration and sustainability.

Typical Student Load and Courses by Semester

Note: This is a sample course sequence. Courses scheduled each semester may vary according to student progress and the need for developmental classes.


2022-23 College Catalog and Student Handbook

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